Friday, June 23, 2017

Love This Area

     We are in Pacific City Oregon, staying at the Thousand Trails Park here, the rain has ceased to exist for the last few days so we had taken a few adventures.  Breakfast is served in the clubhouse on the weekends so we enjoyed breakfast last weekend, it was good and chances are we will do it again.  Have won some candy bars playing bingo here also.  Tillamook is about 20 miles from us and has the best cheese.  We drove up to get our cheese fix and ice cream.  They are in the process of remodeling the visitor center and have established a smaller building for visitors.  They still serve cheese samples, have a small restaurant serving breakfast and lunch plus let's not forget the Tillamook ice cream. We went through the line for samples and while I wandered through the small gift shop area Len slipped through the sample line a couple more times. After shopping it was time for the ice cream, it was so good.  Plus a stop up the road to grab some pepperoni sticks. 

     Couldn't be in this area without a stop at the Sportmen's Pub and Grub.  Best fish and chips in the area as they are fresh off the Dory boat.  Speaking on Dory boats, we did go down and watch a few beach themselves, it was rainy but Len walked down to watch them. So for those of you that don't know about the Dory boats here is some information on them. With its smooth, sandy beach, the quiet coastal town of Pacific City, on the coast of Oregon's Tillamook County, is the perfect home for a unique group of boats. The Pacific City dory fleet has a proud history spanning more than 100 years. Nestled in the natural shelter provided by Cape Kiwanda, the fleet lives on today as one of the most interesting fishing fleets in the world. The small flat-bottomed boats dare the ocean as they crash through the surf headed for the plentiful waters of the Pacific. At day's end, they ride the waves back to shore and slide onto the beach. The original design of the dory allows it to launch from and land on the shore. Through the inherent dangers of ocean fishing, governmental restriction, international fishing competition, and, most recently, the influx of surfers and civilization, the dedicated fishermen have held on to tradition.

     Enjoyed lunch with Nora (who we met while rv'ing) and Rodger, they were passing through on their way to Canada.

     Took one day and drove over to see my cousin Sheri (and John).  Had a great lunch at their place, and a good visit.
     Hit the casino in Lincoln City again, this time I won a little, Len donated, we can never win money at the same time. On the way back to Pacific City we stopped at Neskowin State Park.  Len took a walk down to the beach, I strolled through the little craft fair that was going on.

     That's it for this time.

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