Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting ready to move again

Well it is that time again. We will be leaving this park tomorrow and head back to Clerbrook  again. We are doing the Florida hop as people here call it. We don't move far but stay in the area till we can get where we want to be. We will be there for two weeks then is all works out right we will head down to Peace River again. That is if it is not flooded still. Weather here has been a bit off this year. With cold days and lots of rain. The rain has caused lots of problems for the campers down here. It has caused lots of parks to be flooded out and hard to find other places to go. Will try to keep you up to date on our adventure.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Been busy so have not posted

We had a real nice time in Clerbrook RV Park and have moved to a member park down the road about 20 miles called Orland RV Park. We were going to Wauchula again but got a call from them and told us not to come. It had rained a ton and the park was flooded. So had to make other arrangements. That was a bit hectic to say the least and messed up my plans some. But got it done and we will try to get back into the Wauchula Park again later.
Havent  done much lately, just vegged most of the time. Have played some Bingo and even went to a movie yesterday. We have been meeting up with friends and chatting. It is so nice to pull into a park and have people you know here also. We have gone to some of the State Parks we have been to before and enjoyed them again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cooler weather

It has been a bit chilly here the last few day. You all know it don't bother me but Gloria is not real happy. We have had time to meet up with friend in the area and in the park. When we got here we went to a RV Park up the road and met up with Lloyd and Cheryl and got to chat with them before they headed out to other places. While there we got to see Dale and Betty and met new people John and Ruth Ann. It so nice catching up with people you know and seeing what all they have been doing.
The other day we took a drive to Dade Battlefield Historic State Park. In 1835 108 troops were marching through the area and we attacked by Seminole warriors and all but 3 were killed there.

After that we went to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. We had been there before two years ago but wanted to go again. While there we ran into Dale and Betty from the RV Park. So we did the Mermaid show and the other things we could in the park. I have to admit it was no where as good as it was the last time. The Mermaid show was shorter and not very good. Also the Wildlife show was short  and not much to see. The boat ride was nice and the guy who told you about the sight was very good.

Dale and Betty

Yesterday we drove up to Three Flags RV Park up in Wildwood and met up with Chris and Andy and Ian and Lily for lunch. We had not seen Ian and Lily in two years so it was great seeing them again.
Well all for now and will post more later.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

We have moved


We moved the other day to a park north of where we were. It is in Clermont FL. and is Clerbrook Golf and RV Park. It is a very large park whit some 1000 sites and is full of people that live here. We have been here 2 years ago and it is connected to our membership. We will be here for two weeks then back to the last place we were at for tow weeks. We do a bunch of jumping around here in Florida till the weather gets better up north. There are others here that we know and we get together with them from time to time. Not sure what we will be doing around here but will let you know when we figure it out.

I have added a link at the top of the page of the pictures I took at our last stop.