Friday, December 27, 2013

We moved again for the next 10 days


Ok we got our move done on Tuesday. Wow we went from one big park to one that is even bigger. We are at Clerbrook RV Park and they have over 1200 sites 3 pools and 3 clubhouses. This is also a Golf resort With a large course and lots of people that like to play. This is what they call a destination park. Lots of people come here to stay for the winter. Right now it is not too full but should fill up after the 1st. From here we go to the south but that wont be till the  3rd. We had a nice Christmas and Gloria cooked a Turkey Brest for our dinner. It was a nice day and we talked to lots of our friends on the phone. We still have not seen any Alligators but they say they are here.
I have put up lots of pictures of things in Orlando. The link is at the top so you can click on it and see them.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Still here in Orlando and having fun

I guess having fun is what it is all about. The other day we went to Al Capons Dinner Theater with friend Andy and Chris. It is a comedy show about the twenties and a Buffet dinner. The food was good and the free beer was also. But the show had us in stitches.  It was the most fun we have had in along time.
Then Yesterday Andy and Chris took us to Weeki Wachee Springs state park. It is on the west coast of Florida. Didn't know a state park could have shows and stuff like that. They have a Mermaid water show, a Animal show, a cool Boat ride and a large Water Park. All was fun to see. Then we went to Tarpon Springs a bit farther down the coast and was the Sponge capital of the country. Then off again and ended up at Howard County Park right on the Gulf Coast. There was a nice beach with small shells and water that was colder than we thought. All in all we have been having a great time here.
We will be moving on Tuesday again but only 18 miles north for 2 weeks. So we will still be in the area for awhile. Hope all back home are having a good time and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

We like Orlando

We got here to Orlando just fine. Got all set up in a nice spot right close to our friend Lee and Elaine. We first met them in Texas about two years ago and have stayed in touch ever since. Got to love TT as we run into lots of people we have met in the past. This is one real Big park with over 800 sites. You need your GPS to get around and not get lost. The weather has been great with temps in the 80's and no rain yet. We have mostly been spending time catching up with friends and also meeting up with others. Chris and Andy who we also met in Texas last year showed up yesterday so we have lots to talk about. Haven't seen any Gators yet but have seen turtles and Crain's. We have played Bingo and I did win again but not much. We are planning on going sight seeing soon to a few places and will wright about them when we do. We are not far from Disney World and can see the fire works at night from the lake. Well all for now will wright more later. Oh yes Gloria bought me a Lobster tail at Sam's Club and I cooked it up for dinner the other night. And yes it was good....

Now this is a Lobster
Our site in Orlando
Some Cranes that came to visit.
View across lake of Disney World

Monday, December 9, 2013

Time to move again

Well tomorrow we will be leaving Wildwood FL and head to Orlando. It is a short drive of 50 miles so it wont be too bad. We will be there for Two weeks and then move about 10 miles for another two weeks. Will keep you all informed of our outing and all that stuff.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time for an update

                                 CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF THE AREA

It sure has been nice here in Florida so far. Great weather and great friends. Hell I even won some money playing Bingo the other day. We got our Christmas tree all set up and are ready for Santa and so is Bristol. Today we took a road trip to Fort Island State Beach. It is on the Gulf Coast by Cristal River. It is a nice place with a pier you can walk out on and look at the fish in the water. I saw a Blue Crab (they are smaller than I thought ) Also saw a Puffer Fish and a Needle Fish. Out on the beach there are  a ton of Fiddler Crabs that run and go in there holes when you get close and then come out again when you move away. Kind of fun to mess with them. It was a great bike ride of about 100 miles.
The other day we went to a Flea Market and it was the biggest one we have ever seen. I don't think any one could walk the whole thing but for a Monday there were hundreds of people trying to do it. Guess no one works around here.
We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading to Orlando area for two weeks. We will be meeting up with friends there that we have been with on the West Coast. Sure will be fun catching up on old times.
Oh one more thing we had a new camp visitor today it was a large Turtle. He or it was not too scared of us but did hiss at me when I picked him up. Guess you are not allowed to do that but you know me.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wow Dinner is over

Well we did Thanksgiving Dinner here at Three Flags RV Resort in FL. yesterday and it was great. We sat with friends Bryan and Phyllis and Norm and Terri. The food was just great and thought it was real nice of the park to foot the bill.

Today we went to Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum. Wow I didn't realize he built that many cars. There are over 200 race and antique cars in there and it is just wonderful. He has most all his car he raced but some are reproduction cars. There are more Hemi motors and Blowers sitting around than I have ever seen in one place. It is a definite must see if you are into the Drag Race seen.

Well all for now but will be back on later.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We have moved again

We left Fountain FL. yesterday in the rain and when I say rain I mean rain. It came down in buckets most of the way to Wildwood FL. We did get here just fine but took a bit longer than it would have without the rain. We are staying in a TT park called Three Flags and it is a real nice place. We had just got here and started setting up and wouldn't you know it someone we had spent time with in Calif. last year came walking up and is set up almost right across from us. It was great seeing Bryan and Phyllis and catching up on where we have all been since see each other last year. Also talked to Norm and Terri that we met in Arley AL. and will have fun spending time with them too.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Still here in Fountain FL


We are still here at Pine Lake RV Park but getting ready to head to the Orlando area on Tuesday. This area is not a good area to find truest things to do. We did go down to Panama City and drove all over the area around it but didn't find much to see or do. There is lots of Marinas  and some beach areas but most beaches are privet. To get into a State Park will cost you $8.00 and a year pass is $127.00. Guess they don't want the traveler to come in. We did find a place in Panama City with a free small park on the bay called Oaks by the Bay. Nice place with some history and old Oak trees. There is also a rare 4 head Palm tree that is cool. You can also go out on the waters edge and see Hermit Crabs. We did pick up several and it was fun to watch them. The Park we are at is real nice and even had a big Camp Fire so the campers could all gather and meet and chat on Friday night.
Will post more when we move.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We finally made it to Florida

Well we left Hidden Cove RV park in Arley AL this morning and drove to Pine Lake RV Park in Fountain FL. It was a good drive and the roads were ok for once. The park is nice and Bristol likes it so far even thought he really liked Hidden Cove. This place is about 30 miles north of Panama City. So I am sure we will check that out. Will keep you up dated as time goes on as we will be here a week.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting ready to head South

Well today we are getting everything packed up and loaded so we can leave tomorrow. We will be going to Fountain FL. tomorrow about 300 miles south. Will stay there a week then on to Orlando. Fountain is in the northern part of Florida about 150 miles east of Pensacola. Just thought I would let you all know what was going on. Have fun where you are and we will continue to do the same.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Found something to see

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Well today it was nice and warm ahead of a storm coming in tomorrow. So we decided to take the bike and ride to a Covered bridge we had heard about. It was the Clarkson Covered bridge. It was a nice bridge and we had a nice walk through it. There is also an old Mill on the site but no information on it.
After we left there we happened to see a sigh about a Civil War Museum so we went in that direction and we found a real Jewell. It was the Crooked Creek Civil War Museum. It is a privet owned museum and sites on the Battle field of Crooked Creek. This was the site of the confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Union Col. Abel Streight fought for several hours on April 30, 1863 at Crossing of Crooked Creek and Hog Mountain. The owner was great and took us on a guided tour and told us all about the things he had there. We were also able to pick up things and play with them. Gloria was amazed how heavy the Muskets were. There lots of Authentic Civil War thing there and it was great to see them. If you are ever in the area between Arley and Cullman AL. you should try to find it. It is hard to find as it is not advertised real well but would be worth you time to see it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Having a good time

We have been enjoying our time here in Arley AL. so far. Went to Cullmam the other day and did some shopping and went to the  Cullman County Museum. It is a small place but has lots of history of the area and also have a Civil War display right now that was real good

. Also found a Papa Murphy Pizza place so we got our pizza fix. Weather here has been ok but cool for Gloria. It is cloudy and windy today but should clear up later. Have met several other campers and have spent some time chatting with them. Most all the people here are real friendly and nice.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Having fun just relaxing

Have not done much here as there isn't much to do. Have been down to the lake and watched some fish swim by. Weather here has been good except for the other night when it rained but not too much. Last night we went to dinner in Huston AL. about 12 miles away. We went with friends we met here ( Norm and Terri ) and there friends. We had Cat Fish and it was ok. Think on Monday we will run into Cullman which is about 30 miles away and do some shopping and go to a museum that is there. Guess we will just veg here and save up for all the stuff we will be doing in Florida.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We moved again

We left our friends house yesterday and drove the short distance to Hidden Cove RV Park in Arley AL. This is a real nice small park and is very quiet. Bristol loves it here and wants to walk all the time. We will be here for 3 weeks and hope to have a great time. This park is right the Lewis Smith Lake. It is a real big lake with some 500 miles of shore line and 35 miles long. Would be nice to fish it as it is one of the best for Bass in the state. All for now so have a good night.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Having a great time in Moulton AL with Dick and Teresa

                                     GO HERE TO SEE SOME PICTURES HERE AT DICKS

We have been a bit busy with the Turkey Shoot ( I did get lucky and win a Ham ) and the Zombie Walk that night. Me and Chris made it the whole 2 miles even though we were last. Hmmm I thought it was a walk but it was a run so most every one ran off and left us. We had a Bronco party yesterday and the whole family was there to watch them WIN. We had lots of good Mexican food and it was real tasty. Tomorrow we head out again to a town called Arley AL for three weeks. Then off to Florida. Will keep you all informed so stay tuned for updates.
April and Savannnah

Chris, Bill, Gloria, Teresa
Chris and Bill
Dick Ristau


Vance and Kimberley

Saturday, October 26, 2013

WE made it to Moulton AL

We made it to our friends house yesterday about noon. We spent the day with Dick and Teresa and Bill and Chris chatting about all our old friends and times back in Denver. It was lots of fun catching up and seeing how much fun they are having down here in south. They sure have a nice place here. We will be here for 4 days then we will travel a little south to our next stop. This morning Bristol wanted to go outside and explore some and got to meet his first horse. There are several of them here and some large dogs too. So Bristol is a bit nervous around them but they seem to not care about him at all. Today we are going to a Turkey Shoot ( and no I am not the target) With the family then later we are doing a Zombie Walk. So we will be busy today.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last Day

                     There are over 200 pictures in this set so take your time.

Ok this is our last day here in Branson. We did our last show this morning and it was a good one. We went to the Red Skelton Tribute Show. Red was one of my favorite people and Tom Mullins did a great job. He even looks allot like him. Guess it was too early in the day for the show as there was not allot of people there. But to me the show was one of the best. Yesterday we went to the  Ralph Foster Museum at the College of the Ozarks. This one great museum and has tons of stuff to look at. It will take you most of the day to see it all. Last night we went to the Shoji Show and that was another great show. This guy sure can play the Fiddle. Wow I sure like him and will go see him again next time we come here.
We had a great time in Branson and Gloria was right on about this place. I have to thank her for talking me into coming here. All the shows were good and there is lots to see and do around here. Just didn't have enough time to see it all so will have to do it again some day.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Relaxing Some?

Didn't do much yesterday but I did get the Motor Home cleaned on the outside. It sure needed it.  Then last night we went to the Dixie Stampede. It is a place owned my Dolly Parton and is a dinner play house. We had a good dinner that you eat with your fingers. It was Soup,Chicken, Pork, Corn, a roll and a Apple Turnover. The show was a Civil War Cowboy Horse Show. It was good and we sure had a good time.
Today was cool with a bit of rain. We went to the Roy Roger Jr. show. Dusty (that he is known by) and his band the High Riders sing songs and Dusty tell about his dad.  We got to meet him and his son Dustin also got to see the stuffed Trigger and Bullet and even Dale Evans horse. Even went shopping at Wal-Mart.