Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We made it to Denver on Sunday and got all set up at the South Park Mobile Home Park. We stayed here last year and liked the park. Been busy catching up with friends and family and will be doing more as time goes on. Gloria got to do some DR. stuff and has two more to do. I have one on Thursday and that should be it for awhile. Lots of things to pick up and do on the motor home. Need to replace the house batteries and pick up and change some filters. Should be a fun time here as we have several parties to go to and lots more friends to catch up with.
We will be here for about a month so lots of time to get things done.

Friday, September 25, 2015

On our way to Denver

So far the trip has been good with no problems. We stayed in Mountain Home Idaho the last two night so I could meet up with my cousin Jack. He is my dads brother Jacks son and we had not seen each other in 60 years. It was great to meet him and his wife Gayle and catch up on family things. I hope we can stay in touch better now that we have found each other. Got to love Face Book.

We are now in Ogden Utah and will leave here tomorrow morning and head to Rawlins WY for the night and then to Denver. So all of you that don't want to see us you may want to head out of town now.. hehehe.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The time has come again

                                   CLICK HERE TO PICTURES AROUND MONROE WA.

Well on Tuesday we head out again and start our trip back to Denver. We will be making a stop in Mountain Home Idaho to see my Cousin Jack that I have not seen in about 55 years. Should be fun for sure. We will be in Denver for a month then on again. We have had fun here in Monroe WA as we have all through the trips. Hope all the trips will be as fun. As always I have added a link at the top for the pictures we took while we were here.
Hope to see all our friends and family while we are in Denver.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Having fun

Well I have been able to take the Kayak out twice. The first time Gloria dropped me off up stream of the park about 5 miles and I floated down to the park. It was a real nice trip and got to see 2 Eagles in a tree and some other birds.

The second trip was with Larry a guy who works in the park. We got in at the park and floated downstream about 5 more miles. Didn't see any Eagles but did see lots of Salmon going upstream and spawning.

We also went to a Reptile Zoo in Monroe WA. They have lots of snakes and things like that. It was lots of fun and I even got to hold a Python for awhile. Also saw a guy outside who raised Wolves and got to see two of them in his truck.

Today we went to Wallace State Park and I hiked the trail to the middle water fall. I didn't get to the upper one as it was hard enough getting to the middle one and much harder to the top one. It was a very nice trail just lots of up hill stuff.

Will add all the pictures to our last post as always.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Monroe WA

We moved yesterday about 80 miles to Monroe WA to stay at Thunderbird TT RV Park. It was a bit of a wet drive as it rained most of the way. But the rain stopped just before we got here and it is sunny now. We have been here before and liked it. So we will see if it is as nice as before. Looks like I will be able to get the kayak out and float the river that is right behind us.

Monday, September 7, 2015

It is that time again

                                 CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF THE AREA

Well we have been here for two weeks now. So it is time to move on to another Park. We will be going to Monroe WA and staying at Thunderbird TT RV Park. We will be there for two weeks then head for Denver. We have been there before and liked the area. Hope the weather is better as for the last two weeks we have seen lots of rain. The rain was needed real bad and it did help to slow down the fires in the area. But it sure did slow down our exploring. So I didn't get all that many pictures. Not saying we didn't have a good time but it was a bit wet. As always I have put a link at the top of this post so you can the pictures we did take. Bristol liked it here as there are lots of places for him to explore and smell. Hope he likes the new spot.