Friday, August 26, 2016

We moved again

We moved to Bear Cave TT in Buchanan MI. It is a nice park with lots to do in the area. We met up with Andy and Chris Jones and got to spend several day together. They are good friends that we met in 2011. We all went to Lake Michigan at a state park called Warren Dunes State Park. There are large dunes and a great beach on the lake.

The left yesterday and we went to the RV Hall of Fame to see the old RV's. That was cool and they had lots of old one there. It was cool to see how they had to live back then. Earliest was in 1913. Will put some here but you will have to wait till I post the rest on Flicker.

Then we went to do the Thor Industries RV tour. They are one of the biggest RV manufactures in the country. It was a great tour that shows you how they make motorhomes. They seem to be building a good quality RV. I learned lot of things and enjoyed it a lot.

 Will post more as we do more.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

It is about that time again


Well that time has come again. After three weeks here at Kenisee  Lakes here in Jefferson OH it is time to move on. We have had a great time here even though the weather was not the best. Got to meet  up with friends Brian and Phyllis then Lloyd and Cheryl and later Gordon and Merlyn. Also made new friends Mike and Christine, Rick and Janise, Ed and Dedie and Tyra and Troy.
Yesterday we went to the D-Day Conneaut OH Reenactment. It was one of the best things we have seen in our 5 years of travel. Very well done and put together. With over 1500 reenactors and lots of time period items. I took lots of pictures but you will have to go to the link at the top to see them. We will leave here tomorrow morning and head farther west.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Having fun

Well we have been real busy traveling around the area with Brian and Phyllis. We have gone to see Lake Erie and Geneva at the Lake. Both places were great to see and it was real nice weather.

The weather was real good for a few days but it has turned hot and humid now. Not a fun way to spend a day. The other day we went to the Ahstabula County Fair. We went early so we might beat the heat. Brian and Phyllis drove us and we all had a good time seeing the sights. We got to see some horse jumping, some cow judging and some of the side shows. There was a logging show and a pig race that was real cool.

The other day our friends Lloyd and Cheryl came in and we all got together for a happy hour and talked about old times. Yesterday we all went to a place called the Spillway in PA. On the was we stopped at Linesville Fish Hatchery. It was real nice place with lots of displays. They raise quite a bit of different fish there. After that it was on to the Spillway.  This is the second largest tourist attraction in PA. You will see millions of Carp that you can feed with bread you buy there. There are lots of Ducks and Geese too and as you feed the carp the geese and ducks will walk on the fish to get to the bread.

Having my birthday party today as Brian and Phyllis are leaving tomorrow. Should be fun as there looks like we will have 6 or 7 people here. Post more later.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

We are here

We made it to Jefferson OH. and got all set up at Kenisee Lake TT Park. We got a site right next to our friends Brian and Phyllis. It is so nice to catch up with friends we have not seen in a year or so. Got the house all cleaned up from all the rain we had to drive through. Now that was a hard job as it is hot and humid here. So far we have not done much because of the heat except for spending time with friends. Will keep you all posted as we will be here for 3 weeks.