Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting ready to move again

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We have had a nice time here with lots to do in the park and things to see in the area. The other day we took a drive Hyde Park again to see the Vanderbilt Mansion and do the tour. It was a great tour and what a house. I would get lost in that place and they say it was the small one. This house was bought by Frederick Vanderbilt in 1895 but had to be rebuilt so they didn't move in till 1898. the grounds are very large and great to look at. Hell the guest house was bigger than I could live in.
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How it is time to move on after such a nice time here that is hard. We have met lots of real nice people and it will be hard to say goodbye. But there are more places to see and more to do before we get back to Denver in Sept. We will leave here tomorrow morning and head north east to the Cap Cod area. Should be a nice drive but most of it will be on a turn pike.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Looking around

Took a drive to Kingston NY yesterday and went to the Hudson River Maritime Museum. It is not on the Hudson River but on Rondout Creek that empties into the Hudson. The Museum was real nice and features the story of the Tug Boats that have worked the Hudson and some of the passenger boats. There was other thing we learned also about the Hudson history. Sure was nice.
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You can also take a Hudson River Tour from here but it was not running yesterday. Looks like for the next two day we will just be sitting around here as the humidity and heat is coming back.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tourist Time

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Took a ride to FDR's House in Hyde Park NY. It was a great ride as the weather was real good for once. FDR's House is where he was born and his family had lived since 1866. the house was built in 1800. FDR lived here till he died in 1945. We didn't go to the Library and Museum but may some other time. We did take the tour of the house and that was great. Most of the things in it were original and still in the same place they were while FDR lived there. Franklin and Eleanor are also buried here in the Rose Garden as well as the dog Fala.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

We made it to New York


We left PA on Tuesday and got to Accord New York in good time and got all set up in a park called Rondout Valley. Got a nice site with lots of room and lots of trees.  Bristol likes it here as he likes to walk in the trees and climb some of them.
Yesterday we took a tour bus to New York City. There was no way I would want to drive around in there. Hell just to find a place to park would cost you around $50.00 for the day. We went with friends Randy and Stephanie from Texas that we had met on our travel up the coast. The bus took us to a ferry that takes you to the Statue of Liberty. That was great as you get to walk around the statue and read some about how it was built. We did not get to go up in the statue but on the ground was good enough. Then back on the ferry for a ride back but first a stop at Ellis Island but we didn't get off there. Next we drove to Grand Central Station for lunch and some walking around. Then to the Empire State Building where we took the elevator to the 80th floor. From there you can take another one to the 86th floor or walk to the 86th. I walked and the rest to the elevator. It sure is a great view from there of the city below. Then back on the bus to Time Square for some looking around. All  in all it was fun 12 hours and we sure did enjoy it. Some of the other thing we got to see were the new World Trade Center, the spot where the old Trade Center was, UN,  Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave that we drove on, and for course lets not forget the Naked Cowboy and Cowgirls.

Will post more later when we add the album to the last post.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Moving Tomorrow


Well time has come to move on again. We will be leaving Timothy Lake South TT Camp Ground tomorrow morning and heading north to Accord NY. We will be in a park called Rondout  Valley. We have not been there before like all the parks out here so we don't know what to expect.  But from what we hear it is nice. So we will let you all know when we get there. It has been nice here most of the time and we  enjoyed it. We met some real nice people here like Del and Kathy and others. I will be posting pictures of our stay here at the top.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Off to the races

Yesterday we decided to go see Pocono Race Way. As we didn't know what the weather was going to be like we took the truck. When we got there we ran into our neighbors Del and Kathy. They were buying tickets for the NASCAR race in Aug. We told them they could ride a pace car around the track on a free tour. So they came with us for the ride. It was great tour of the track and the nicest thing was it was free. We got to go out on the track and do a lap. Only draw back was I could not do the driving. The weather turned out great and we got to stand in the winners circle and get our pictures taken. We also got to walk on pit row and even climb over the wall like the pit crew dose.
On the way back we stopped at a casino and were lucky enough to donate to the cause. Ok Gloria got to donate I won $10.00. That is right we are not big spenders or loosers.