Saturday, October 31, 2015

On the Move again

We left Denver this morning and Drove to Russell KA. with no trouble. It was a long drive at 356 miles but it went good. We are staying in a park called Triple J and we have been here before back in 2013. It is an ok park and great for a one night stop over. We will be in Sedalia Mo. tomorrow night at Chaplin's RV Park. Then more of a south route to Miss. Will keep you all up to date as we keep moving on.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just an update

We are still here in the Denver area. We have been real busy meeting up with friend and family. Sure has been fun and got all caught up on all the stories. Got most all the things done on the motorhome that I wanted to do. So life  is all good for us. Also got most all the Doctor thing done and we are good to go. Still more get together to do but will be happy to do them. We will be leaving here on the 31st. and head to Florida in a round about way. Looking forward to meeting up with other friends during our east cost trip.