Monday, August 31, 2015

Not doing much

Well just after we got here the weather took a turn and is now raining. They sure do need it here and about but wish it would have held off a bit longer. We have gotten out and drove around some to see what all is in the area. Drove up Hwy. 20 as far as we could go. The road was closed at the entrance to Cascade National Park.

 It was a nice drive and the area is real nice. Stopped in Concrete and then up to the dam on the lower Baker lake.

They catch the Salmon that are going up stream here and truck them up to the upper lake and the young ones that are going from the upper lake and bring them down to the river below. We went to the upper one today and drove most of the lake edge even in the rain it was a nice drive.
We also stopped at a fish hatchery that raises Salmon to put in the rivers here in the area. It was a nice stop and I walked down to the stream and see so Salmon that were heading back up the river.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We moved again

We left Mt. Vernon this morning and drove the long distance to Concrete WA. Ok only 32 miles but it seemed long. We are staying at Grandy Creek RV Park and it is another of our member parks. Got lucky as when we got here we had our choice of real nice sites. We pick one the was 50 amp full hookup. It is a nice site and we are real happy to have gotten it. We will be here for 2 weeks and so far the weather and the air are good. Not too much smoke at this time and hope it stay that way. On the way up state hwy. 20 the was a sign that said the road was closed about 50 miles west of us. The fires are right up to the road I guess. So they aren't too far from us I guess but we are in no danger. Will keep you all informed.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Still here

I have not said much lately as there isn't much to say. Weather here has been nice and we have gotten out some. But not all that much as there isn't lots here to see. The last few days we have just stayed in as the smoke for the fires has made it to here. Not good for my breathing and Gloria's too. So it is just sit around and relax. I did get the oil changed on the motorhome the other day. Guess it is just something you have to do every year. We hit the casino and we won some so guess that is a good thing. We will be leaving here on Tuesday and moving a whole 32 miles to another member park. Hope it is as nice as this one.
We will be back in Denver the 27th of Sept. and it will be nice to see all our friends again.

Friday, August 14, 2015

We moved again

Well we left Paradise and headed to Mt. Vernon WA. This is another of our member parks and is real nice. We got here on Tuesday after a slow drive through Seattle WA. We took a drive to see what all was around the area yesterday. We drove to Anacortes. It is a nice area and has some good thing to see. We had been there before and seen it but still found things we had missed. Like Washington Park on the west side. It has a road that goes around it and you drive along the Bay. Even seen a Deer waking right in the town.

Today it clouded up and is raining some. They sure need the rain here as dose all the states on the west cost. We are just staying in and watching it rain. Will keep you all informed as time goes on.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

National Park

                                   CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF THE AREA

The other day we took a drive to Mt. Rainier National Park. Sorry to say that it was cloudy and we could not see all of the mountain. They are saying now with the lack a snow and rain this year most of the snow is off the mountain. We are seeing rocks that have not been seen in recent history. The park is nice with some nice water fall and old buildings to see.

Yesterday we went to the Morton Loggers Jubilee. It was the 73rd. and is one of the biggest. It was lots of fun to watch the loggers cut wood and climb poles. Wow these guys are great. We had a wonderful time and were real glad we went. There was even on one guy there who was 73 years old and still doing what the younger guys were. He was not that fast any more but could hold his own.

He is 73 years old

We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading for Mt. Vernon WA. It is about 180 miles north and should have thing to see that was have not before.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Enjoying our time here

We have been having a good time here in Paradise RV Park. Played candy bar Bingo and won some candy and talking to other campers. It has been real hot to me here the last few day. Yes Gloria is liking it much more than me. We went to Elbe WA on Friday to take the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad ride. The name is a bit deceiving as you only get a quick view of the mountain. The train is a steam train but it was broke down so we got a diesel train. It is a two hour ride with a stop at the new museum. The museum is real nice and for me the best part of the trip. There are 4 old restored locomotives and other logging train things. If it wasn't for getting our tickets from Groupon at half price it would not have been worth the trip.

While we were in Elbe we toured The Little White Church. It was built in 1906 and only seats 46 people and is still holding services.