Monday, March 31, 2014

Been busy here

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The last few days we have done some running around. We did get to the Bulow Plantation where the Sugar Mill is and the house use to be. Quite a place and lots to see and do.
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We also went to the Ponce De Leon Inlet Light house that was built around 1887. It is 175 feet tall and it is along way to the top. Ask me I know as I climbed it.
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Today we went up the coast with our first stop at Washington Oak and Gardens State Park. Not too much there but there is a real nice garden and the house of the Young family.
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Then off to Fort Matanzas and old Spanish fort that was built in 1740 to stop the British from attaching St. Augustine from the inland water way. Got to ride a ferry to it as it is on an island. It is a very small fort and didn't need much to defend the water way. Lots of fun to see all the history.
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Then we went to Fort Castillo de San Marcos that protected St. Augustine. This is a large fort and had over 77 canons and was attacked several times by the British. It never fell to the attackers.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We got moved

We are now in Flagler Beach FL at Bulow Plantation Encore RV park. It isn't the best park we have been in but for sure not the worst. It is on the cost but not right on the ocean. We are about 10 mile from the water. The park is on what was Bulow Plantation and is next to the remains of the sugar mill that is on another state park that we will go to on Thursday when it is open.

State Park beach by the camp ground

Trail I walked in the state Park

Tomoka State Park

Tomoka River

Tomoka State Park is on the Mount Oswald Plantation
We went to the beach Yesterday and also stopped by two State Parks. First stop was Gamble Rogers at Flagler Beach State Park then to Tomoka State Park. They are nice with one on the ocean and one on the Tomoka river. It was nice to just drive and see different things.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Busy times



Well last two day were busy. On Friday we went to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. We went with friends Thomas and Lorrie (that we met here in Florida). Wow what a cool Park it has to be one of the best here in Florida. We saw Manatees, Alligators, Otters, Birds, Snakes and lots of other animals. We also got to take a Boat ride on Pepper Creek that was cool. Wish I would have known about this park sooner as we would have been there sooner.
Yesterday we went to MacDill Air Base for an air show with fiends Brian and Phyllis and got to see lots of planes and watch lots of planes fly and do all kinds of thing in the air I didn't know could be done. It was great and very interesting. I even got to meet one of the Doolittle Raid flyers who is one of three that are still alive. History is always great to see first hand. I have now met flyers from the Tuskegee Airmen and the Doolittle Raid.
We will be getting ready today to leave here tomorrow and head north to Flager Beach FL for the next two weeks

Friday, March 14, 2014

Road trip


Wow it was cold here this morning. But warmed up real nice. The other day we took the motorhome to Alliance RV and was going to get a house hold refrigerator put in but found out that it would not fit. So will have to do with the one we have till something comes along. Today we went to Blue Springs State Park. It was about 65 miles north east of here. Blue Springs is a spring that pumps out allot of water and makes a river that is a constant 72 degrees. The Manatees lover it as they have to be in water that is above 62. The water flows into the St John river and they never have to go to the ocean as they find all the food they need in the river. They say there is about 200 of them that have made the area home. We got to see lots of them swimming around and lots of other fish too. There is an alligator that lives in the river too but we did not see him. When we got there the rangers were scuba diving in the river cleaning out old branches. It was cool to watch as one of the young Manatees was following them all over and messing with them. You would have thought it was a dog. She just wanted attention I guess. Then we left there for the Swamp House Grill to have Gator Bites and lunch. The Gator was great and not like the last time I tried it. These were not chewy at all and were great. We also had a huge hamburger that we split.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Made it to Wildwood FL for the second time

Well we are still in Florida. It has been a nice winter down here and understand why people keep coming back here every year for winter. We are in Wildwood at the Three Flags TT park for the second time. We like the park and all the people in it. We got here around 11AM and were all set up so we could go play candy bar bingo at 2PM. They put on a good one for sure with large candy bars and we were lucky enough to walk away with 7 bars. So my candy fix will be in good shape for some time. Have some places to go see while we are here and will post on them as we do it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Getting ready to head north again

Seeing as we have been here before there has not been much new to say. It has been real nice here and we did take a run to the east cost. We went to Merritt Island to see the sights. There was not allot to see as the road we wanted to drive was closed for repairs. But we did get to the beach and that was nice and we could also see Kennedy Space Center from there. We also got to see some Manatees swimming around.

All in all it has been a good two weeks and we have had a good time. Tomorrow we will head a bit more north to Three Flags Park that we were at earlier for two weeks.  Then we start a run up the east cost. Will try to keep you up to date.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ok I have been Lazzy

We have been here in Clermont FL since Monday but I have not had much to say. So guess I will bring you all up to date so far. Weather has been great except of one day of heavy rain. We got all set up with no trouble and got a real nice site close to an open field. We like it better than the one we had the last time we were here. Met up with our friends Brian and Phyllis again and have been doing some things together. We went to dinner at a RV park up the road called B's and it was a great meal. Gloria and I went to a place called The Disney Market Place. It is a Disney town that you can go to and buy things and see some nice places to eat. We also took a boat ride that was a taxi that took people from and back to the hotels. It took about an hour and was a great ride and something to do. Last night we went to Old Town to a car show and dinner. They have a some real nice cars and they do it every Sat. night. Never saw so many cars at one time. Think tomorrow if weather is nice we will ride to the east cost and see some things.
Me Playing with a pair of Cranes