Monday, June 29, 2015

Had a great time here


Well tomorrow we will be moving north to Pacific City about 58 miles away. We have had a good time here and got lots done. Got to meet up with some good friends from other places. Got to spend some time on the beach here as it is real nice. Not much for shells but lots of real nice sand. The weather has not been the best with cool temps and some good wind. But when it clears up and stops blowing it is real nice. Did not do very good at Crabbing as they were all on the small size. Guess they would be better later in the year.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Still here and working hard.

We have been enjoying our stay here at the park. Have done an Ice cream social and a candy bar bingo and other things there in the park. Sure do have a great staff here and they do a great job keeping things up and in good shape.
We have also been working on Jacks house ( Gloria's son ). I had to rebuild some of the upper deck beams and that was a real job. Got it finished today and they came out good I think. Also got a weed eater and cut the tall grass. There is still things that need fixing but Jack will have to decide how and when he wants to do that.
We also got some crabbing in but did not do very well. Only got one we could keep but one is better than none and it sure tasted GOOD.....
We will still be here till the 30th and have things planned for some of that. Then it will be off to the next stop in Pacific City OR. Will try to keep you up to date as thing happen. \\

Friday, June 12, 2015

We made it to our next stop

We made it to our next spot. We are now on the cost of Oregon at Whalers Rest TT park just outside of Newport. It is a very nice park with lots of trees but right now it is cool and windy. Took a drive over to Jack's new house. We had only seen pictures and now have seen it in person. It will need some work but it is real nice. I even picked up a weed eater and cut the grass. Have some other things to do but too much work is not good for me. hehehe  We will be doing some crabbing and sight seeing as time goes on. But we have seen most of it as we have been here several times before. As soon as we got set up here we ran into friends from other parks. Carolyn and Andy who stopped by and said Hi. We also saw Mike all of them are pool players we have met in Southern Calif.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

We have been busy


Well we have been staying busy around here. We have gone to the Lave River Cave. It is a one mile long cave that you walk in the dark. You had better have a good flashlight. It is a fairly easy walk with some stairs to get down in it.

Then we went to Newberry Volcanic National Monument. First you drive to Lava Butte where you get a great view of the surrounding area. It was a great view and you can see all the way to Bend and beyond.

Then you go to the visitors center where they have lots of history of the area and the people who lived here. Then it was off to Benham Falls. It is about a half mile walk and worth it. It is part of the Deschutes River and is a real nice water fall but not all that big.

I even took the Kayak and went down the Little Deschutes River and ended up in the Deschutes river to get out. It was about a 7 mile trip and real nice.

I also took a bike ride with some friend here in the park to the Cascade Lake Hwy. It was about 100 mile trip and got to see some nice areas and lakes.

WE did get to catch up with Gloria's cousin Mike Fox and his wife Janet They has us meet them at the American Legion and also come by there place here.

 We also did some things here in the park and have been having a great time. We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading to the cost and then north.