Sunday, October 30, 2016

On the move again.

Our stay in Denver was a good one. Gloria and I got to see our doctors and all is ok for now. Guess that is a good thing. We got to see almost all our friends and family and they are doing good too. It was fun catching up on all the news and events. I guess all I can say is it was a good stay. Also got some things done on the coach with some help from my friends. Like put a new cover on the awning and one slide. Ricky made me two doors to go where the bedroom TV was. Now all I have to do is stain them and put them up.
We will be heading to Gordonville TX to start our west cost tour. We will head south from there and then west. Will keep you updated as thing progress.

Friday, October 7, 2016

We are home

Well we made it to Denver on Sat. and got all set up in South Park Mobile Home Park again. We will be here till Oct. 31st. So hope we will be able to see all our friend and family. Guess we will be going to Texas when we leave here. Should be a fun time here catching up on all the new stuff. Guess I wont be posting much for some time.