Monday, April 28, 2014

Got to see some new places

The other day we took a drive to Lexington NC. There isn't much to see but we did go to the North Carolina Transportation Museum. This is a old train yard and they restore trains here. They had lots of train cars and engines of all kinds. They have some real cool units here. There is still a round table that you can ride on. It is a cool place to visit and there are other things to see there too like cars and trucks and other things that are part of the transportation business.

We also stopped by the Old Court House that had some cool old things from way back. It is called The Rowan County Court House and was built in 1855. There are things Like old guns and swards and even a covered wagon. There is even a sales slip for a slave in 1854 for $855.00.

We also stopped by the DR. Hall House built in 1820. It started out as a girls school and he bought it in 1856 and his family owned it and lived in it till 1972. Most all the things in the house are original and belonged to the family.

Friday, April 25, 2014

We Moved

We left on Tuesday and drove to Advance NC by Lexington NC and got all set up in Forest Lake RV park just in time for the rain to start. This is a nice park but there is not much to do and see in the area. We will be here for 2 weeks and will post thing as the come up.
We did go out yesterday and see and old cemetery in Mocksville. It is the place where Squire and Sarah Boon are buried, he died in 1765 and she died 1777. They are the parents of Daniel Boon and had 11 kids. They were busy people.

  I did go for a walk and found an old grave yard on a trail here in the park that was from the early1800's and must have been here for some settlers that lived in the area.

  We will mostly just stay around the park and relax but will post if you find something in the area.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Getting ready to head North

Well we have been here for 2 weeks and have had a good time seeing all the sights and history. Tomorrow we will head north about 270 miles to our next stop in Advance NC. We will spend the next 2 weeks there before moving on. We had a great Easter Dinner here in the park last night. The park provided the meats and we all brought a side dish. Sure was good and got to meet some of the people we had not talked to before. We will start packing up so we can get a 9AM start in the morning. Hope all of you had a great Easter too.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We love being a Turist


Yesterday we went to Charleston SC and took the tour to Fort Sumter. WOW. That is a great tour except for trying to find a place to park. It was so cool learning about the history right on the spot that it happened. We got to walk all around the fort and see lots of cannons that were here when it was attacked. There is also some shells that are still in the walls that we fired when the North was trying to take the fort back. This is a great tour and well worth the money. Here is a link to the history of Fort Sumter if you didn't know it:
I have added  pictures of our travels around the area and to the fort at the top of this post. All you have to do is click on it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just sitting around

Well for the weekend we will just hang around the park. Don't like the crowds in town. Yesterday we took a drive to Beaufort about 20 miles away and then to Parris Island to see the Marine Museum. That is a nice place to get the history of the Marines. They date back to the English Marines of 1672, so they claim. They had lots of history of battles and things they have done all the way to today.  It is a great place to go see. After that we went to Hunting Island State Park to see the Light House and the beach. I climbed to the top of the 140 ft. light house and got some nice pictures. It was built in 1875. There is also a nice beach there that we got to walk on. All in all it was a real nice day with great weather.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sorry I have just been lazzy

We left Flagler Beach on Monday morning and drove to Yemassee South Carolina to stay at an RV Park called The Oaks Point South. Yemmassee is kind of between Savannah Georgia and Charleston South Carolina. The park is a member park so we stay for free. Sure like that. Just after we got here it started raining and didn't stop till the next afternoon. So there is water every where and lots of mud. think they need to do something about there drainage here.
 Yesterday we took a drive around here and found a Visitor Center and Museum. It was the old Frampton Plantation built in 1868. It was cool to go through but not much to see. We also found a place called the Lucky Duck distillery and picked up two  bottles of the good Moonshine. We also went to the Shelton Church Ruins. It was built around 1751 and was burnt down twice once in 1779 by the British and once in 1865 by the Federal army.
Today we went to Savannah Georgia and Visited the History Museum and took a Trolley ride around the old part of the town. It was a cool ride and learned lots but  don't think I will remember much of it if you know me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Just being a tourist

Yesterday we went back to St Augustine to tour the town. First we went to Dow Museum and Historic Houses. It was nice but don't think I would do it again. There was some of the oldest houses in the town and did have lots of history. But not well taken care of and looked a bit run down. From there we went to old town to see what was there and found some good history and buildings to look at. Also ran into the tourist area with shops with lots to buy. Then it was off to a place people had told me about as a must see. It was Mission Nombre de Dios, this is the place that Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed in 1565 and clamed the land  for Spain. He landed 55 year before the Pilgrims did. It is also the place where the first Catholic serves was said. Best part was it was free and had a nice museum to go through with some cool things.