Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not much to do here but we are finding things


Yesterday we went to Old Sturbridge Village. It is a 1840's English Village that has people that act the part of the villagers. They tell you all about the lives of people in those times. It was a real learning experience. All the building were built in the late 1700's to early 1800's and were moved here from all over New England. We spent over 6 hours there and would love to go back and see more. It is well worth the money to go and would recommend it to all.

                                   Click here to go to a Web Site that tells about the Village

Most of the time we spend here in the park not doing much. I have been out on the Kayak some more and really like paddling around the lake and up the stream. Guess we are resting up for Niagara Falls trip. Will leave here on Tuesday and head for the Falls.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Made it to Sturbridge MA

We got here with no trouble at all. We are staying at Sturbridge Camping Club. It is a nice park but sites are a bit tight. They do have a lake so I took out the new Kayak today to see how it did. It did real well and I must have paddled 2 miles. Not much to see but water and some birds. Did see some of the damage done by a Twister that went through the park in 2011. Guess it was a bad one but everyone was ok. There is not too much to do around here but will try to find something. We will only be here for 5 days then on to Niagara Falls for a few days.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time to leave


All good things have to come to an end. We will be leaving Maine today and heading south for a few days. It has been a nice two weeks here. We got to see lots of things and the weather was not too hot. We also got to meet new friends and catch up with others we have known. Bristol will not be happy as he had a good time here too. Of course I will not be happy as I am leaving my Lobsters behind. Guess it is back to Crab for me.... But we stop by a Lobster outlet and picked up 5 and shelled them and put them in bags so we I can have some later. Will update you when we get to our next stop.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Not doing much

Well we have not been doing much here in Maine. Guess the main reason we came here is for the Lobster and I have been taking advantage of that. Have been eating lot of the yummy critters. Found that we sure like the lobster rolls and have found a hidden gem of a place the sells them cheep called Shane's up by the Walmart. The other day we went to the grocery store and they have live lobster and will cook them for you. So I ordered 3 (yes for me as Gloria doesn't like them)   and just pigged out.

We also too the bike for a ride to see the Bush Compound up in Kennebunkport. Thought he would ask up out to lunch but for some reason he didn't get the message and was not home. But it was a nice ride and he sure has a nice place.

Also took the Kayak out with some friends we met in North Carolina. It was lots of fun and got to play around in the tide and see how to work it. But as thing work out for me, I ended up putting a hole in my kayak when I put it into the back of the truck. Not good but learned that the skin on this brand (Inova) was real thin. So I decided to take it  back and get a refund. That is the nice thing about LL Bean. So I will do more research and get a  better one as I sure like playing with them.

We will be leaving here on the 27th and starting our trip home. Only 4 weeks till we should be in Denver. Still have some stops and places to see so I will try to keep you up on what we are doing.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Opps guess I have been lazzy

Guess I should bring you all up to date. We left the Cape Cod area on Tuesday as there was lots of rain in the forecast and I didn't feel like driving in it. We drove up the coast to Maine to Moody Beach RV Park. We were lucky as they had a nice site for us to set up in. All went well and we got all set up and didn't get wet. Even got our satellite dish to work. Met up with our friends Joe and Jylan for a nice chat. Well the weather man was right the rain came in the next day. Started out light so we did a drive around the area to see what all was close. We went to Wells Beach to see the ocean and walk on the beach. Not what we expected as the sand was real coarse and there were no shells.

 After that we went south along the water and ended up at a place called Shores. It was a small restaurant and I had my second Lobster Roll. I liked this on much better as they Put butter on it instead of Mayo. Gloria had Fish and Chips and thought it was great too. After that we headed back to the house and then the rain started to get harder. Around 8PM it hit hard and came down in buckets. It came down so hard it broke two arms on my awning. The news said they had over 6.5 inches of rain.
Yesterday was my birthday so we didn't do much. We did go out and check out a place called Shanes up by Walmart and I had a great Lobster Roll there. Then Gloria took me out for dinner at Wells beach Lobster Pound. I had a nice Lobster and she had Haddock both were great. Then it was off the an Ice Cream place for the biggest Hot Fudge Sunday I have ever had. Think I gained 10 lbs. But it was worth it. Well that is about it for now but will try to keep you up to date.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Moving on

Well we are getting ready to leave tomorrow. That is one day before we were going to move but seeing as there is heavy rain called for we decided to leave before it gets here. Hope we will be able to find a place to stay at the park we area going to. The park is full and we will be one day early so may have to stay in the over flow area. We have friends there right now who will keep an eye out for a spot for us. Will keep you up to date as thing go on.

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Sights

                           CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES WE TOOK HERE

Yesterday we took a ride to a place we heard about from friends here in the park. It is called Battle Ship Cove and is just before you go into Rhode Island. Wow is all we can say. It isn't free but the $15.00 you pay to see it is well worth the price. There are 4 ships, battleship Massachusetts, destroyer USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr., submarine Lionfish, Missile Corvette  Hiddensee, 2 PT Boats and lots more you can see. You can spent all day there going through the ships and seeing all the things inside and learning there history. I would recommend this to all. We were there about 5 hours but decided to leave as it was looking like rain and didn't want to ride in the rain. We made it back to camp just in time.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Having fun still

There is lots to see and do around the area. The other day we went to Rhode Island just to say we have been there. We stopped at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. It was a nice drive and the zoo was ok. Not as good as the Denver zoo by any means but nice just the same. They do have some real nice animals that were fun to see and they even have a Dunkin Donuts in the park.

                                 CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES OF THE ZOO

There was also a LL Bean on the way so I stopped off and found a Inflatable Kayak that I liked so I got it. Now I can go out and paddle around in some of the places we find on the way. I did take it out on the pond here at the park and had a ball.

Today we went back to Cape Cod to an area we didn't go to last time. Didn't know where we were going for sure so just drove around. Ended up in a place called Woods Hole and found an Aquarium called Woods Hole Science Aquarium it is a national one and free to go to. Got to see some seals and lots of different kinds of fish from the area. Then on down the road to see the ocean but could not find a place to go out as they want $15.00 to park. So we just drove by and looked.