Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still Here

We are still here at Peace River having a good time. It has been real hot here at 85 most days and Humid. But with the wind it is kind of ok. Did another kayak trip on Peace River but did not see that many gators it seem ever time I saw one it was heading to the water. The other day we went to Plant City for a Strawberry short cake. We had don't this two years ago and loved it. It sure was good that is all I can say. \

Yes Gloria was Queen for a day
Yesterday we took a ride with Andy and Chris to Punta Gorda on the West Cost of FL. We went to the Fisherman's Village to see the shops. We had been before bit it is a nice place to go. They  had some Owls on display from the Wildlife Center that was were heading to next.

We then went to Ponce de Leon Park and went through the Wildlife Center this is a place that rehabs animals so they can go back into the wild. It is a cool place to see some that could not be rehabbed.

We also went through the Park that is dedicated to the explorer that came ashore in the area. It has some nice hiking trails and a great view of the Gulf.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just haveing a good time

Well we have been just doing some sight seeing and spending time with friends Andy and Chris.
We did take the bike and rode to Highlands Hammock State Park. We had been there before but wanted to go again. Went through there museum that is all about the people that built the park. It was a program called CCC that Roosevelt started during the depression to help people get back on there feet. Think we need something like that again.

We had a great Christmas here in the motorhome with friends Andy and Chris. We had Ham and all the rest of the stuff we like. It was a real good time and we ate way too much. Today we are going to Plant City about an hour away for a Strawberry Short Cake. We have done that before too but sure want to do it again.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Having fun

Well we have been here almost a week now and have been having fun. We have spent lots of time with our friends Andy and Chris. Today we went to a National Park called De Soto National Memorial. It is in Bradenton FL. and is where De Soto came in 1539 to find gold like he did in Mexico. He spent 4 years exploring Florida and some states above it. He died in 1542 in what is now Arkansas with no gold.

 We also went to a beach called Manatee Beach and it was a real nice beach on the Gulf Cost. 

Gloria did a craft sale here in the park but did not do very good at all. Not sure if she will do it again next week.
We also went to Pain State Park just up the road the other day to check it out. It was not very much but did have a place to put the Kayak in the Peace River. Not sure if I will do that one as it would be a 9 mile paddle to the park. May try kayaking tomorrow at a place about 4 miles up stream. It has been real hot here with lots of humidity and should be better tomorrow.

Monday, December 14, 2015

We moved


Well we left Wildwood FL and drove about 110 miles south and are now in Wauchula FL and staying in a member park called Peace River. It is a nice park and we have been here twice in 2013. We will be here for the next three weeks. We had a real good time at our last stop and hope to go back there again this winter. I have put up a link at the top of this page so you can see all the pictures I took while we were there.
We did meet up with our friends Andy and Chris who are here in this park too. Even had dinner at there place tonight. It is always great see old friends. While we were at the last place we ran into Cathy and Rich who we had met 4 years ago in Palm Springs when Gloria broke her hip and they were there to help. Now that was fun and great to catch up with them as we have not seen them since then. Not to mention all the new people we met while we were there.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Having Fun

We have been having fun here. Lots of running around and seeing things and still more to see. We made another trip to Silver Springs so I could Kayak again and see the monkeys again. This time they were in the same area and I got some better shots of them. But the weather was cooler and not much sun so the gators were not around.

I took this video while in the river and the monkeys were crossing to the other side. It was fun to watch them jump and the little ones did it just as good as the older one did.

We also got to see the museum and an old family home. They sure do have some great State Parks. I took the bike for a ride yesterday and went to Homosassa State Park and Walked there trail to see all the critters in the park. This park is like a Zoo and has lots of Florida animals. I got to see lots of Manatees and others.

Also went to Crystal Springs but that was not much but there is a nice Archaeological park but was not open.
We have also just drove around the area and been playing Bingo in the park we are staying at.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Been Busy

We got to Wildwood FL on Tuesday and got all set up in Three Flags RV Park. We have been busy meeting up with old friend and meeting new one too. The other day I went kayaking with two other couples on the Withlacoochee River. We spent about 3 hours floating on the river and just having fun.

Today we went to Silver Springs State Park in outside Ocala FL and I floated 5 miles down the river. Got to see lots of Gators, Turtles and Birds. The water is crystal clear and you can also see lots of fish. But the best thing was I saw a band of Monkeys. Yes that is right Monkeys. They use to belong to the people that ran the park before the State took it over but they escaped. The people did realize that monkeys can swim. It was a great trip and one of the best I have done. May just have to do it again before we leave.

Click here to learn about the park

 We also had a great Thanksgiving dinner here in the park. They had the Turkey and Mashed Potatoes and you had to bring  a side. It sure was a good meal. There were about 60 people from the park there and all had a good time. We will be here for another 2 weeks so bet we have more to put on here soon.