Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Still cold here

Well it is still cold here but should warm up later this week. That will make Gloria happy but it wont be warm enough for her. hahahha
We have done some running around and have seen two museums. The first one was in Bridgeport and was at the visitors center. It was a nice one that tells you about the things that have made this atrea prosper. Like the Butterfield Stage line that really started the town and the oil and gas production. This was a real nice place to visit and best of all it was free.

The next one we went an toured was the Wise County Heritage Museum in Decatur TX. This one is in an old Baptist Collage. It was built in 1892 and ended up being a Baptist Junior College till 1965. They ended up giving it to the historical society and they made it the museum. There is a ton of stuff here and great to look at. They even have a section dedicated to the Lost Battalion. The battalion was captured during WWII when the ship they were traveling on was sank. The men were made to work on the rail road that went to the Bridge over the River Kwai. Also there are lots of things that have been donated to them by settlers from the area. There is also a Cabin on the grounds that was the first building in the county. It was build in in 1854 by Sam Woody. This is a great place to visit and it only costs $2.00 a real bargain.

Wise County Heritage Museum

Woody Cabin

L.B.J's  Hat and things

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Warmer where?????

Ok we have made it to Bridgeport TX and it sure isn't all that warm. It is warmer than Denver by a long shot but it is still cold at 39 for a high. We are at an RV park called Bay Landing and is one of our member parks. It is on a large lake called Lake Bridgeport. Have not been down to look at it yet as it is real windy and cold. We will be here for 3 weeks and should have time to enjoy the area. We met up here with friends we have met on the road over the last few years. Brian and Phyllis and Andy and Chris. We always have a good time when we all get together. Well that is all for now and will keep you all informed on our doings.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Heading for warmer weather

Well we left Denver after a great visit. We got to meet up with family and friends for lots of good times. We will miss all our friends and family but it was time to get out of there. Weather is starting to turn cold and you all know how Gloria feels about cold weather. So headed out and stopped for the nigh at a small park in Capulin NM. It is a nice place for a lay over and only costs $14.00 a night. We will leave here in the morning for Amarillo, TX. for the night then off to a park called Bay Landing in Point TX. It is a member park and we will be there for 3 weeks. I have updated our travel plans on this site so if you want to know where we will be for now you can check it out.