Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well we are home again. We had a nice time at our friend Bill's place in Trinidad CO. It was a nice drive home and we spent most of the day getting things working here at the house. Looks like the house did just fine without us here. But there is lots of work to do so thing will be ready for our next trip some time in June. We will keep you all informed and will be in touch before we leave.  Thanks for following us on our trip.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trip Home from Cottonwood AZ

We left Red Rocks and headed to Santa Fa and met up with my brother Al for the night. Went to dinner and had several beers and just shot the shit. Left there this morning and drove to Trinidad Co. to stay and meet up with our friend Bill who has some property there. Helped him run some electric wiring for another friend from Denver that we know who is a neighbor of Bills down here. will leave here on Sunday and head for home, Bummer.


Mountains on way to Flagstaff 

Humphrey Peak N Flagstaff

Red Rocks Stat Park NM
Red Rocks Stat Park NM 
We left Verde Valley park in Cottonwood AZ. this morning and drove north on Hwy 17 to Flagstaff AZ and then headed East on Hwy 40 to Gallup NM. Where we are staying at Red Rock State Park for the night. It is a real nice park but lots of sand that has blown in during the winter. Hope they can clean all that sand up some time before more people come here to camp later this year. We will leave here tomorrow and head to Santa Fa NM. and meet up with my brother Al  for a day and then head up 25 to Trinidad CO. to spend 2 days at our friend Bill's place and then it is off to Lakewood and home. There we will be making plans for our Summer trip to the North West.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Verde Valley Park at Cottonwood AZ



Well now aint this something. It has been raining and snowing the last two days here in Arizona. The snow is not sticking to the ground but it is cold and windy. Should be out of here by the time we leave on Wed. to head home. Should be back at the old homestead around the 25 or 26. Will stop on the way to see my Bro Al in Santa Fa if he is still there. He is in the process of moving about 75 miles south of Albuquerque to set up a crusher for his company.  Looking forward to seeing all our friends again.


Not doing much lately as Gloria has been down with a bad cold. I have taken several walks around the park and trails for something to do. Also played some games at the Clubhouse. She was feeling better yesterday so we went to La Fonda for dinner and had Mexican food. It was good but not great but they do smother there food. The big difference is that the Red is Hot and the Green is mild. Hmm maybe they need to go to Denver and learn something. Today we took a ride to Jerome (an old copper mining town) and looked around some but Gloria started feeling bad again so we cut it short. Might be a nice place to visit again later. Weather has been OK but windy and guess it will turn bad this weekend just before we leave here. Hope it isn't too bad,


We have been having a great time here in Verde Valley. On Monday we took the bike and rode to Red Rock Canyon. Now that is a cool place. We took one of the trails and walked about a mile and a half. It was easy walking with mostly level ground. We got some good pix of the area and a place called Bell Mountain and Courthouse Mountain. Will post pix soon. Then on to Sedona and back to the trailer. Sure was a nice day with temps in the 70's.
We haven't done much the last two days as the weather has been real windy and cool. Just stayed around the trailer and vegged. Today we drove to Phoenix to get a new (used) Weather Guard tool box for the truck. They sell for around $986 and I got it for $80. Now I could not pass on that. Now I have a place for my tool when we go full time. Hope all is well back home and we will see you all soon.


We are liking Verde Valley just fine. We will be here till March 21  then start our trip home. It has been a bit cool here the last few days with high wind. It did warm up late yesterday and it is real nice today in the 70's.

Took a walk down to the Verde River and walked around some. Would be nice to fish it I think but water a bit cool at this time.  Yesterday we went to Fort Verde in Camp Verde AZ. It is only about 10 miles from the park and a nice place to sight see. Lots of history and information to get. Some nice stores to check out in the town. Will upload some Pix soon on the internet.