Friday, March 24, 2017

Having a great time here

Been having lots of fun here. We took a drive to one of two musical roads in the country. It is just outside Lancaster CA. It wasn't all that great as it is real short but when you drive on it at 50 mph it plays the Lone Ranger song. Went to Vasquez Rocks last Sat. with John and Trish and listened a history lesson on the rocks and the area. Then went to the rocks and walked around them. It was real interesting and a fun day.

Yesterday we went with then again to Nethercutt Museum and Collection in Sylmar CA. It is a free museum and even the guided tour is free. They have some 170 old restored cars and lots of Mechanical music boxes. It is one of the best museums we have ever been to and everything in it has been restored to original condition. This is a place we will go to again and again for sure.

I took over 300 pictures so it you want to see them you will have to click on the link.
                            CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF THE MUSEUM

We will be here another week and a half so bet we will do some more things.

Friday, March 17, 2017

We moved again

We are now in Soledad Canyon TT RV Park in Acton CA. Got here the other day and the park is much better than it was when we were here in 2013. Lots of improvements and much cleaner. We didn't think we would run into any people we knew here but were wrong. Trish and John and Tom and Deanna and Phil and Darlene. Aint this a small world. Weather here is cooler and I am sure glad of that. We will be here for 3 weeks so will get to see lots of things in the area. Today Phil and Darlene and I and a guy I didn't know named RJ I think went for a bike ride to see the Poppies in bloom. We had a hard time finding any as I think we may have been a bit early but we did. Sure nice to see the wild ones in bloom.

It was about 140 miles round trip and a great time. Could have not asked for better weather.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Made it to Palm Springs

Sorry been busy with other things like goofing off. We got to Palm Spring last Tuesday and got a nice site as always. Ran into some old friend like Lonnie and Betty and got to spend some time with them before we they left. Also got to see Dale and Betty that we met back east some time ago too. They are fun to be around. Also met up with Rick and Janice and Tom and Deanne that we met back east last year. Seems we are meeting up with lots of people here that we know. We have also been out to a casino we like for Lobster Buffet and I got to pig out there as always. Found a place in Palm Springs that had several of the oldest houses in this town. We got to go through them and see the history of the town. Most are free and full of information. Also in the same place is the Ruddys 1930 General Store. It is a collection of things you would find in a general store of the time. It is a private collection that Ruddy had collected through his life. Great place to see things from the past. Every thing is authentic and real. The weather here has been great. Best we have had in all the time we have been here. We leave here this Tuesday and head north to Acton Ca. for 3 weeks.

                            CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICTURES WE TOOK HERE