Friday, March 17, 2017

We moved again

We are now in Soledad Canyon TT RV Park in Acton CA. Got here the other day and the park is much better than it was when we were here in 2013. Lots of improvements and much cleaner. We didn't think we would run into any people we knew here but were wrong. Trish and John and Tom and Deanna and Phil and Darlene. Aint this a small world. Weather here is cooler and I am sure glad of that. We will be here for 3 weeks so will get to see lots of things in the area. Today Phil and Darlene and I and a guy I didn't know named RJ I think went for a bike ride to see the Poppies in bloom. We had a hard time finding any as I think we may have been a bit early but we did. Sure nice to see the wild ones in bloom.

It was about 140 miles round trip and a great time. Could have not asked for better weather.

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