Thursday, February 26, 2015

Did it again


We moved again and are now in Palm Springs CA. It was a short drive of 90 miles and we got here in good time and got all checked in and set up early. At least we beat the crowds as this is a busy park. The weather is still real good and warm enough for Gloria. Well sort of any way. We didn't do much the first two days as the first one was windy with lots of dust and sand blowing all over. So the next day we just vegged. but as the weather today was real nice we took the bike and did the Joshua Tree National Park ride. It was 165 mile ride with lots of things to see. We were in two desert, the first was Colorado Desert which is part of the Sonoran Desert. It is the lower elevation one and is warmer and dryer. Then as you go farther you go into the Mojave Desert that is higher (above 3000 FT ) This is where you will find the Joshua Trees. So now we know what they look like.

It was cooler up there and Gloria was not all that happy we were on the bike.

But all in all it was a great ride with good things to see. We have been wanting to go there for some time now and it will come off the list. I will be adding Pictures of the ride and other things we do here later. So you can see all the cool things.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Still here

Have not taken the time to post much as we have not had much to say. I shot the pool tournament  that was going on here. Did not do very good but had lots of fun catching up with all the people we knew from two years ago. We have also ran into some other people we have met on the west cost before. Jack and Donna came in the other day and it has been great catching up. As well as Pat and Jim and Carol and Andy. Wow it is so much fun seeing people you have not seen in some time. We did a happy hour over at Jim and Pats and will do another one tomorrow. Did a drive up to Idyllwild to check out another RV park and decided we would not want to go there any time in the future. But the area is great. Mostly just been hanging out here in the park and doing things here. Gloria did do a craft sale and sold a few things. We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading to Palm Springs. The weather here has been great and hope it stays that way. Have not taken many pictures as we have all that we need of this area. Hope all are staying warm and happy.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

On the move

We did move on Tuesday and drove to Menifee CA and are now staying in Wilderness Lakes RV Park. Got a nice site right next to the Canal and lots of birds. Not doing much as right now is the Pool Tournament and I am shooting 9 Ball. Friday will be Jack and Gill and Gloria will shoot it with me. Weather is great with temps up in the high 70's. We will be here for 2 weeks then off to Palm Springs.
I did add a link to the pictures we took while we were in Jamul Ca. to the last post. Hope you like them.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Having fun


Well I have not been posting much as our internet access is not that good. We have been having lots to fun meeting friend from tow years ago and seeing the sights. First we ran into some of the guys we shot pool with two years ago. It was nice catching up with the and seeing what all they have been up to. Some have just stayed on the west cost and some have traveled like we did. Shot some pool with the and as always they beat up on me buy then again I don't shoot all that much.
We also went for a drive up to Campo. It is a town up the road a ways that has a small museum and a train museum too. But when we did that the first time all was closed. So we went back today and go to tour the small one. It was all about the history of Campo.
This is a like to the town information:,_California

We then went to the Railroad Museum and got to see lots of old train cars and engines. It is a real great place to see lots of things. Tells the history of the Railroad and Campo and the military fort that was there. I will upload pictures soon but right now it is too hard.
We have also stopped at a casino we like not too far away from the camp ground. And yes Gloria just had to show me up in a big way. She wailed out of there 530.00 to the good. Wow if I could only be that luck.
We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading about 70 miles to our next stop. Should be a fun time there too as they will be having a pool tournament that I shot in 2 years ago. So I will probably shoot some there.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Still here

Well we did get to meet  up with my nephew Brandon and his wife Alex. We had a real nice time chatting and talking about the new baby that is due the end of Feb. They even took us to Miramar Air Base to show me where he works. Got to check out the Heavy Lift Copter he works on. Wow that is one big unit. Only thing that was strange was all the oil it leaks. Guess it was built by Harley.
It sure has been nice around here and the temp has been in the 70's most of the time. Today we took a drive up a dirt road behind the park we are at. It goes way up in the hills and when you get to the top you can see the ocean and San Diego way off in the distance. Wow what a view. That's about all for now hope all is well with all of you.