Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day trip


We have been having a nice time
 here in Morgan Hill CA so far. The town is nice and has all the stores you would want. The park is nice as far as TT parks go. This time of the year the pool and store are closed and there are no Activities. The other day we drove to Santa Cruz to take in the sights and see what all has changed since I was a kid. Well thing are different for sure but it is still real nice. Had lunch out on the wharf and got some pictures of the coast. Will go to Monterey on Monday and then on Wednesday will do the Redwoods and take a Steam train ride and see Rob and Ann (friends from Texas).

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moving again

We left Acton Calif and drove 310 miles north to Morgan Hill Calif. We are at Morgan Hill TT Park for the next two weeks. Seems like a nice park but it has no sewer so we have to watch how much water we use. We will be going to some of the coast towns I use to go to when I lived out here. Gloria is doing good with her hip and is now walking some without her walker. I dont like this and yell at her to use it so she dose not twist it. But she dose not listen to me. Will post thing as they come up.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not doing much


Think we brought the wind with us for Palm Springs. Been high winds here since we got here and only in the 60,s so far. It is going to get better tomorrow. So we have not done much so far. Not that there is much to do and or see around here. The park is real big and if you walk it it will take along time. They have a small pond you can fish in without a license so will try it maybe later today. Gloria is doing better all the time. Gets around real good and can get in and out of the house with out help now. Did go to Walmart (imagine that) and pick up some things.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Made it to Acton CA

We left Palm Springs this morning and drove 150 miles to Soledad Canyon TT RV park in Acton Ca. It was a nice drive except for the first 60 miles. We had to fight a head and side wind for the first 60 miles. It sure was tough for awhile. But then it stopped and it was a nice ride. The little truck pulled good and no problems. The park is nice enough with all pull through sites and fairly level. Will put up some pictures soon. Will be here for a week then on North.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are about to hit the road again

Gloria went to the Doc yesterday and he said she was healing just right and she could start putting some pressure on her left leg again. With full weight in 2 to 3 weeks. He also said we could hit the road and have fun. We will be leaving here on Sunday the 14th and go to Solidad for a week then to Morgan Hill to two weeks. It will be sad to leave here as everyone has been so nice. But it is time to move on and see new thing. How all I can hope for is that I have everything to tow the little truck behind us. Think I do but will see once we get going.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I know it is about time I put something in here

I have put some new pictures up so you can see what is going on. Hope you like them.
Just click on the link below.


Not much new here just getting warmer and we are wanting to start our trip north. Gloria will see the Doctor on the 10th. Hope he lets us leave. We may any way if he gives us some direction on how to take care of the hip.