Monday, December 19, 2011

We are farther west in Texas

We left Lake Conroe and made it to Lake Medina Texas just outside Pipe Creek. We hit some rain on the way (makes sense as I washed the truck and trailer yesterday) but not too bad. Got here about 1 PM and set up our site. First things Bristol did was go hunting a Deer. There are tons of them around here as people feed them all the time. Will post some pictures of them later. It was around 68 today and the rain stayed away. More Later.

11-22 Well we have just been staying around the park as the weather has been a bit cool. Rained most of last night. Sure hope ther people down here in Texas say thanks to us for bringing the rain they need so bad. Sure enjoying this park as it is real nice and the people are real frendly. Today we went to a place called Natural Bridge Caverns and it was great. Will post pictures so you all can enjoy them like we did. Gloria went with me on the first Cavern toure but stayed behind on the second as it was a tough climb. Wow was it nice to see all the stuff. Will be doing the River Walk in San Antonio next week but not Sea World as we think the one in San Deigo is better.
Well today is Christmas  and we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas from Medina Lake Texas. The sun is out but still cool around 59 today. We will be having dinner at the activity Center with the people from the park at noon. Should be a good time. Then we will just sit around or nap and let the great dinner settle.

Mission San Jose

Mission Concepcion

The Alamo

Today was a nice day as the temp got up into the high 60's. We went into San Antonio to go to the Missions and the River Walk. First we stopped at Mission San Jose, It is a very large mission and great to go through. Then we stopped at Mission Concepcion, this one is smaller but just as nice and worth the stop. There are several more in the area but we did not go the them. We ended up at the Alamo and that was great except you could not take any picture in the mission. But nice to be in such a famous place. Then walked to the River Walk and took a boat ride along the walk. Not allot of shops but a ton of restaurants. The boat ride was nice as you get to see allot of the history of San Antonio. Then back to camp for dinner. Have to admit parking the big truck down town was not easy but we did finally find a spot. Glad we had a GPS...... will put some pictures up soon of these places.

Happy New Year to all our friends and family. Hope you new year is the best yet. We will be going out to the Activity center for awhile tonight to do some celebrating. Tomorrow we will start getting things ready to travel on Monday for Arizona. We have met some Great people here and have fun with them. Lee and Elaine even took us to the Mexican Market in San Antoino. It is lots of fun to walk around and look at all the cool stuff. They are from the same area I grew'up and live in Calif. We also met Rob and Ann and there cat Chloe and there friends Willie and Linda. And lots of others people from all over the country.

We had a great time at the New Years Party. There were allot of people there and all had a blast. We did not stay till midnight but came home to watch it on TV. Got the trailer ready to travel tomorrow and will leave around 9AM.


Monday, December 12, 2011

We are at our next stop in Texas

Well we left Lake Conroe this morning and headed south to Colorado River park, We stopped at Camping World in Katy Texas to pick up some things. It is a very large store and was nice to check out.  Then to Columbus Texas where Colorado River Park is. Got all set up and took Bristol out for a short walk. He seems to like it here much more than the other place. There are lots of deer running around this park. So far we like it here as the park is easy to get around on foot. It is a smaller park but nice all the came.
Been having a nice time here. weather has been Ok. Nights are cool and the days have been cloudy and some rain. but today it was up to 80+ and sun most of the day. But it is cloudy right now and no rain so far.  Guess we should not complain as they really need rain here. Every thing is dead or dieing due to the lack of rain. The Colorado River (Texas had to have their's too) is down some what. been out walking allot and have taken the pedal bike out but not the Harley. Been to the store and out to lunch twice in Columbus. They have a Whataburger here and it is good. It is nice to just relax and not have to do any thing at a certain time. We will just hang out here and on Monday we will leave for Medina Lake (our next stop) down by San Antonio for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arived at our next stop

We Left Lake Whitney yesterday and arrived at Lake Conroe in Willis TX. It was a wet drive with drizzle most of the way. Got set up OK and took a look around the park. Today it is cool at only 50 for a high but no rain. We are going to town to do some shopping and stuff. Should be warming up here on Thursday. Went to Willis and picked up mail and then to Conroe and went shopping. Wow almost didnt have room in the truck for all the stuff Gloria got.
Haven't been doing much as the weather has been cold. Hell haven't even taken the bike off the truck. We have been to the family center several time as Gloria wanted to do crafts with others. We have been for a walk or two and I have rode my little bike around the park. Went down to the boat dock but it is out of the water so far no one can use it. Guess the lake is down some 30 feet right now.Staff here is real friendly and so are most of the people staying here. wanted to wash the truck and trailer as they got real dirty getting here in the rain. But seeing as they are in a water shortage guess that will have to happen later. Today we are going to dinner with Gloria's ex daughter in law down in Conroe at the Cracker Barrel.