Thursday, May 28, 2015

We made it to Bend OR.

We got here with out a hitch. Got all set up in Bend-Sunriver TT RV Park. This is a nice park with lots of pine trees. Bristol sure likes it here and it will be hard to get him to leave I bet. Today we took a drive to the High Desert Museum then to Walmart. The museum was real nice and had lots to see and learn about the history of this area. there seems to be lots of thing to see around here and we will do our best to see them all.

                                      CLICK HERE FOR A LINK ABOUT THE MUSEUM

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On the Move


Well we left Oregon House CA. and are heading to Bend OR. Yesterday was great weather and a real nice drive. We only drove about 188 miles to Weed CA. for a stop over for the night. Didn't want to do 380 miles to Bend in one day. We drove by Lake Shasta and it is like all the other lakes in Calif. LOW. Never seen it that low. Also got to see MT. Shasta on the way. It as least has lots of snow on it still and may help the lakes when it melts. We stopped at Friendly RV Park for the night. It is a small park but nice enough for one night. We will leave and head for Bend OR. this morning and stay there for two weeks. I have added a link to my pictures of around Oregon House at the top of this post. Hope you like them.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Enjoying our stay

We are having a nice time here. The Weather has been ok with some day a bit cool and others are warm with no rain. Have not done much running around but I have walked most of the park. We did the Candy Bar Bingo again and came away with 7 nice candy bars. Went to Orville again an did the casino thing. Didn't win any money but didn't loose any either. So that was a good day. I took the kayak out on the lake and that was fun but a bit windy.

Yesterday we drove to the Empire Mine State Park to tour the mine. It was the largest Gold Mine in Calif. It produced over 8 Billion dollars in gold in todays standards. It was a great tour and as we did it on a weekend we got to tour the Bourn's Cottage. Wow that was my kind of cottage. The outside was all rock and brick and the inside was all done in Redwood. Then we toured the rest of the property. It sure was a nice place and the mine was great too. It must have been as we were there over 4 hours.                          CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL ABOUT THE MINE

We also went to the Yuba River State Park to see the longest single span covered bridge in the US. It was a nice park but could not see much of the bridge as it is under repair.

We then stopped at the town of Rough and Ready. The town was started in 1849 and in 1850 became the only town to Succeed from the US. But come back in 3 months.
                                   CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO THE TOWN

I will try to add a link to all my pictures later as my upload speed here is slow.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

We have moved again

We have moved a little north to Oregon House Ca. and are staying at Lake of the Springs TT Park.
This is a member park and a nice one at that. Weather is a bit cooler and nice. We got here and met up with some old friends from our travels. Brian and Phyllis and Lee and Elaine.  They had even made dinner for us and of course a nice Happy Hour.

On Thursday we rented a Pontoon Boat and cruised the lake. It was a short cruise as the lake is not all that large. It is only 1 mile long. But it was a fun time for all. One thing we got lucky to see was some Deer playing in the lake.

Lee and Elaine left yesterday for other destinations so Brian and Phyllis took us for a ride to Orville. We went to the Dam and toured the lake. It sure is low as are most lakes in Calif. They said it was about 200 feet low right now. It was a real nice ride with lots of things to see. We even stopped in Orville for and Ice Cream at Rite Aid.

When we got back we went to a Candy Bar Bingo and I got lucky and won the black out and got two candy bars. YUM
We will be staying for 3 weeks and should have lots of fun.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Still having fun

                                      CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES WE TOOK THERE

It has been a nice weekend. Sat. My brother and family came by for a visit. It was fun as always and I even got to hold the baby. Hmmm not my most favorite thing to do. But he was being a good boy so it was ok. They were racing RC Control Boats on the lake and they were a blast to watch. They sure can scoot around the lake. It was a bit windy so they couldn't go too fast. It was a real fun day.

The other day Gloria's Cousin Chuck came over for a visit too and it was fun seeing him too.
Today we took the bike for a ride to our next stop at Oregon House. Got to meet up with our friends Bryan and Phyllis and Lee and Elaine. We had a nice visit and a bite to eat. It seems to be a nice park and think we will have a nice time there. We go there on the 6th for 3 weeks. Well that is about all for this place and I will post more when we get to our next stop.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Still here

We haven't been doing much here as there isnt much around. We did take a drive over to my brothers place to visit the family. Got to see Craig Doris Brandon Aley and the new baby. Wow that was a fun trip. Had a nice lunch and catch up on all the news. The baby sure has gotten bigger since the first time was met him. It was also Gloria's birthday so Craig even got her a cake. Aint he nice.

Will post more later.