Monday, May 30, 2016

Enjoying it here

We got to Gettysburg Farm RV Park. We were here two years ago and it is still a real nice park. We have been staying close at there are lots of people on the roads for the holiday. We have been to most things in the area before but think there are some more to see. We will doing some of that starting tomorrow. Memorial Day here in the park was real nice and the park had a nice ceremony. It has been hot and humid but will be better this next week.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It has been wet.

We are getting ready to move again. We will head to Gettysburg on Tuesday. Hope the weather is better up there as it has been a little wet here. Guess it has just been a wet year here on the east cost. Looks like the sun starting to come out now and hope it stays. We have enjoyed our time here in this park as it is real peaceful and quiet. Hope all of you are doing good and having a good year. Memorial Day should be real special up in Gettysburg and should be lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We nave moved again

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First off I added a link above so you can see the pictures I took in North Carolina.
We left Lenoir NC yesterday and drove to Gladys VA. and got all set up at Lynchburg RV Park. It is a nice park and we got a great site.
The weather was great and we didn't have any rain till today. Looks like it will be wet most of the time we are here.
Today we went to Appomattox as it is only 18 miles up the road. We first checked out the Museum of the Confederacy. There are two of the and one was here. It is a great place to lean about the people and what all happened here. Lots of pictures of the people and what happened to them. Also lots of artifacts from the war in this area. You can spend lots of time reading all the stuff.

Then we went to Appomattox Court House. It was a strange feeling to be where Lee surrendered. He didn't surrender in the Count House but at McLean House. There were several buildings you can go through and the McLean house was one of them. You can see the spot where Lee surrendered. May go back to see the rest as it was raining and a bit wet while we were there.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Still here

Well by now you all know Gloria had a heart attack and is not home and doing well. We were going to leave here on Wednesday but I change is to Monday. Gave Gloria a bit more time to get back to normal. We have had a good time here and got to see some new areas and places. We will be going to Virginia to a TT Park called Lynchburg RV Park. Hope it is as nice as this one. I will post pictures of our stay here when we move as the internet is slow here.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

More looking

Yesterday we went to the emerald Village Mine tour in Little Switzerland NC. This is one of the mines that produced Feldspar for the making of Bon Ami. It was not what I was expecting and not worth the money. They say you get a mine tour. I guess you did but all it was is a hole in the rock. Not the mine itself. The did have lots of old mine equipment to see in the museum and other things too. just not what I expected. Would not do it again.

This is all the mine you get to go in the rest is flooded

It would seem lots of the things around here are not much to see just places to travel to. We went to Boon NC. today to go to the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum. Real nice area but not much there to see. They have moved some old cabins here to preserve them. The first one was built before the American Revolution.

This one was built in 1852 and the people raised 12 kids here.

That is the picture of the people that got this house for a wedding present in 1852

 There were 4 more but I couldn't learn much about them. The only good thing was this one is free.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Just looking around

We have been busy looking around the area. Had some rain the other day so we got to stay home but today we went to a place called Fort Defiance. No it isn't a fort but a house that was built near where the fort was. The house was built by General William Lenoir in 1788 and the town was named after him. It was a nice tour that took us around the grounds and inside the house. Only bad thing was you cant take pictures inside. There are lots of thing that were in the house from the 1800's. There is also a cemetery where most of the Lenoir's are buried.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Guess I should have said we have moved

We did leave S. Carolina and went to N. Carolina and got all set up in Green Mountain RV Park 4/28. It is another member park and is real nice. We set up in a new area with all that we need.

The weather has been a bit bad at times with some hard rain. But for the most part it has been nice. We took a drive the other day to Linville that is north of here to see the Linville Caverns. They were nice but not as good as some we have seen.

We also went to Linville Falls. Not a large falls but real nice and a good hike for me.

Will post more as time goes on as there is lots to see in this area.