Thursday, November 29, 2012

Having a great time

Well we have been having lots of fun watching the deer that are all over the place here. You do have to watch where you walk for sure. We have met lots of new friends from all over the country. Andy & Chris from Ohio, Jim and Pat from all over, Ed and  Becky from San Antonio. We all went to The 11th. Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera TX. ( they claim that it is the cowboy capital of the world) last nigh for dinner and drinks. You take your own steak and cook it and buy the fixins there. You can even bring your own hard liquor as they only sell beer. It was lots of fun. Hope we all can meet up again on down the road.
We have been doing things around the park like walking and ridding the bikes. Even got  a game of Mini golf in. Gloria did a Craft sale last Saturday but did not sell much. Took a ride to the Dam to see the water level and Wow is it down. There are boats that are beached and no place near the water. It will be a long time till this lake fills up again. Weather here has been good, no rain and most times the sun is out. Been a bit cloudy the last few day so not as warm.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Made some changes on the web site. You should be able to make comments easier. Just set it up as Anonymous and wright your message. You could put your name in it so I know who you are but you dont have to. Hope this helps, let me know.

Madina Lake update

Weather here has been great in the 70's most all the time. Went to Thanksgiving Dinner at the Family Center Yesterday and the food was great. Lots of nice people to chat with. Been doing lots of walking and just animal watching. There is a Barn Qwl right next to our camp spot. On a walk yesterday we ran into friends we had met in Palm Springs last year. Greag and Karen (Hope I have that right as you know me and names) . We had a nice time chatting about others we know and where we all have been. Will spend some more time with them before they leave for there next stop. Have met several other members here and have had fun just chatting and learning of other places to stay.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Medina Lake TX

We made it to our first long stop. It is Medina Lake in Lakehills TX. We were here last winter and sure did like it. It is getting into the low 70's and no rain till the weekend. This is the place with all the deer and it has not changed. They are all over the place. Bristole sure likes it here, lots of trees for him to climb. Dose not seem to have as many people here this year but they should show up for Thanksgiving. We will be here to the next 3 weeks. The lake is real low now. Last year you could see the water from the camp ground but now there is none to be seen. Boy do they need rain and lots of it.
Will post more later.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carlsbad NM


We made it to Carlsbad yesterday and are staying at Carlsbad RV Park. Nice place with most everything you may need including an indoor pool. It is a bit pricey at $72.00 for two days but you get what you pay for. We went to the caverns today and that was great. No we did not see any bats as they have headed south for the winter. I did take two of the Guided tours and they were great. Gloria did not go with me as they are a bit hard for her. We did both take the self guided tour to the Big room and that was just as nice. I will post some pictures as soon as I can.
 I learned not to leave Gloria alone though. When I got back from my last tour I found that she had adopted a friend for Bristol. She named her Tequila and she weights less than 3 nickles. Ok we adopted a Mexican Bat and I dont think Bristol will ever meet her at least till she comes back in the summer.
We will leave here tomorrow morning and head to Medina Lake near Lakehill TX.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

WE are on the road again.

Well we left Denver today at 9:30 and headed south. We are spending the night in Raton NM. at the Kickback RV park. It is a small park just over the pass. It has full hookups and showers but that is about all. Nice place to spend the night. We will leave here early tomorrow morning and head for Carlsbad Caverns for two days so we can see the caves. More later and pictures to follow.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ok here is the big news. The house has sold again. We should close on the 13th of Nov. and hit the road the 14th. So we will now be official Snow Birds. Hope all keep an eye on the Blog to see what we are doing. We will head south to Texas first with a stop or two on the way. So here we go and please stay in touch.