Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heading for Cottonwood Arizona

Well we left Palm Springs on the 28th and drove to Surprise AZ. where we spent the night at Paradise RV Park. We met up with two friend that we had met in Oregon, John and Sissy Vanderheiden we met them at there home for dinner and chatting. It was great seeing them again and hope we can meet up some day in the future on the road. 
Then we left this morning and drove to Cottonwood AZ. and got all set up in Verde Valley TT RV Park. The park is run real nice and set up great. If you want trees you can get that, if you want sun you can get that too. Think we will like it here as there are lots of things to go see around the area. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Palm Springs Calif


Well we have just been sitting around enjoying the warm weather. Did I say warm I mean HOT. It was 93 the other day and in the high 80's the rest. Have had to run the air in the trailer to keep it cool for the cat OK ME. Last night we went to a casino down the road as we won 2 dinner Buffets and last night was Sea Food.
Did I make a pig of myself. One of the thing on the menu was Lobster and I had 6 of them and were they good. I also had Crab and Filet Migon and some other things too. It was so good and I was so full. Sure like it when Gloria is lucky.  


Today we went to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. Wow what a ride. You start at about 2000 ft. and climb to 8560 ft. That was cool. You can see forever up there and farther. I did the nature trail but Gloria stayed behind as the trail was real steep and when you got to the bottom it was snow covered and hard to walk. The temp at the bottom was 88 degrees and at the top 58. Big difference but I didnt mind as it was nice on my hike. This trip is well worth the money and we will do it again. Would be nice in the summer. Took a bunch a pictures and will post on my Flicker site soon.

Link to Palm Springs Aerial Tram


Well seeing the guys who were in the Tuskegee Airmen was a thrill. Got to talk to them and even got a autograph from one. One of the guys flew 142 combat missions and got out alive. We even got to see a P51 fly, that was way cool. Yesterday we took the bike and went on ride with some friends to the Salton Sea. I was wanting to do that since I saw a documentary on it. That is cool place and we had never seen an inland sea. It is about 40 miles long and 10 miles wide. In places it smells bad due to the pulsation and the high salt content. Also went to Salvation Mountain to see the crazy guy but he was not there. This guy has built a mountain out of hay bales and  other junk and then put mud on it and paints it. He sure is a busy guy. The weather has been great, high 70's to low 80's. Today we will do the Palm Springs Arial Tram. Early this week we said goodbye to our friends Lee and Elaine from Placerville CA. I am sure we will meet up again some time in the future.
Update on Salvation Mountain.... The reason the Crazy Guy was not there is that he is in a nursing home and will probably not be back. Now the mountains future is in question. It seems that some people at Slab City are talking about trying to take care of it and others too. But who knows if that will happen. So if you would like to see this cool place you should do it now. I am glad I got to see this guys life long work.

Link to Salton Sea
Link to Salvation Mountain
Link to Slab City


Ok I forgot to update this page. Been having a good time looking around and doing things here in the park. Gloria has been doing water aerobics and having fun as one of the ladies she knows likes to do it too. Weather here has been good except for 2 days as it rained and was cool out. When we got up that day we could see snow up on the hills. Kind of like being home but warmer. Bristol has found a friend to play with some times. It is a Roadrunner. The bird runs and Bristol chases it then the bird stops and Bristol catches up. They do this for some time then the bird leaves. Today we are going to take the bike and ride to the Palm Springs Air Museum and see the Tuskegee Airmen exhibit and one of the guys who flew with them. Sun was out all day yesterday and was 72 same today.

We left Menifee this morning and drove 80 miles to Palm Springs where we are staying at Palm Springs Thousand trails RV Park for the next 2 weeks. We got here just find and our friends Lee and Elaine found us a nice spot to set up in. Did some walking around and ran into other people we had met along the way here. It is a small world when you belong to a camping club. Seeing as it is Valentines Day I cooked Steak and Lobster for Gloria. Aint I sweet!!!!