Friday, July 31, 2015

We are in Washington

Well we got to our first stop in Washington. We are in Paradise RV Park in Silver Creek WA. This is another member park and is an ok place. It has been warm here and Gloria is happy not so much me. We did take a drive around the area and seen some of the lake in the area. Will be taking a Train ride today out by MT. Rainier. Should be fun and hope to get some nice pictures.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Time to move on again

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Well the time has come again to move on to our next destination. We will leave Sea Side OR. and head north and west to Silver Creek WA. We will be staying a one of our member parks called Paradise. We have had a great time here in Sea Side and met up with lots of folks we knew. Yesterday was kind of hard as lots of them came by to say goodbye as we wont see most of them again till we come back to the west cost again in 2017. But we can all keep in tough therough Facebook and the blog so all will know what we all are doing. I have posted a link to pictures we took while we were here at the top of the page. There isn't lots of them as we have lots from before. Hope all out there area well and your travels are good.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sight seeing

We have been having a great time here and seeing lots of people we have met on our travel around the states. Seems lots of people like it up here this time of year. Lonnie and Betty came here just to see us as we have not chatted in some time. Then there are lots of the pool players we have met in southern Calif. here too. It is always fun catching up with friends. Yesterday we took the bike to Astoria so Gloria could have her Tuna Fish and Chips at the Bowpicker. I don't care for Tuna so I just ate her chips.

Then it was off to sight see. First we went to the Bumble Bee Salmon cannery. There is a free museum there and it was nice to see how they canned food back then. It is on Pier 39 if you are ever here. 

We then went to the Astoria Heritage Museum. It told about the Indians who lived in the area and the people who settled the land. It was a good place to learn about the history of Astoria.

 Then we went to Fort Stevens again but did not stay as we had seen it before and didn't feel like we wanted to see it again but the Guard House was open this time so we checked it out. Glad I never had to go in one of them. hehehe

Next we went to Lewis and Clark National Historical Park that is the site of Fort Clatsop. This is where they built a fort and stayed for the winter in 1805. We had been there before but I wanted to see it again. I is a great part of our history of the west.

We will be here till Tuesday and then head north into Washington for the next two month.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Having fun

Well we are having a good time here so far. The other day we went into town (Seaside) and just looked around. We found a site in town where the Lewis and Clark people had a salt works. We went out on the beach and walked around. found several shells and a Sand Dollar. It was a nice day with temps in the 70's. The weather here has been great and today it even got up to 83 and that is a bit hot for me. I have been cleaning on the motorhome and waxing. Still have one side to go but how is in a hurry. We even  played Bingo and did good winning some candy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ok we made it


We made it to Seaside OR with out a hitch and go all set up in a nice site. Weather is nicer so far and warmer too. I did get my pictures uploaded from Pacific City so is you click on the link above you can see them.

Moving Day

We have had a nice time here in Pacific City the last 2 weeks but it is time to move on. We will leave here this morning and head north about 80 miles to Seaside OR. Have not posted much as we have not done too much here. Did take the bike out for a ride up the cost and have been out walking the beaches in the area. Mostly stayed in the park and enjoyed the things here. It is hard to post pictures at this park as our internet service is limited so will post them once we get settled in our next stop.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th

We had a nice 4th of July. The park didn't do much but we had a good time any way. On the 3rd Cloverdale had a parade so we went to it. It was a small one as the town is small. One joke was they were going to go around twice as the town is so small. Cloverdale is a dairy town for Tillamook. So of course they had there prize cow in the parade. Also fire trucks and horses and some nice cars. We did play bingo and I won a ice cream Sunday and it sure was good.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mace it to our next stop

We drove about 58 miles north and arrived at Pacific City. We are staying at Pacific City TT RV park and got lucky and got a great site. Park is busy as lots of people are coming in for the 4th of July. We will be here for two weeks and plan on having lots of fun as always.

Yesterday we just had to go to Tillamook to tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory again. We sure like that place as you can sample all the cheese flavors and we love them all. You can also watch how the cheese is made and while you are up there you can get some great Tillamook Ice Cream. I think I even gained a pound with all I ate. Then we went up the road to my favorite Smoke House for some beef sticks. The Tillamook Country Smoker sells a 2ft stick for only $1.00.

This morning I took a hike to the beach across the Hwy. and did some walking along the water. I was real nice down there as there was no wind but lots of fog. Guess up here in Oregon there are no shells as I didn't find even one.