Monday, July 23, 2012

Well we left Leavenworth WA. on the 19th. to start our trip home for the house sale. We spent the night in La Grand OR. At Eagle Hot Lake RV Park. Nice place but real humid. Left there the 20th. and stayed at Hayburn RV Park in Hayburn ID. Left there the 21 and went to RV World campground in Rawlins WY left there early and got home the 22nd. It was along trip and then on Monday we find out the buyer has backed out of the deal. Now talk about a bummer. Oh well guess that is the way it goes some times. Guess we will just stay here till our winter trip when if we dont sell the house we will pull it off the market for the winter. So this will be the last post for some time. Hope all of you are doing well and have a nice summer.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


New update. We went to Leavenworth WA. (the town) yesterday on the bike and had a nice time checking out the cool shops . The town in all done in a German theme. And really look nice. Didnt buy a thing but not because we didnt want to but was not sure where to put it all. I did have a beer in the beer garden and that sure hit the spot as it was getting a bit hot. Then we headed to the fish hatchery and got to see the Salmon that go there to spawn. They also had tons of little Salmon that they put back in the rivers. While we were there we walked to the river (Icile Creek off the Wenatchee river) and watched an Indian bring in a 36 in. Salmon. That was a big fish.
The other news is that we have and offer on the house and we are going through with it. So looks like we will be heading home soon to do all the things we have to. So we will be seeing you all soon for awhile then head out again for a real long trip.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Well we left Quincy WA. (Crescent Bar) and drove to Leavenworth WA. for the next week. Found a nice site with lots of trees. Bristol is in heaven. It was real hot the past few days and is still hot up here. The humidity is way up right now as it rained real hard last night all over the place. I sure do like this place as I can ride my bike and they have lots of trails to explore. Will post more as the days go on. Glad to hear it is raining out there in Denver. Should be cooler for you for awhile.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Havent said much lately So thought I would do an update. We mostly have been staying around the park doing nothing. Been nice and warm here and that makes Gloria happy. Me well that is another story. Have had the AC going so I can stay cool. They had a nice breakfast and Ice cream social on Saturday and we enjoyed it for sure. Water has gone down on the Columbia river by the camp. So now I can walk all the way to town and enjoy the river.  Yesterday we ran into some folks we had met last winter in So. Cal. Betty and Lon. Spent some time catching up. They live here in Washington by Tacoma . Nice to see them again and have time to chat. We will be here for another week then off to Leavenworth WA. for a week.