Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are in Menifee Calif.


Today we mostly got thing loaded so we could leave early tomorrow morning for Palm Springs. Also went to lunch with our friends here at the park. The last few days have been real nice with temps in the high 70's except for today as it is raining some.On Friday we took the bike to Diamond Valley Lake. Sure is a nice lake and we were right above the dam and could look way out on the lake. It is a real big lake and would love to be out on it fishing. On Saturday Gloria sold some of her crafts at the Yard sale the parks puts on every Saturday. We also played candy Bingo and for once I won some candy. On Sunday we had a BBQ at out place and had our friends Rob&Ann and Willie&Linda over to eat. We sure have met some great people on our trips.We also rode the Wilderness Lakes train. It is one they built here at the park and it runs all around the park.Now that was fun.

Yesterday we took the bike to the casino south of here called Pachanga. They have the tightest slots I have ever seen. We put some money in and decided we didn't want to put any more in. But with our new club card we got a big discount on the buffet. So we had lunch there and it was GREAT. One of the best we have ever been to. Will go there any time we are in the area. When we got back to the park we ran into Willie and Linda who we had met in Texas. We chatted with them for some time went home to relaxed in the sun. It was 82 out today and real nice.

We haven't been doing too much lately. We went to Old Town Temecula the other day on the bike as people said it was a nice place to visit. Well they had a different opinion than we did. Mostly place to eat and some antique shops. Guess it was OK but not for us but a good ride any way. Also went to the local Cheese place and that was not what we expected but OK too. Clouded up yesterday and looked like rain but didn't. So we stayed home and vegged. Went to lunch today at a place called Yellow Basket at the other end of town. Now that was a good lunch I would recommend it for sure. So mostly we have been staying around the park and meeting people and chatting.

Yesterday we did a bunch of things here in the park. Did a candy bingo and of course Gloria won candy and I didn't. Hmmm my luck out here is shit. Then we went to Casino night and yes she won again. They had a 50-50 drawing and she won 40 bucks. Did some walking and talking to some people around here. Ran into several people from Colo. mostly from south areas. Sure do run into allot of people that are not from around here. Guess everyone wants to get away from the snow. Had lunch here at the park at the cafe and it was good. Today didn't do much as the Football game was going to be on. So just went to the store and Gloria got a new computer as her old one was going south. Then came back and watched the game. It was good game just didn't have any of our teams in it. More to come later.

Well we are having a real good time here at Wilderness Park. Weather is great ( unlike Denver with all that snow). Yesterday was busy as Gloria did laundry and then we spent most of the day catching up with people we had met on our trip. Even ran into a guy we had met last summer. Mostly people from this trip like Rob and Ann from Texas and 3 people from Pio Pico. I had a guy do a Recall on my frig. Uploaded some pictures of our last stop at Pio Pico. So go look at them and enjoy. I am changing how I post by putting the newest one at the top. Let me know if you like it this way.... 


We left Jamal CA. Pio Pico park and drove to Menifee CA. Wilderness Lakes Park about 93 miles. Got here in good shape and got all set up for the next 2 weeks. Seems like a real nice place with lots of sites and nicely kept up. Has 2 pools and a store and lots of things to do. They have a cool canal running through it that you could fish for Cat Fish if you want to buy a permit for 10.00 a day..... We will be going to Sun City tomorrow to pick up some mail at the post office. Then maybe to the store for some things.

Monday, January 16, 2012

We are at Jamul Calif.


We arrived at Pio Pico RV Resort in Jamul Calif today. It was a nice drive from Yuma AZ. But the weather today was cool and cloudy with some light rain. Should be better tomorrow. This is a nice park but we are in the not so nice part. We have water and electric but no sewer. We will move later when they have room in the full hookup part maybe. Did not do much today but look around the park and get setup. Not sure if we will head to San Diego tomorrow or not. We are about 25 miles east of there.  Looks like real nice area to ride the bike.
Today we went to a Casino it was a trip put on by the park. We had a good time and of course I did not win but did not loos much. Yes Gloria Won again as always. Also went to a Pot Luck Dinner at the activity center. We did some walking around the park yesterday and just relaxed. Also talked to my nephew who in in the Marines in San Diego and will try to hook up with him on Sunday.

Yesterday we took the bike and rode to the coast at Chula Vista. It as a real nice ride but could have been a bit warmer (for Gloria). Got to see the Bay and road out of HWY 75 that has the bay on one side and the ocean on the other. Things sure have changed out here in Calif. You now have to pay to park and go to the beach. Hmmm what is this world coming to. But it was a great ride any way. Will post some pictures soon.
Today we move to a better site on the south side of the park. It has full hookup and more sun and much nice. So we will stay here till the 31st. Well all for now hope all our friends are having as great time as we are. Keep Gloria,s nephew Billy in your prayers and thoughts as he is going through a rough time right now.
Well yesterday it rained most of the day so we did not do much. Played some card and Bingo in the activity center. Today we went to San Diego to meet up with my Nephew Brandon for lunch. It was real nice seeing him again as it has been along time. He has been in the Marines for almost 2 years now and is doing good. Got to see his new car before his dad did and that was cool. Sure is a nice car for a sports car. We had a nice lunch at Applebees and then headed back to camp so Gloria could get the laundry done. Now that was fun. hehehe Guess it will rain again tomorrow then maybe it will be nice the rest of the week.
We have been out having a good time since I last wrote. Monday it rained all day so we just sat around and did nothing. Then on Tuesday we did a road trip to go shopping and pick up some things. Wednesday we went to to Casino again and this time I at least broke even and Gloria only lost a few buck. It was fun and we met some nice people from the park on the way. The weather has been great since Tuesday even a bit warm. Today we took the bike to the San Diego Zoo and that was great. Sure is a lot to see there. Sure was a lot of walking. Spent about 6 hours and still did not see everything. All for now hope everyone is having a good time.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Next stay is Arizona

We  left San Anitonio this morning and drove to Fort Stockton Texas where we will spent the night at Parkview RV park. Not a bad place but it is cheep. hahaha It is full hookup,Wifi and that is about all. We will leave here tomorrow morning and stay some place in New Mexico.
We made it to New Mexico just fine. We are camped for the night at a park Western Skys Rv Park in Vado NM. It aint much but it will do for the night. Will leave here in the morning for Benson Arizona for the night.
We made it to Benxon Arizona in good shape but a bit early as we forgot to change the clocks (back an hour). This is a nicer place and has cable so don't need to set up the dish. Tomorrow we will head to Casa Grande for a week. We can check out Gloria's house there.
We made it to Casa Grande AZ by noon and got set up in a nice pull through site. We will be here for a week then off to Yuma AZ. Got all unloaded and then wet shopping. Yes Gloria had to hit Wal Mart and try hard to clean them out. Then off to the food store for the real important things. Sure glad I have a big truck. Tomorrow I have to take the truck in to have the right front wheel seal replaced. Did the left one before I left Denver now the right let go. Not sure why both went out but will get it fixed.
We have been having a good time out here. The weather has been great. Days in the 70's nights in the 40's but guess it is going to cool down to the 60's the rest of the week. We even went swimming the other day I got the truck fixed and things there are good. We went to Gloria's the other day and found it needs some cleaning up. She found a guy who will clean all the weeds up and trim a tree and haul it all away. That will make it easier on us. I will do some of the other stuff, like put some screws in a shed roof as the wind had tried to pull up one side. Also need to fix a vent on the back of the house. Looks like the place has settled some so we need to find someone to re level it up again. Bristol like this place but mostly likes to go out at night to explore.Got the bike out and did some ridding and that was Great. The people here in the park are real friendly and we have met a bunch of them and some from Colorado.
Went to Gloria's place yesterday and the guy did a good job cleaning up the weeds and the tree. I tried to level up the door area some and at least got the back door to work good. Today we took the bike up the road  to the next town (Maricopa) and stoped at the casino t loose some money. It was a great ride and the weather was good. Also picked up a tire to Gloria's old bike she had at the house and I fixed that. No rest for the wicked. Will leave here the 12th for Yuma Arizona for 4 days.
Link to pictures:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/59538014@N04/sets/72157628878348035/

Well we are in Yuma Arizona at Yuma Lakes RV Resort. This is a 5 star park with over 800 sites. Pool, Hot Tub, and all sorts of other things to keep you busy. They also have a Cafe that has Breakfast and Dinner. We will have to try that out. People seem to be friendly and one guy even Gloria some lettuce. We will be here 4 days and even make a trip to Mexico. A bit cool here today only 64 with some wind but better than 35 and snow....
Ok Thursday we went to Los Algodones Mexico as Gloria could not find a Wal Mart close by. Was thinking I was going to have to leave her there as her Passport was expired but they let her back in any way.
We picked up some small things and had lunch and came back. It is a nice little town with lots of people trying to sell you something.. Yesterday we took the bike and went to the Yuma Territorial Prison that was built in the 1800's. They had a gun fight competition going on and that was great. Today we will just sit back and do nothing and get ready to head to Calif. in the morning.