Sunday, January 29, 2017

Such a great time


We had a great time here with our friends Lee and Elaine at there place in Yuma AZ. They were so nice to let us stay for two week. We have gone to several places with them and it was so fun. We took a trip to Quartzsite AZ to see all the RV stuff there for sale. Lots of RV's and tons of things for them. We were lucky to get out of there without buying much. Me and Gloria went to Algadones  Mexico where I got my teeth cleaned and a new pair of glasses. We also did some shopping. It has been fun and will look forward to being here again. You can click on the link above to see some of the pictures we took while here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Having a great time

We are having a great time here at our friends Lee and Elaine place. Weather has been ok but a bit windy at times. We drove to Castle Dome Mining town. It is a place that some people have saved the old buildings from Castle Dome mining town. It was a great place to see the history of the mining times. This place was started in 1868 and had some great Silver deposits.

We also went to the Yuma Quartermaster Depot another history area. It was a fun place to tour and see the history of the Army in Yuma. They think they have the oldest house in Yuma.

Oldest building in Yuma
We also went to Algadonus Mexico and did some shopping and I got my teeth cleaned and a new pair of Glasses. We have also gone out to dinner several times with our friends

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Here for two weeks

Well we left Tucson and drove to Casa Grande and stayed at Foothills West for 4 nights. We were going to see Gloria's brother Bill and his wife but they had to go back to Denver. So we just stayed at the park but did take a trip to look at Gloria's old house.  We left there yesterday and drove to Yuma AZ. and art staying at our friends Lee and Elaine's place for the next two weeks. It was so good seeing them again as it has been almost 2 years since the last time we got together. We will be doing some things around here but not sure what yet.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Had a good time here in Tucson


We will be leaving Tucson tomorrow morning. We had a great week here and got to see some nice things. First we went to see some friends we know who were staying in Huachuca AZ. Had a real nice time catching up on things and then went to lunch. When we left there we went to Fort Huachuca that started in 1877 and toured the museum. It was the home of the Buffalo Soldier.

The next day we took a drive to Mission San Xavier. It is a very beautiful mission that was first founded in 1692, It has been rebuilt several times and is still being restored. You can take a tour that tell all about the founder and the history of the mission.

Then we went to Sabino Canyon and took the shuttle to the top of the canyon and I walked the road 3.8 miles back. It is a very nice desert canyon with lots to see. Even got my feet wet on the walk back as the river runs over the road.

Then I took the bike up to Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. This is an animal park of sorts with all Sonoran Desert animals and lots of plants. It is a must see if you are in the area as there is so much to see here. I would love to do this one again.

We will be going to Casa Grande for 4 days then on the Yuma for two weeks with friends Lee and Elaine. Should be a great time for sure. As always I have added a link at the top so you can see most of the pictures we took there.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

On the move

Well we left Medina Lake TT Park this morning. Had a real nice time there as we always do. Even got to see some old friends before we left. Now we are on our way to Arizona. We are in Fort Stockton TX for the night and then off to Las Cruses NM. Then we will hit our first AZ stop. Tucson for a week. Will try to keep you all up on what we are doing as we do it.