Monday, March 30, 2015

Good times

We have not done too much but have been having a great time. The park is nice enough and I have been walking every morning looking for the Bobcats and have not seen any yet. Did see a Doe and two Fawns and this evening I saw an Owl.

I took the bike and rode up to the Hollister Historic Park and ended up getting a personal tour as I was the only one there. The grounds keeper took me around and told me about all the stuff they had there. Most of the farm equipment was donated by the ranches in the area. There were some sheds that you can look through the windows at the things inside but I got to go in and get a closer look. Also got to into the old bar. It was a great visit and lots of things to see.

These are Tea boxes from Occupied China.

Today we went to San Juan Bautista and went to the old Mission and the State Historic Park. That was great and so much to see and learn. The Mission San Juan Bautista was started in 1797 and had lots of things from its long history. There were several building in the State Park right next to the Mission that were great to go through. All well worth the time.

I will add lots more pictures before we leave on a link like I always do.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Moving north in Calif

We have moved to another one of our member camp grounds. We are now at San Benito TT park. It is in the Hollister CA area. We are close to Monterey and Santa Cruz. We will be here for two weeks and hope to see some of the sites we have not seen yet. The camp ground is older as are most of them and could use some upgrading but is nice enough. Weather should be good and in the low 70's. Bristol sure likes it here as there are lots of places he can walk and critters he can chase. There a Bobcat that lives in the park and we hope to see him and get some pictures. Will let you know if we do.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Still Here


We haven't done too much but have seen some things in the area. We went to Goleta just down the road on the coast to go to the store. But first we stopped by the Painted Cave to check it out. They were painted by the Chumash Indians. No time frame was mentioned but they think one of the drawings was of a Solar Eclipse back in 1677.

We then stopped by the Goleta beach to check it out. We still didn't find any shells but guess that is the way it goes in this area. It was a real nice beach and had great sand.

We haven't done much but stay around the park. I have taken several walks on the trails here in the park. They are great trails with lots of hill and good things to see. On Saturdays they have things going on for the campers. They have a small Rodeo where they show off the young bucking stock and how a Stock Dog works cattle. We have watched it twice and it was great both times.

Will add more to my pictures of the area. We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading north about 100 miles.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Having fun

The other day we took the bike and road to Santa Barbara and on the way we stopped at a tavern called Clod Springs Tavern. It was an old stage stop that was built in the 1890's. It looks the same as it did back then and a neat place to visit. They also have some good food.

Then it was off to the beach. The beach is real nice but there was not a shell in sight. Guess they don't wash a shore in that area. so we just looked around and enjoyed the weather. Then we went to the Santa Barbara Mission. It was started in 1789 and has a great museum. It was almost as good at the last one and had some different things to see.

Today we stayed around the park and did things here. It was a fun day and we enjoyed it lots.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

We moved

We left Palm Springs on Tuesday and drove 235 miles to the Santa Barbra area to stay at Rancho Oso TT Park. We have been wanting to come here as we had heard good things about this place. It is a working horse and cattle ranch. It is a nice place but has a old style look. We will be here for two weeks then heading north.
Yesterday we drove to Solvang about 20 miles up the road. It is a Danish style town and has lots of shops to go through. Also there are Danish Bakeries and yes we did stop at one and have a Danish. They were real good and everything look good. We also stopped at a mission on the way back. It is called Santa Ines Mission and was built in 1804. I took the waking tour and it was great. They had lots of things the 1800's. and told all about it history.
I will add a link later when I upload all my pictures of this area but here are several.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Still here in Palm Springs

We have been having a good time here in Palm Springs.  The weather has been great and have even had the AC on once so far. We have met up with more travelers that we have met  before and that was fun. I did get to go to Augustine's Casino and get my Lobster Fix. It sure was good but didn't win any money at the slots. the other day I had to get a new windshield for the Harley as the old one was getting bad. Nice to find one in this area.
We did take a drive back to see my Nephew Brandon and his wife Alex to see the new baby boy. Gee now I am a Great Uncle. He is such a cute Boy and is being very nice to his parents.

We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading to Santa Barbara CA. for our next two week stay.