Monday, November 28, 2011

Second stop in Texas

We arrived at our second stop today 11-28. We are at Lake Whitney Texas another Thousand Trails Park just outside Whitney Texas. This place is Big at over 400 acres and some 300 sites. We are in a nice spot whit trees all around. Verizon works in loop D good and in Loop B also but not as good. We will add more as the week goes on.
 I like this park but again not much to do outside the park. We have been to town to shop for food and will go see some of the sites today. Went down to the lake yesterday and it is ok but real low. Also took the bike and ran around the park as it is too big to walk it all. We even played a game of mini golf and I beat Gloria by one hole. Will post some pic's soon.
We took the bike for a ride around the area. Went to the Dam at Lake Whitney and took some pic's. Not much more to see around here. We have seen deer and a Road Runner but that is it. Yesterday we set up our Christmas tree and stockings. Hmmmm don't think Santa will find us but you never know. So far Bristol has left it alone but only time will tell. Had to work on the bike as it had no power to the ignition switch. Tracked down a bad relay and luck for me I had one. So it is running again! It is raining right now and only 52 degrees but guess it is better than snow and cold like they are getting back home. Guess it will be like this till we leave on Monday.


Monday, November 21, 2011

We are in Texas

Well we finally made it to our first long stop. We are at Lake Texoma Thousand Trailes Park in Texas.
Was a nice drive down here and the weather was good but cold. Now that we are here it is raining like cats and dogs. Should get better tomorrow. So far we like the park as the sites are large and have full hookups. Checked out the Family Center and it was real nice and even has a cafe. Will add more when we have more to say.
Happy Thanksgiving. Well Gloria is going to cook up a Turkey Breast and all the other stuff and we will be eating around 1. So if you are around just stop by and have some. It is nice around here but not much to do. We went to Gainsville yesterday to go to the Zoo but we were too late. Found out they close a 4PM so just went to Wal Mart and picked up some things. We also picked up 2 Fold up Bikes from some people from Canada for a real good price. Wow trying to ride a bike without a motor is hard. I have not been on one in longer than I can remember. But I am doing ok. Gloria needs some work on the leg muscles but is doing good too. Sure glad this park is mostly flat. Have not taken any Pictures as of yet so dont look for any. Will try to get some of the area but not much to see.

Try this link to get to pictures at Lake Texoma Texas: