Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not doing much

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We are still in Blaine but not doing much. Seeing as the traffic getting across the border is so bad we are staying on this side. We have taken some short drives around the area and seeing some nice things. The park we are at is full right now as all the Canadians come here for the weekends. Some of them are friendly but most are standoffish. There big reason to be here is it is much cheaper than up there. We had some good rain yesterday and they sure needed it. Guess it has not rained here in July at all and just a touch in Aug. We leave here on the 3rd. and head to Monroe WA. for a week and then start the drive to Denver. Looking forward to seeing all our friends there. We will be hooking up with friends in Monroe that we have met on our travels. That should be fun as always.

Friday, August 23, 2013

We are in Blain Washington

We made it to Blain Washington on Wednesday and got set up in a real nice park with large sites. Didn't do much yesterday but go shopping and get things we needed.
Today we decided we would go to the Vancouver Aquarium. Real bad IDEA. We took the bike and the traffic in Vancouver was the worst I have ever seen. Also getting through the Border was no great thing either. Not something you should ever do on a bike. The Aquarium was ok but we have been to better. The trip home was just as bad but the boarder was allot worse. Seems that all Canadians come to the US to shop on Friday. Wow it took us over a half and hour to get through.  Think maybe Canada should hire some of the Traffic Engineers from the US as the ones they have there have no CLUE. Don't know how the people up there put up with it. I would never recommend any one going there EVER I know I wont.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting ready to move again

We will be moving tomorrow about 60 miles north. We will be staying in Blain WA. for two weeks. It is right close to the border of Canada.
Yesterday we took the bike and rode to Deception Pass. I guess the deception is it is a set of two bridges and not a Pass like I thought. It was a good ride and a nice place to see. We then went on to Oak Harbor and went to Ron and Jan's house to see there new Motor Home. It was real nice and hope we will be able to meet up again with them. When we got back Bud and Sue came by and asked us to come over for a visit. We had a great time as it is always nice to chat with all the people we meet on our travels.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy day Yesterday.

Got the idea that washing and waxing the rig would be a good idea. Hmmm what was I thinking. Took most of the day but I have to admit it looks good. Also had friend stop by to say Hi. Ron and Jan who we met in Palm Springs drove over from Oak Harbor to say Hi and hope we can make it to there place today. Also Bud and Sue that we met in Long Beach stopped by and said they were here too. So we will try to hook up before we leave. So it was a busy and fun day. Just wondering why when there is work to be done all my friends out there are no place to be found........hehehehehe

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just having fun

We have just been enjoying the Park. It is real nice here. Weather has been nice since we got here. Rain on the first day but mostly sun after that. We even got Gloria on the Harley for a short ride. She did great and now we can try a longer one maybe tomorrow. Sure was nice to ride again. This afternoon a guy that comes into the park named Charlie came by and sells Live Crabs. Well you know me I had to get what he had left. He only had 3 but that was good enough. Gloria cooked them up and I finished off one and a half for them. He is going to come by on Monday and we can have some more as he only sells them for $5.00 ea. We will freeze what is left for later. Gloria and I have been busy picking Block Berries and filling up the freezer with them so she can make stuff later.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Moved Again

Ok we left Chehalis and drove 176 miles north to La Conner WA. Got all set up and guess what I started to rain. Not hard but steady. They need the rain here as they have not had any all for a month. the park we are at is on an Indian Reservation. It is also is right on the Puget Sound. So we can go swimming if we want to. hahaha We will be here for a week then north again. Will post more as time goes on.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cool Place

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Yesterday we took a day trip to Mount ST. Helens. This is a great place to see History. We went up to the National Volcanic Monument. From there you can see the site of the eruption. Wow that thing sure blew out. It is called the Johnston Observatory and is the exact place where Robert Johnston was killed. It is only 5 miles from the mountain and the area was completely destroyed. There is a Ranger talk that tells the whole story. We got some great pictures and will post them soon. If you are ever in the area it is a must see.
We also stopped at the Jackson House that was on the north south Oregon Trail and found a good Mexican Restaurant called Los Pepe's.
Weather here has been good the last few day with warm temps and sun. But rain is in the future. I did get out and get some Blackberries for Gloria so she can make some Cobbler.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Park New Sites

Well we have moved again. We left Oceana TT Park and drove east to Chehallis WA. We are at the Chehales TT park for the next week. And wouldn't you know it when you go east you run into sun. Sure is nice to see it again. Around 70 here and seems to be a nice park. Will update as soon as I have more to say.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not our most favorite Place

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Well it has been cloudy and foggy most of the time here. Got to see the sun a bit yesterday and Gloria was real happy. There is not much to do around here so most of the time we have going to the beach. But today we went to the Olympic Rain Forest and it was great. But first one the way we went to two Fish Hatchery's that raise Salmon for restocking.  Once in the Park there are lots of things to see and trails to walk. We got to see the worlds largest Spruce and Cedar Tree. There is also Washington's largest 1200 year old red Cedar. There is also Water Falls and lots of Plants. It is a great drive and well worth the time. We spent most of the day just walking and driving.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Move again

We left Sea View yesterday and drove 90 miles north to Ocean City WA. This is the last stop on the Ocean. We will be here a week then north east. The park is small with not much to do in the park. but the Rain Forest is up the road some 30 miles. The beach is about 300yds. from our camp site and is real nice. It is over cast as always and we hope it will clear some time. I will post more as time goes on.