Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Update from Denver

Well we are having a good time here in Denver. We have both seen our doctors and we are ok if you can believe a guy who is practicing. Seen lots of our friends and family so far and have gone out to dinner and a party too. I even found a newer truck to replace the old Chevy. It is a 06 Dodge Dakota and is in good shape. Gloria sold her Van and got a good price for it. Now all I have to do is sell the Chevy and we will be in good shape to leave on the 14th. Bristol is having a good time here too. He loves to go out and walk at night in the park. He also like to see his puppy friends that have come by to see him. I have to admit coming home is hard work. Seems we have been running all the time. Will post more as time goes on.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Ok we made it to Denver on Sat. with little to no trouble. Even though there were signs up all along the Hwy in Wyoming saying all road to Colo. were closed. I did find a way in and saw lots of destruction from the flood waters. We are staying at an old RV Park called Flying Saucer RV Park. We will be here for a month and then head for Florida in a  round about way. We have been able to see some of our friends already and it is was fun. Have lots to do here so will get with it and try to keep you up dated. I have my schedule for our trip south and will try to post it soon.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On our Way

We left Monroe WA yesterday heading for Denver and drove to Hermiston OR spent the night at a park we have stayed at before. Pioneer RV Park and it is a real nice place for a PA (half off Park). We left there this morning and drove to Huntington OR. and are at another PA park called Catfish Junction. Nice place too. Will leave tomorrow morning and hit a place in Idaho then on to Rawlins WY then DENVER. Hope to se all our friends there.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still in Monroe WA

We have just been staying around the park and enjoying ourselves. There isn't too much to see and do around the area. But we have had friends (Lonnie and Betty)  here and we have been seeing them most days. We have gone out to eat several times and enjoyed that lots. We said good bye to them today as they are heading home tomorrow. We will miss them as we wont see them for two years when we get back from the east coast. It rained yesterday and some this morning but it is clear now and should be nice the rest of the week. That will be nice for our trip back to Denver. Haven't taken allot of pictures of the area but did take some of the park and the river.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last week out then heading for Denver

We left Blaine WA this morning in the rain and drove 100 miles south to Monroe WA. We are staying at Thunderbird TT RV Park for the week. Seem to be a real nice park but haven't seen it all yet. We got a spot over looking the Skykomish River. Got set up fast as I thought it may rain again but it didn't. Friend of our that we have met in several places along the way came over. It was nice to see Betty and Lonnie and they stay and chatted for awhile Then they took us to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We liked the food but they said it had changed some what. Well time to walk the cat and get ready for bed. Will post more as time goes on.