Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We moved again

We left Mennifee CA on Sunday and drove to Palm Springs. It was only 84 miles away just over the hill. Got here and all set up early. We were here last year and liked it so we are back again for 2 weeks. The weather here is real nice and will be getting up to the 80's this week. Just been walking around the park and meeting people we have seen before. Met up with Lee and Elaine that we knew from last year. they just came up from 3 months in Mexico. Also met with Lonnie and Betty that we saw again in Wilderness. We all got together last night for Happy Hour at Lee's RV. It was fun just catching up. Gloria did Water Aerobics Monday and got a little bit of a Sunburn not bad but she is pink. Will post more as time goes on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Still in Menifee CA

Time for an update. Still here and having fun. Took the Bike out for a ride to Idllywild but did not go all the way there as it got cold and there was snow on the road. But was a nice ride anyway. We are still shooting Pool and doing better and having fun. Cold here today and rain last night. But will warm up soon. Met up with our friends Jack and Donna and had a nice chat. We said good buy this morning to Brian and Phyllis that we met here and will try to meet up with again next year as they are heading east now. We keep running into people we have met through our travels. It is always nice to chat with them and see where we all have been. We will be leaving here on the 24th and going to Palm Springs for two weeks. Should be nice there too. Gloria did the craft sale last Saturday and sold some of her necklaces. Now there are people tracking her down from other parks we have been. So much for a Hobby. Gloria bought a coat for Bristol that he seems to like.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We are having fun

Well we have been here for a bit over a week and are loveing it. For Rob and Ann we did Yellow Basket and it was as good as last year. Guess it cant get better. Weather has been ok but it did cool off to the high 50's for a few days and rained for one. Cant have great weather all the time. It is back up to the 70's how for awhile. Since we have been here I got involved in playing Pool. It has been years since I have done it and I am real rusty. But have been having fun and they have a tournament of a kind every day. I even got Gloria to start playing. Right now they are playing there yearly Tournament here and I am trying it. I started the 9 ball side of it today. Dont extect to do all that good but am having fun. Gloria and I will shoot the Jack and Jill side of it on Friday. Will let you know how we do.

Monday, February 4, 2013

We have moved again

We left Pia Pico in Jamul Calif. this morning and drove north about 90 miles to Menifee Calif. We set up camp in Wilderness TT Park. We were here last year and like this park enough to come back this year. It is a real nice place with lots of sites and people. We are camped close to one of the Canals that run through the park. There are lots of Ducks and Geese around the water and Bristol is not too sure of them. Ran into our friends Lonnie and Betty that we saw earlier. Got to chat with them and see there new Motor Home. It is real nice and glad the got it. They leave here tomorrow and we will see them again at Palm Spring. We have great phone and Internet service here so I can post more and put up some pictures of our last stop. The weather is great here right now but will cool off later this week to about 60. Will post more as time goes on.