Monday, December 19, 2011

We are farther west in Texas

We left Lake Conroe and made it to Lake Medina Texas just outside Pipe Creek. We hit some rain on the way (makes sense as I washed the truck and trailer yesterday) but not too bad. Got here about 1 PM and set up our site. First things Bristol did was go hunting a Deer. There are tons of them around here as people feed them all the time. Will post some pictures of them later. It was around 68 today and the rain stayed away. More Later.

11-22 Well we have just been staying around the park as the weather has been a bit cool. Rained most of last night. Sure hope ther people down here in Texas say thanks to us for bringing the rain they need so bad. Sure enjoying this park as it is real nice and the people are real frendly. Today we went to a place called Natural Bridge Caverns and it was great. Will post pictures so you all can enjoy them like we did. Gloria went with me on the first Cavern toure but stayed behind on the second as it was a tough climb. Wow was it nice to see all the stuff. Will be doing the River Walk in San Antonio next week but not Sea World as we think the one in San Deigo is better.
Well today is Christmas  and we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas from Medina Lake Texas. The sun is out but still cool around 59 today. We will be having dinner at the activity Center with the people from the park at noon. Should be a good time. Then we will just sit around or nap and let the great dinner settle.

Mission San Jose

Mission Concepcion

The Alamo

Today was a nice day as the temp got up into the high 60's. We went into San Antonio to go to the Missions and the River Walk. First we stopped at Mission San Jose, It is a very large mission and great to go through. Then we stopped at Mission Concepcion, this one is smaller but just as nice and worth the stop. There are several more in the area but we did not go the them. We ended up at the Alamo and that was great except you could not take any picture in the mission. But nice to be in such a famous place. Then walked to the River Walk and took a boat ride along the walk. Not allot of shops but a ton of restaurants. The boat ride was nice as you get to see allot of the history of San Antonio. Then back to camp for dinner. Have to admit parking the big truck down town was not easy but we did finally find a spot. Glad we had a GPS...... will put some pictures up soon of these places.

Happy New Year to all our friends and family. Hope you new year is the best yet. We will be going out to the Activity center for awhile tonight to do some celebrating. Tomorrow we will start getting things ready to travel on Monday for Arizona. We have met some Great people here and have fun with them. Lee and Elaine even took us to the Mexican Market in San Antoino. It is lots of fun to walk around and look at all the cool stuff. They are from the same area I grew'up and live in Calif. We also met Rob and Ann and there cat Chloe and there friends Willie and Linda. And lots of others people from all over the country.

We had a great time at the New Years Party. There were allot of people there and all had a blast. We did not stay till midnight but came home to watch it on TV. Got the trailer ready to travel tomorrow and will leave around 9AM.


Monday, December 12, 2011

We are at our next stop in Texas

Well we left Lake Conroe this morning and headed south to Colorado River park, We stopped at Camping World in Katy Texas to pick up some things. It is a very large store and was nice to check out.  Then to Columbus Texas where Colorado River Park is. Got all set up and took Bristol out for a short walk. He seems to like it here much more than the other place. There are lots of deer running around this park. So far we like it here as the park is easy to get around on foot. It is a smaller park but nice all the came.
Been having a nice time here. weather has been Ok. Nights are cool and the days have been cloudy and some rain. but today it was up to 80+ and sun most of the day. But it is cloudy right now and no rain so far.  Guess we should not complain as they really need rain here. Every thing is dead or dieing due to the lack of rain. The Colorado River (Texas had to have their's too) is down some what. been out walking allot and have taken the pedal bike out but not the Harley. Been to the store and out to lunch twice in Columbus. They have a Whataburger here and it is good. It is nice to just relax and not have to do any thing at a certain time. We will just hang out here and on Monday we will leave for Medina Lake (our next stop) down by San Antonio for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arived at our next stop

We Left Lake Whitney yesterday and arrived at Lake Conroe in Willis TX. It was a wet drive with drizzle most of the way. Got set up OK and took a look around the park. Today it is cool at only 50 for a high but no rain. We are going to town to do some shopping and stuff. Should be warming up here on Thursday. Went to Willis and picked up mail and then to Conroe and went shopping. Wow almost didnt have room in the truck for all the stuff Gloria got.
Haven't been doing much as the weather has been cold. Hell haven't even taken the bike off the truck. We have been to the family center several time as Gloria wanted to do crafts with others. We have been for a walk or two and I have rode my little bike around the park. Went down to the boat dock but it is out of the water so far no one can use it. Guess the lake is down some 30 feet right now.Staff here is real friendly and so are most of the people staying here. wanted to wash the truck and trailer as they got real dirty getting here in the rain. But seeing as they are in a water shortage guess that will have to happen later. Today we are going to dinner with Gloria's ex daughter in law down in Conroe at the Cracker Barrel.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Second stop in Texas

We arrived at our second stop today 11-28. We are at Lake Whitney Texas another Thousand Trails Park just outside Whitney Texas. This place is Big at over 400 acres and some 300 sites. We are in a nice spot whit trees all around. Verizon works in loop D good and in Loop B also but not as good. We will add more as the week goes on.
 I like this park but again not much to do outside the park. We have been to town to shop for food and will go see some of the sites today. Went down to the lake yesterday and it is ok but real low. Also took the bike and ran around the park as it is too big to walk it all. We even played a game of mini golf and I beat Gloria by one hole. Will post some pic's soon.
We took the bike for a ride around the area. Went to the Dam at Lake Whitney and took some pic's. Not much more to see around here. We have seen deer and a Road Runner but that is it. Yesterday we set up our Christmas tree and stockings. Hmmmm don't think Santa will find us but you never know. So far Bristol has left it alone but only time will tell. Had to work on the bike as it had no power to the ignition switch. Tracked down a bad relay and luck for me I had one. So it is running again! It is raining right now and only 52 degrees but guess it is better than snow and cold like they are getting back home. Guess it will be like this till we leave on Monday.


Monday, November 21, 2011

We are in Texas

Well we finally made it to our first long stop. We are at Lake Texoma Thousand Trailes Park in Texas.
Was a nice drive down here and the weather was good but cold. Now that we are here it is raining like cats and dogs. Should get better tomorrow. So far we like the park as the sites are large and have full hookups. Checked out the Family Center and it was real nice and even has a cafe. Will add more when we have more to say.
Happy Thanksgiving. Well Gloria is going to cook up a Turkey Breast and all the other stuff and we will be eating around 1. So if you are around just stop by and have some. It is nice around here but not much to do. We went to Gainsville yesterday to go to the Zoo but we were too late. Found out they close a 4PM so just went to Wal Mart and picked up some things. We also picked up 2 Fold up Bikes from some people from Canada for a real good price. Wow trying to ride a bike without a motor is hard. I have not been on one in longer than I can remember. But I am doing ok. Gloria needs some work on the leg muscles but is doing good too. Sure glad this park is mostly flat. Have not taken any Pictures as of yet so dont look for any. Will try to get some of the area but not much to see.

Try this link to get to pictures at Lake Texoma Texas:

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well we are getting ready again. We will be leaving mid November and heading to Texas first. We will be running around Texas till after Jan. 1. Then off to Arizona for a short time in Casa Grande for a week. Then off to Southern Calif. and then back to Denver some time in March. We are looking forward to the trip and hope you will all follow us and enjoy our Pic's.

11-18-2011 Ok we hit the road today around 10:30 AM and drove to Seibert CO. Only about 140 miles but it was far enough to make sure all was in good shape. Tomorrow we will go to Assaria KS. for the night. We are at a park called Shady Grove and it is a nice place for a stop over.

11-19-2011 Well we are in Assaria KS just outside Salina in Lakeside RV Park. We drove about 300 miles today and head south tomorrow for 200 miles to Oklahoma. This Park is real nice I would bet in the summer but right now it is cold out (35) and cloudy.

11-20-2011 Ok today we made it to Guthrie OK. and it is still cold out here but some what warmer. 45 for a high Guess the cool is following us. Tomorrow we will head to our first long stop at Lake Texoma in north Texas. We will be there for a week. We are at Cedar Valley RV Park and it is a nice place.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Road Back Home

Well it is 8-17-2011 and we are starting our long way back home. Wish we could have stayed out longer but all things have to come to and end for now. Sure did not want to leave our new friends we met at Paradise Cove as they were great. We left at around 9 AM. and drove south to Tillamook where we picked up HWY. 6 to Portland then to HWY.84 to HWY.82 where we stoped for the night after driveing 286 miles at Pioneer RV Park. Real clean park for the price. (ckeck reviews) Will leave here in the AM. and go north to HWY.90
8-18-2011 Well we headed out at 9am this morning and drove to Kellogg ID. where we stayed at a  park not to be mentioned. It was billed as a Passport America park but when we got there they had dropped the membership. So it cost us full price and that was way too much for this place. They told us they were going out of business and I can see why. Ok for one night but should be marked off the map. We will leave here in the AM and head to Montana for the next night. Learned to call ahead to see what all -is right with the Books and Internet on the parks.
8-19-2011 Ok we are in Garrison MT. for the night. We left Kellogg at around 8 AM.  and got here around 12:30 with the time change. we are at River Front RV park and it is a ton better than the last place. Has everything and is real nice. We will leave here in the AM for Reed Point.
8-20-2011 Well today we left River Front and headed to Old West RV Park in Reed Point. Only about 235 miles. It is a nice place and nice people running it. Met a bunch of people who belong to the Escapees Club two of them were Roger and Missy Pierce and had a nice time talking to them (about 15 of them) and learned allot about there club. Wish I could remember the names of the rest but you all know my all timers. hehe May join some day in the future. Will leave early tomorrow as we have a long drive to Sturgis about 375 miles.
8-21-2011 We left early at 7AM and got to Sturgis around 2 PM with a stop at the Little Big Horn Monument. Sure was nice to see some of the artifacts and the grave stones and all the stuff there. Would have been nice to spend the day there and walk the trails of the battle field. Sturgis RV Park is nice but real open and no shade. Yes it is hot here..... The town is dead now that the rally is over but did check out the Knuckle Head Saloon and have a beer or two. Hope to get to Deadwood tomorrow and lose some money... Ok Win some money.

8-23-2011 Well we did go to Deadwood and just did the tourist thing. Tried the slots some but came out OK. Did the ride to Spearfish and up the canyon sure was a nice ride. We left Sturigs This morning for the short drive to Rapid City. We are staying at our new home here in South Dakota. That would be Americas Mail on Americas way. This is a mail service that gives us a permanent address here and residency in South Dakota. They have a small trailer park for us to stay in. We ran over to Cabelas as I had never been to one. It was nice but not all that great. Tomorrow I will go get my South Dakota drivers license and maybe the next day will do the tourist thing.. Link to Pictures around here::

8-25 Today we took a bike trip to Reptile Gardens and spent about 3 hours just looking at the Gators and Snakes. What a place to see all the stuff you would never see. Left there and went to Mount Rushmore and had a great time just looking at all the history. We also went to a place called Ft.Hays where some of the movie Dances with Wolves was filmed. Neat place with all the old time stuff. Sure was a hot ride back to the trailer. Link to Pictures of  Reptile Gardens and Rushmore:

8-26 Today we took the bike to Custer State Park. Now that was a great ride. Will have pictures on the site soon. The road to the park was cool with some real tight turns and some that go full circle. Also had some great tunnels to go through. Would not want to have tried to get the trailer through them. Once in the park we saw some Buffalo's but not as many as I would have thought. Alos saw some Burros and some Antelope also a Deer. Then we hit the Needles Hwy and that was great too. Some great rocks and tunnels and some good pictures. Was a great ride and would advise all to do it. Will leave tomorrow morning with a stop in Wyo. for the night then home. Bummer as we have had a great time. Well I have, you may have to as Gloria. hahaha Yes she did too. Link to Picture here:

8-28 Well our First extended trip is over. We left South Dakota the 8-27 and headed home. We spent the night in Lusk Wyo. and then finished the drive home. We have a ton of things to do around the house like weed and get all the things that were destroyed during the hail storm. We will head out again some time in Nov. or Dec. and head down south we hope. So keep in touch and we will do the same.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rockaway Beach OR. Paradise Cove

Got to Paradise Cove at Rockaway Beach early 8-10 with no trouble at all. Park is nice but not as nice as we have been use to. We did not do much today just set up and sat around and watched the bay and the people bring in there fish and crab.
We took the bike out and went to a meat smoke house where Len got some beef sticks that he loves.... Also went to the Maritime Museum in Geribaldi. It was interesting and would advise the stop. Also went to Rockaway Beach but not much there. Also took the bike north up the coast towards Sea Side just to see what was up that way. Got some nice pictures of the coast. Was a great ride.
Today we went to the Tillamook County Fair. It was a good time. We watched a horse race, checked out exhibits and lots of animals. I even had 2 scoops of Tillamook Ice Cream and that was real good.
When we got back to the trailer our neighbor gave us two small crabs that they had cooked and you guessed it Len had them right then. And no Gloria did not want any..... I Have Posted some new Pictures on the web too if you haven't looked lately.
Saturday one of the guys we met (Herman) ask if I would like to go fishing with him on Monday. I of course said yes as it was my birthday and that would be a great gift. Had also met Allen and his family and he needed some minor work done on his boat and asked if I could do it. I did and he ran me up to the store to get my license. He also wanted to know if I would like to go fishing with him on Tuesday and again I said Yes. So on Monday Herman and I went fishing for Salmon but didn't catch any but sure did like it and learned a lot. On Tuesday Allen, Marv and I went out early but we put out crab pots first then went fishing. We did not catch any Salmon in the morning so went back and checked the pots. Wow there was lots in them and limited out. Brought them back to the dock and Gloria and Sonja cooked and cleaned all 24 of them. We went back out fishing and Marv caught a Silver Salmon. Said it was a small one but to me it was Hugh. I didn't catch any fish but sure had a great time.
We are leaving 8-17 to start working our way home. 
Link to Pictures around Paradise Cove:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pacific City OR.

We arrived at Pacific City Resort 8/3/2011 and found a full hookup site. It was the only one left so we were lucky. It is a nice site but there is no phone service for Verizon and the air card does not work either. So we have to us the Wifi at the club house. Park is spread out all over the place and is hard to walk as there are some bad hills. From where we are camped you have to drive to the club house as it is some distance away.
We went to Pacific City for a look around. It is about all you can do right around here. Stopped at the Pelican Pub as friends said we should. It was a nice place and that makes its own beer. Found one I liked but that was about all. We had lunch there too but it was nothing to right home about. High priced and taste was about average. Watched one Dory boat come in and that was a kick. As they head for the beach at full speed and run the boat as far up the sand as they can. Then the load them on a trailer and off they go.
Ran to Tillamook on the bike to run around and had a good time. Went to the cheese factory and did the tour and had some ice cream. Also went to the Air Museum and if you like old planes it would be great. I liked it but not really into planes. Also got two new tires on the front of the Freightliner as the old ones were not in good shape. Also went to Fred Meyers to stock up on Beer and food.
Also spent some time at the beach watching the Dory boats come in. That was real cool to see more than one do it. They sure are fast at getting them on the sand and loaded and gone. Seen some real nice fish and crabs in the boats. No they didn't offer any to us. Bummer.... Also found a place on the north end of the beach that had rocks covered with Barnacles and Mussels. That was nice but you cant take any live ones off the rocks. We did find some dead ones that we could have.
We left 8-10 and drove 45 miles to our next stop.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Newport Oregon

Well I am trying something new and we will see how it goes. Going to use a different page for every location. We are in Newport Oregon at Whaler Rest RV park. We got here 7/27 and will leave 8/3 for Pacific City Oregon. Weather has been nice (at least for me) in the 60's and not much wind except for at the beach. We had to take the Harley to Lincoln City to get a new starter and they were the only ones who had one. Yes they only break down when you are away from home and you can't fix it yourself. So I had them do it for me. We also went to the beach across the HWY from the park. It was windy and cool (ok cold for Gloria) found some shells and small agates.

Gloria also found a fossilized Clam.

Went to Hartfield Marine Science Center and saw a burch of new things. They even had a new Octopus that we were lucky to watch eat. They only feed her 3 times a week. The web site to watch her is

 Did some shopping at Fred Meyers and went to Agate beach to see what all was there and didn't see much bet the weather was much better. Met John and Sissy at South Jetty RV park and they came to Whalers Rest the same time we did. We had some good chats and some nice drinks. John gave us some fresh caught Tuna and we put it on the grill as I have never had it and yes it was good. Bristol also thought it was great. We also me Jim and Nancy, cool people from Oregon. They also gave us some Halibut and we will be cooking that soon. Sure are a lot of good people around the camping scene.  Sat night we went to a Cave Man party and it was lots of fun.
Well left Whalers Rest yesterday 8/3 and drove to Pacific City Resort. Sure hated leaving as we had a great time. But all good things have to come to an end and this place is nice too.

Monday, June 27, 2011

On the move again

Well we left the sweat box of Vegas 6-26 and drove to Carson City. Decided to stay at the Gold Dust RV Park. It is an OK place. We will visit Lake Tahoe and Virgina City before heading to my brothers place in Auburn Calif. on the 29th.

7-1 We made it to my brother Craigs place ok and we are just vegging right now. We did go to Lake Tahoe on the bike and it was great. Gloria and never seen it and was impressed. We also did Virgina City and it was nice too but a lot Central City before the gambling. We will be here till the 6th then off to the Coast.

7-8 We left my brothers on 7-6 and headed to Willits Calif to spend two nights at Sleepy Hollow RV Park. It was just a basic park with no tv,cable or cell signal but it was full hookup and nice to see. We took a bike ride to Fort Bragg to see the ocean and some seals and some real nice county side.
We left there 7-8 and got to Klamath River RV park Calif. Seems like a real nice place and we will be here for 7 nights. We even got to see two whales, a mother and her calf. They are in the Klamath River right now. Got some good pic's of them.  Will be heading out tomorrow to see the Redwoods.

7-15 Well we have left Klamath River and had a great time. Took the bike out on several trips to see the Redwoods. They are so great and sure are big. We left this morning and drove up the coast to Port Orford OR. We are staying in a small park close to the ocean. Not much room in here but they have full hookups, cable and wifi. What more could ask for? Well I did. I was talking to the guy who runs the place about getting a crab. He said right now I could not get one but he said he could. So he went to the dock and picked up 2 live ones for us and brought them back and showed me how to clean them. Yes I leaned to keep my finger away from the claws as one latched on to my finger. And yes it hurts. We will be here till 7/18 when we head for Coos Bay for 2 days.

7-18 Well we left Port Orford OR. and drove to Coos Bay OR. about 60 miles north. Had a good time in Port Orford as it is a small fishing town. Not much to see and do but we did get to the Coast Guard Museum and that was cool. Also went to Cape Blanco light house and did the tour to the top. It is the only working light house in Oregon. Also went to the dock and watched them pull boats out of the water. All boats have to be removed from the water as it is safer for them. Wind there can get over 100 mph. We are staying at a park called Midway RV  Park. It is nice with big sites. On our way here we saw a Super WalMart and had to stop and load up on food. Also saw a Papa Murphy's and I just had to stop and get a pizza fix. Will leave here 7-20 and head for Florence OR.

7-21 Ok we left Coos Bay yesterday and made the short trip to Florence OR. with no trouble at all. Got here to South Jetty RV Park and got checked in  and set up. Found this park to be real nice as it is in the trees and the sites are big. Today we took the bike on a short ride to the Sea lion Cave and that was great also went to the dock in Florence. Posted some pic's so you all can see them. We also took the bike to the end  of South Jetty road. It stops at the ocean and was a nice place to view the waves and look for shells. Sure was windy as I am told it is most of the time. Had trouble getting the bike to start and figured out the starter was going bad. Tried to find one in Florance but none to be had. Found one in Lincoln and will go up there when we get to Newport. Met some nice people in camp Tom and his wife and John and Sissy and others I cant remember there names. Played Bingo on Friday night and Gloria won a measuring cup and I won the black out for a $5.00 Subway gift card. like this camping thing as my luck is better :-)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First trip is set up

Well we have decided to set the date for our first trip. We will leave Lakewood June 14 2011. First stop is Beaver Utah for one night then on to Las Vegas to see my friend Buba. We will be there for 10 days at the Thousand Trails Park. Then we will be off to Carson City Nevada for a few days. Then off to my brothers place in Auburn Calif for a short visit (not sure how long we can stand each other) :-). Then we will head for the coast and north. Will post more as we go. Should be out for 2 to 3 months.

Ok Gloria retired 6-10 and we left for our trip 6-14. First stop was Flying U RV Park in Joseph Utah for the night. Then off to Vegas. Got to 1000Trailes park about 11:00AM and the temp was 98 but got up to 111 at my trailer. Sure is hot here. Will be here for 10 days so Len can visit with his sick friend Buba and play a little. We will add more if we dont melt. Thsi is a link to pictures around here: 
Well got to visit my friend Buba twice. He knew I was there but could not talk. He Passed away on Wednesday the 22nd from cancer. He will be missed by all that knew him. But he is in a better place and out of pain. We will be leaving on Sunday the 26th. and not a minute too soon. Sure has been hot, in the 100+