Thursday, January 30, 2014

Margaritas today

Today was a wet and rainy day so we took the truck to Key West FL to take care of one of Gloria's bucket list things. We went to Jimmy Buffets Margaretville and had lunch and of course a Margareta. It sure was a good lunch and a great time and of course Gloria is happy.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Moved again farther South

We left FT Myers on Monday morning and drove about 250 miles south to Big Pine Key. We are at the Sunshine Key RV Resort. It is about 30 miles from Key West. It is a nice park just glad our membership lets us stay here for 23.00 a night instead of the 100.00 they charge others. Yesterday we took the bike to Key West just to see what all was around. There isn't lots to see there but there is some nice stuff. We first went to Fort Zachery Tayler State Park. It is an old fort that was built 1845 and was held by the Union all through the Civil War and never attacked. Nice place to go through and see what all was there. It was upgraded through the years but abandoned 1947. It is now part of a State park with beaches and all that stuff.
We then rode around the town and went to the southern most point in the US. Ok big deal but at least we can say we have been there. Then off for more ridding to Key Deer Wildlife Refuge.The Key Deer are on the endangered list. They are a bit on the small side in size but are doing good again here in this area. Then to a place called the Blue Hole. It is a fresh water pond with fish, birds and Alligators. Kind of nice to walk into and see. Then off again to the Bahia Honda State Park. It is on the ocean side and has great beach access with real nice sand and warmer water. That was a fun day but last night it rained real hard so we didn't do much today at all.
Bahia  Honda State Park

Blue Hole Park

Iguana at the Fort 

Key West Florida

Just ridding along

Friday, January 24, 2014

Still having a great time.

Took a Casino Cruise yesterday and had a great time. We took the Big M curies from FT Myers beach. The cost is real good at $10.00 but with a coupon it is only $5.00 and you go out for 6 hours in the Gulf. I was lucky and won $40.00 but Gloria wasn't so lucky and lost that much. So guess we did ok. The weather was a bit cool but the waves were not bad at all. The ship was 162 feet long so there was plenty of room for all. Will have to do that again if we are ever out this way again. Tonight we will be going to dinner with our friend Lloyd and Dianna at Bert's. It is a local pub with all the fish you can eat on Fridays. Should be fun.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Having fun in FT Myers

We got to Ft Myers Thursday the 16th. We are in a Encore park called Gulf Air. We are about 4 miles from FT Myers Beach just over the bridge. The park isn't much and not sure I would stay here again as it is small and tight. We have gone to FT Myers beach twice and spent time on the beaches there. Also to Lovers Key State Park and like it allot. Have picked up some shells and thing like that. We also went to Sanibel Island and toured it. There is a light house there or should I say a big light on a pool with a nice beach too. Also there is a wildlife state park that went to that has lots of birds to see. We met up with a friend from Denver that lives here named Lloyd and his wife Dianna the other day and spent time with them. They showed us some of the better place in this area to go to. Today a friend of Gloria's will be coming by to see us from Naples should be a nice visit.

Some of the shells on the beach

Lloyd and Dianna

Sanibel Light House

Bridge to Sanibel Island

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Before we left Wauchula


No I am not running the boat but that would be cool.
We had a great time at Peace River and will come back soon. Before we left we did get to do an Air Boat ride. We went to Fred's Bar in Sebring FL. with Lee and Elaine. You have to go to the bar to get to the ride and that was just great to me. The ride was all it was cracked up to be and even better. We go to see Alligators, Birds, Turtles and even a snake crossing the river. Learned that Alligators sun them selves to digest there food. The ride took us through swamps with little to no water but the air boat goes over any thing and did. It was lots of fun.
We also had time to go Fossil hunting in the Peace River for Shark Teeth that are around 10 million years old. That was lots of fun and we did find some nice ones and even and alligator tooth.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Having lots of fun

Ok we have been doing some running around here in Wauchula. the other day we went with friends Andy and Chris to Solomons Castle. It is an art gallery type place where the guy has all his stuff displayed. He makes statues and things like that our of old junk. And boy he makes some cool stuff and we sure enjoyed it. They also have a small restaurant that has good food. Yesterday we went to see the Lipizzaner Stallions. They are great to see and put on a great show. We went with friend Andy and Chris, Lee and Elaine, and Bryan and Phyllis. They have shown all over the US and the World and came here from Austria in 1962. Today we are going to take an airboat ride and will post more on that later. Will post Pictures soon.
These are some great horses

Monday, January 6, 2014

We are at Wauchula FL

We are at Peace River TT Park in Wauchula FL for the next two weeks. We like this park so far and there is lots to do around here and in the park. Still have not seen an Alligator yet and missed on 10 footer yesterday. Guess he was out on the river sunning but I didn't get there in time. We are right on the Peace River and one of the thing you can do is sift the sand in the river and collect Shark Teeth. They are small teeth but are around a million years old. I will be trying to find some soon. We have not been doing much yet but visiting with friends here that we have met elsewhere. Will post more as thing get done.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getting ready to move south

We haven't been doing too much here as we have seen most of the things around here. Got get our Steak and Shake fix the other day so good on that. Things around here don't get going till after Jan. 1. We did not do anything for the New Years but there was not much to do. Hope all our friends have a Great New Year and it is better than the last one. We will be moving South to a place called Peace River in the town of Wauchula and is a TT Park. Should be fun there as we have lots for friend there that we have met in our travels. Been a bit wet the last few days but should clear up soon.