Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today was a real nice day. All sun and about 85 degrees. We took off early on the bike and rode to the Grand Coulee Dam. It was about 160 miles round trip but well worth it. We got some real nice pictures and learned allot about the Dam and it history. It is the largest dam in the US and puts out more electricity than any other. You should see the guards around this place. They are armed with M16 rifles and Pistols. They take there security real serious. We even had to go through Metal detectors to go on the tour. The tour takes you by bus to the power plant and then across the dam. Wow what a view and we even got to see the water being let out of the dam over the spill ways. This dose not happen very often. On the way bak  we stopped at a place called Dry Falls. This was suppose to be the worlds largest falls back in the Ice Age. Wow sure would have been nice to see that. But now it is a dry falls. The falls are 3.5 miles wide and drop more than 400 feet. For all you out there that like to fish you should be living out here.  There are more lakes than you can shake a stick at. The lake that Grand Coulee backs up is 152 miles long. Now that may take a day or so to get around. We also stopped so Gloria could get some fresh Cherries from a fruit stand. May not do any thing tomorrow but will at least try to post some pictures on Flicker.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We left Newport WA. on Monday and got to Quincy WA. and set up camp at Crescent Bar TT Park.
This is another one of our member parks. We have a nice view of the Columbia river from our camp site. It sure is a big river. Sun was out and it was in the upper 70's. Didn't do much just looked around and got a feel for the place.
Yesterday was not as nice. We had rain and drizzle all day so we went to the store (Fred Myers) and did some shopping. The store is 20 miles away so made a nice drive along the Columbia River.
Today is nice again. Should be up in the high 70's again and will be most of the week. Walked to the town of  Crescent Bar which tunes out to be an Island. Not much there but there is a Bar and small store and Condos  and a trailer park. Did not get to go to the bar as it was closed due to no water right now. Should be back up later today. We had 2 Jets from the Air Force fly by going up the river. Sure were nice to see and real loud as you could see the pilot as they were that low.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yesterday was great temp in the high 70's. Got some walking in, tried some fishing but no luck. We will be leaving here for Quincy WA. on Monday for 2 weeks at the next TT park. I got an email from my old friend wife after not hearing from her for a year. He Passed away last June in Las Vegas while I was there. Looks like he will be honored with them renaming the Public Safety Office Building, now named The Esteban Cardona Department of Public Safety at University Medical Center, Las Vegas.I am real proud of him. Any way I will be posting again when we get to our next stay. Have fun and stay cool!!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yesterday it warmed up real nice. We took the bike and did a small ride around the area and to Newport. Lots of nice trees and Meadows to see. We stopped at Newports Museum to take the tour. It is one of the best I nave seen for old local things. If you are ever in the area it is a must see for sure.  I did some walking on the trail around the lake and really enjoyed it. Even got to see a Bald Eagle but was unable to get a picture. Even went fishing and Caught 2 nice trout (as that is all you can keep). We cooked them up for dinner but they were not as good as the ones from Colo. No pink meat so not much for flavor. I sure like it here as there are lots of trails to walk back in the woods. Did another walk this morning but only saw trees and no Eagle did get a nice picture of a hawk though. But will try to get a picture of him before we leave. Sounds like we will be getting some more rain on Sat and Sun, but we can live with that.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We got to Newport Washington Sunday and set up camp at Little Diamond Rv Park. It is one of our member parks with Thousand Trails. We will be staying in there parks most of the summer. This is a nice park but it has no sewer. So guess we are kind of roughing it some. It was a real nice day when we got here but yesterday it rained most of the day and was a bit cool. Unlike back in Denver where it was over 100. We didnt do much but did go to town for some food. Fuel out here is real high but it is going down fast. Bristol is getting to be quite the hunter. Guess them Chipmunks are slow or just dumb as he has killed his second one. No I dont let him eat them I mostly can get them away and throw them in the bushes. Today it is still cool and cloudy but no rain. They say it will be nice and warm tomorrow. They have a lake here that I can fish for Trout and not have a license. So guess what I will be doing?

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today we went to Glacier National Park. We were going to take the bike but it was a bit cool so we took the truck. Sure is a beautiful place with lots of trees and water to see. As I said before we could not go over the Going to the Sun Road. So we spent some time at McDonald Lake. It is about ten miles long and about one mile wide. We took the tour boat and went around the lake. Nice views but not as good as we thought it would be. We also went to McDonald Lake Lodge it was first built before the place was a National Park. Nice to go looking around. As we left there we saw a Moose on the road but didnt get a good picture as he was heading the other way fast.  We also went as far as we could on the road and it stopped at Astoria Falls camp ground and we walked the trail to see the Falls and the big Cedar trees. Now that was cool. We will be leaving tomorrow and heading to Washington.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Left Yellowstone yesterday and headed for Glacier National Park. Stayed the night in Riverfront RV Park in
Garrison MT. We had stayed there last summer and liked it real well. Left there this morning and drove to Corman MT. and set up camp at the Sundance Rv Park. It is 6 mile from the West gate to Glacier. Didnt do much else but to go get some Diesel for the truck and stop at a Whiskey Distillery and have a sample. It was ok but not Jack Daniels. Tomorrow we will take the bike into glacier and see the sites. We heard today that the Going to the Sun road is not open yet to the top. So guess we will only get to see some of it. Bummer for sure.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday we went to Old Faithful (not so faithful any more. Only goes off about every 90 minutes) But was cool to see and all the other hot springs around it. Also seen the Mud Pots and that was cool as hell. On the way back to camp we ran into a heard of Buffalo walking down the road like they owned it. Guess they do as they had traffic backed up for over a mile but they were going the other direction so it didnt bother us. Weather has been good and not too cold. Well if you as me that is Gloria is another thing. We have some chipmunks living outside our trailer. There is a mom and 2 babies. Well I should say the is a mom and one baby. Bristol got ride of one of them. Today we took the bike to Tower Falls and it was a bit cool on the way up there. But the ride was good and got to see a heard of Buffalo and one of the biggest falls in the park. We are not back in camp getting ready to leave tomorrow. We will be heading for Glacier National Park. Should be there on the 15th. I have loaded some pictures but it isn't coming out like I would have liked them to. Guess you will just have to deal with it.



Monday, June 11, 2012

Well we are on the road again. Left Lakewood on June 9 and spent the night in Thermopolis WY.  at the Eagle Rv Park. Nice place with great owners.. Left there around 8:30 AM and got to Yellowstone around 1:00 PM.That was a long drive over some high grades and roads that said no vehicles over 40 feet advised. Not sure why they say that as I didn't have any trouble at all. It sure was windy and even got snowed on some and rained some what. Sure got my clean trailer and truck all dirty. Damn now I have to wash it again.
Got set up in Mammoth Camp Ground. They have some large sites that we could fit in just fine. There is no Hook ups so we are ruffing it some. We will be here for 4 days then head north. This morning we took the bike to Norris about 20 miles south of here and seen some nice hot springs and a big Buffalo. It was a bit cool but is warming up just fine. Got down to around 35 last night but should be in the high 60's today.  I will post pictures some day soon.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here we go again. We will be leaving Saturday the 9th and heading north for Yellowstone for several days. We will try to stay up on the north end as we will be heading for Glacier after that. Getting every thing ready and think we are doing good. But bet we forget something. Hope you all have a good summer and we will try and do the same.