Monday, April 9, 2018

Three Flags RD Park, Wildwood, FL. April 2018

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The last 2 weeks have flown by so fast.  We arrived on a Tuesday, got set up and have been going ever since. Our RV friends Brian and Phyllis were already here when we arrived so it was a great start.  Next day we all headed over to Crystal River to meet up with more RV friends, Dale and Betty and to also celebrate Phyllis and Betty's birthday a little early.  Angie and Dave also joined us. We ate at Crackers which is located along Kings Bay of Crystal River. Had a great meal, everyone ate Grouper of some sort, we ate out on the waterfront dock, such a nice view, all was great till the annoying No See Ums  decided to join us, can't think there is a more annoying insect anywhere. Those little boogers can bite multiple times and feed in large groups, so I end up with a group of welts, and they are so small you don't see them.
We did a local flea market one day and then one evening we went to The Villages to catch some local entertainment.

RV friends we met in Washington, through Lee and Elaine were also here so went out for supper one night.  They suggested Giovanni's, good  choice.

Easter we enjoyed the buffet at the Golden Corral with Brian and Phyllis and Rich and Betty, more RV'ers.

Had a meal at Brian and Phyllis place, a meal here and many happy hours.

Enjoyed ribs at Oakwook Express with Phyllis and Brian one night also.

 Rode over with Brian and Phyllis to Homosassas to meet up with their friends Karin and Jack. Checked out  Monkey Island, 5 spider monkeys currently occupy the island which is a tiny chunk of land setting in the Homosassas River. In the 60's  Monkey Island was a jumble of rocks in the river that submerged during high tide making a hazard to small boats. Dirt was dredged onto the rocks, and the resulting visible lump was made more picturesque with some plant life, trees and a lighthouse.  The monkeys were added later, moved from a nearby wildlife attraction. The monkeys are fed twice daily and have free run of the island. It was suggested to have lunch at The Freezer and Tiki Bar, shrimp is what they are known for so that is what we had, I also added some clam chowder, while it was good, I think West coast is better. The Freezer was actually a real bait freezer turned into a bar.  The Seminole Indians built a tiki but on the back which over looks Otter Creek. This is a working fish house to this day.  There is also a small fish market there, with some good pricesprices that we will remember for next time.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Forest River RV, Zephyerhills, FL. March 2018

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First time we have stayed in this park. Nice park and our neighbors are friendly.
First thing we did was go to Tarpon Spring on the cost. It was the Sponge Capital of the world.

Tarpon Springs also has a very good Aquarium right in town. There is several shows with there Gator and one real large snake and also there Sharks. You even get to hold part of the Python as it was 14ft long.

We were able to meet up with long time friends of Len's, Doyle and Margo, spent several hours getting caught up.  Plus enjoyed a strawberry shortcake ice cream social while we were visiting.

Drove over to Plant City, must be the strawberry capital of Florida. Stopped at Parkdale market, another strawberry shortcake. One of the neighbors told Len about the cookie factory that was there, first time we had heard of it.  The little store sells seconds, seems to be about 2 pounds in a bag, for 2 to 3 dollars, well worth the price.

Found a nice little seafood restaurant called The Great Catch in town.  Got the shrimp basket and some of the best we have had. Fresh caught, never frozen and with a very light batter.

  My computer has died on me so I bought a note pad, harder to write on the blog with it so bear with me.

We move tomorrow and head North with a 2 week stop at Three Flags. Getting close to time to travel North.

All for now.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Peace River, Wauchula, FL March 2018


Checked back into Peace River on the 28th, met up with so many of our RV friends that are here and have met new friends through our old friends and so the circle grows and grows.  Have had many get togethers and it seems they all revolve around food. 

Andy and Chris Jones drove down to Florida, they have taken the year off from traveling but hope to get back on the road by the end of the year.  Had lunch at our place with other friends, Brian and Phyllis, Dale and Betty, Lloyd and Cheryl, then others joined us after lunch, so we now have more RV friends.  Enjoyed meeting Penny and Dave and Ken and his wife (sorry her named has slipped my mind).

One afternoon it was learning some new games at Dale and Betty's. We all have such a good time together.

Pioneer Park which is right down the road from the campground held their annual fair.  Many old tractors on display plus we got to see a demonstration on how to cook skunk cabbage and to taste it.  It is actually a small palm (saw palmetto), we  tasted it both raw and then after it was cooked.  Tasted good both ways.    They had entertainment and we got Elvis the day we were there.  Also met Dale and Betty's niece, Robyn and her husband Bob

Also enjoyed a parade in town one afternoon, got there early to get good seats, but being a small town we didn't need to be there that early.  The parade lasted 30 minutes, like I said a small town but it was also during the week. We had a fun time and Len came home with a pocket full of candy.  The grand marshal was 105 years old, looked to me like he still had some years left in him.

We have enjoyed the entertainment here at the clubhouse also.

Something new that we tried was a brunch at the suggestion of Phyllis, that really turned out great.  We had biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, French toast, sausage patties, ham.  We were all stuffed but at 2 it was an ice cream social at the clubhouse so where did we go?  Your right, up to eat ice cream.  Friends Ruth Ann and John joined us for that, so good to see they have come into the RV park.

Rodeo was being held in Arcadia so 6 of us headed that way, Brian and Phyllis, Dale and Betty and met up with Bob and Robyn also.  They just built the new arena and this was the grand opening.  Had a great time.  Very small group of vendors, which was disappointing, guess I was thinking it would be more like the stock show in Denver.

Phyllis and I went out strawberry pickin and the guys went over to the gun range to do some target practicing, we sure seem to stay busy.  Now to get the berries cleaned and in the freezer.

The next couple of day friends will be leaving and most are going up to the Orlando area, we are headed back over toward Tampa, hoping to meet up with some old friends of Len's.  But it does look like in a couple of weeks most of us with be meeting up again, looking forward to it.

All for now...more to follow.
You can see more pictures of our stay by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Leaving Clerbrook - Feb. 2018

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Tomorrow is another moving day, we have enjoyed our time here, as always.  It was nice being parked across the street from one of the clubhouses so was able to walk over to the activities.  Wednesday night I played bingo, no win but did run into an RV friend, Ruth Ann, met her a couple of years ago through other RV friends.  We enjoyed having Ruth Ann and John stop by for a visit the other day so we could get caught up.  Bingo again tonight so maybe, just maybe, it will be our time to win.

The park hosted a health fair which we also enjoyed.  It was a full house with local vendors in the health fields.  Came home with a bag of handouts.  Also enjoyed a lunch while we were there.  Plenty of door prizes were given out, sorry to say neither of us had our name drawn.

We took a ride over to Winter Garden, FL.  Took in the railroad museum and the local Heritage Museum, both were free but only open in the afternoons.  Enjoyed the railroad museum, they had on display several pieces of the dinnerware from different railroads, the menus were fun to check out and so many railroad items on display, they have done a nice job on this museum.

Also got a visit from Janice and Dave, more RV people that we met through other RV friends, it is wonderful how big the circle of friends on the road grows.  Then went over to their place and played Rummikub. it was a fun game to learn.

Len was a dog walker one day for some people we met at out last stop, they had to be gone all day and the dog needed to go out while they were gone.  Bristol didn't care to view Len walking a dog and then having the nerve to walk the dog down to "HIS" house.  Joe and Sue then wanted to take us out to dinner so we enjoyed a nice meal at Texas Roadhouse.

We are headed back to Peace River on Tuesday, looks like eight or more couple we have met while RV'ing are all going to be there, know it will be a fun time. 

Already have some plans made for our next stop so looks like we are going to be busy.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Clerbrook Golf and RV resort February 2018

Totally forgot to make a post on our trip out the other day, we took a drive through Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive. 

Lake Apopka is in the headwaters of the Ocklawaha River. At approximately 48.4 square miles in size, Lake Apopka is the fourth largest lake in Florida and receives water from spring flow, rainfall and stormwater runoff. The lake was identified for cleanup under Florida’s Surface Water Improvement and Management Act of 1987. In 1996, the Florida Legislature passed Chapter 96-207, Florida Statutes, furthering its previous mandate to clean up the lake by providing funds to buy additional agricultural lands north of the lake.

The former farmlands make up the Lake Apopka North Shore, a restoration area where the St. Johns River Water Management District’s major activities include marsh and floodplain restoration and the creation of a marsh flow-way that filters Lake Apopka’s waters by circulating lake water through restored wetlands, returning cleaner water to the lake. The wildlife drive is along a portion of the former farm fields.

These public lands help protect water quality and storage, indigenous floral and faunal species, cultural resources, and provide natural resource-based recreational opportunities.

Enjoyed seeing many gators in the wild along with several species of birds.  The drive was just recently reopened as it was hit hard by hurricane Irma. Several access road in the park were still closed.  It is an 11 mile drive with few pull outs so everyone just stops in the middle of the road when they see a gator or a bird they want to take a picture of.  I was more interested in the gators and they did have some large one.  Packed a lunch and found a wide spot in the road so we could set on the tailgate of the truck and enjoy our lunch.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort

Arrived here on the 13th of February, our site is directly across from one of the clubhouses so easy walking distance to bingo playing. 

Friends Sue and Joe are also here in the park.  Many of the sites here are occupied by permanent residents but there is also plenty of room for us that travel. 

Last Friday we went to Golden Corral, best deal is in the timing.  Friday night special is shrimp and prime rib, two of my favorites.  The trick is to get there before 4 and pay for the senior lunch then enjoy the Friday night supper special.  They do have a excellent salad bar and some of the best crab salad I have tasted.  Len spied the ham, just didn't know that gets removed when the prime rib comes out, next time I am sure he will have a slice before they take it away.  It was a good meal and we were stuffed by the time we left, but that happens when you do a buffet.  They also have a place called Oakwood that does a full rack of baby ribs with 2 sides for $13.99, as you can tell we have been there before.

Monday was my regular blood work routine, use to be every 3 months but doc backed off and it is every 4 months now.  Kidney isn't any better but not any worse in the last 5 years.  Hope it stays that way.

Len took the bike out for a ride Monday afternoon while I did laundry.  He was going to check out some museums but being President Day they were closed, so we will check them out tomorrow.

Weather has been beautiful, nice and hot, in the 80's.  Humidity has been bad on some days so the air runs a lot, nice to have my blanket handy at times.

Will  update as we have things to add.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Three Flags, cont. 2/2018

Hit one of the local flea markets Saturday, Market of Marion in Belleview.  Hadn't been to this one before, most of the flea markets around here are pretty good size.  Wasn't really looking for anything special, mostly just looking.  I did find a vendor that was selling t-shirts for $5 so picked some of those up, really cute with some bling on them..   Hit another flea market today in Webster, it is only opened on Mondays.  Have been there a couple of times and it is larger than the other one we went to.  Both of them were also selling fresh produce that looked really good and better prices than the grocery stores.

Have played bingo at the clubhouse a couple of times, I did manage to win a game the other day.  Then we played card bingo (with a deck of playing cards) and didn't win any of the 11 games they played. It was a light sprinkle when we walked down to the clubhouse and a little heavier when we came home, then got some really heavy rains early in the evening.  Weather has been in the low 70's.

Len has the motorhome scheduled for some work to be done Wednesday.  They told us that Bristol is more than welcome in the waiting area while we wait for some work on the brakes.  Really not sure he will like that as most of the times there are dogs in there too.  We will take him in with his cage and see what happens, may end up setting in the truck with him.

Will add more later.......