Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Clerbrook Golf and RV resort February 2018

Totally forgot to make a post on our trip out the other day, we took a drive through Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive. 

Lake Apopka is in the headwaters of the Ocklawaha River. At approximately 48.4 square miles in size, Lake Apopka is the fourth largest lake in Florida and receives water from spring flow, rainfall and stormwater runoff. The lake was identified for cleanup under Florida’s Surface Water Improvement and Management Act of 1987. In 1996, the Florida Legislature passed Chapter 96-207, Florida Statutes, furthering its previous mandate to clean up the lake by providing funds to buy additional agricultural lands north of the lake.

The former farmlands make up the Lake Apopka North Shore, a restoration area where the St. Johns River Water Management District’s major activities include marsh and floodplain restoration and the creation of a marsh flow-way that filters Lake Apopka’s waters by circulating lake water through restored wetlands, returning cleaner water to the lake. The wildlife drive is along a portion of the former farm fields.

These public lands help protect water quality and storage, indigenous floral and faunal species, cultural resources, and provide natural resource-based recreational opportunities.

Enjoyed seeing many gators in the wild along with several species of birds.  The drive was just recently reopened as it was hit hard by hurricane Irma. Several access road in the park were still closed.  It is an 11 mile drive with few pull outs so everyone just stops in the middle of the road when they see a gator or a bird they want to take a picture of.  I was more interested in the gators and they did have some large one.  Packed a lunch and found a wide spot in the road so we could set on the tailgate of the truck and enjoy our lunch.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort

Arrived here on the 13th of February, our site is directly across from one of the clubhouses so easy walking distance to bingo playing. 

Friends Sue and Joe are also here in the park.  Many of the sites here are occupied by permanent residents but there is also plenty of room for us that travel. 

Last Friday we went to Golden Corral, best deal is in the timing.  Friday night special is shrimp and prime rib, two of my favorites.  The trick is to get there before 4 and pay for the senior lunch then enjoy the Friday night supper special.  They do have a excellent salad bar and some of the best crab salad I have tasted.  Len spied the ham, just didn't know that gets removed when the prime rib comes out, next time I am sure he will have a slice before they take it away.  It was a good meal and we were stuffed by the time we left, but that happens when you do a buffet.  They also have a place called Oakwood that does a full rack of baby ribs with 2 sides for $13.99, as you can tell we have been there before.

Monday was my regular blood work routine, use to be every 3 months but doc backed off and it is every 4 months now.  Kidney isn't any better but not any worse in the last 5 years.  Hope it stays that way.

Len took the bike out for a ride Monday afternoon while I did laundry.  He was going to check out some museums but being President Day they were closed, so we will check them out tomorrow.

Weather has been beautiful, nice and hot, in the 80's.  Humidity has been bad on some days so the air runs a lot, nice to have my blanket handy at times.

Will  update as we have things to add.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Three Flags, cont. 2/2018

Hit one of the local flea markets Saturday, Market of Marion in Belleview.  Hadn't been to this one before, most of the flea markets around here are pretty good size.  Wasn't really looking for anything special, mostly just looking.  I did find a vendor that was selling t-shirts for $5 so picked some of those up, really cute with some bling on them..   Hit another flea market today in Webster, it is only opened on Mondays.  Have been there a couple of times and it is larger than the other one we went to.  Both of them were also selling fresh produce that looked really good and better prices than the grocery stores.

Have played bingo at the clubhouse a couple of times, I did manage to win a game the other day.  Then we played card bingo (with a deck of playing cards) and didn't win any of the 11 games they played. It was a light sprinkle when we walked down to the clubhouse and a little heavier when we came home, then got some really heavy rains early in the evening.  Weather has been in the low 70's.

Len has the motorhome scheduled for some work to be done Wednesday.  They told us that Bristol is more than welcome in the waiting area while we wait for some work on the brakes.  Really not sure he will like that as most of the times there are dogs in there too.  We will take him in with his cage and see what happens, may end up setting in the truck with him.

Will add more later.......

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Three Flags Rv, Wildwood, FL. 1/2018

It was moving day yesterday and we are now set up in Three Flags.  Have been here often and enjoy the area.  Didn't get to do much while we in Lutz as Len ended up with a cold right before we left Orlando, and while I tried to avoid catching it, it got me.  I had started taking Zinc and cold tablets when he was sick so instead of dealing with feeling bad for more than two weeks I knocked it down to a week, with a fever only one day, still get a nagging cough at bedtime.  Len still has some congestion in his lungs but doing much better also.

There is a Russell Stover's down the road so that is always a stop.  Len always need that hot fudge sundae and I can always manage to find some candy in the backroom (big discount area).

Last night we played bingo here at the park, guess I left my luck in Orlando or used it all up because we didn't win, close a few times but didn't get to call BINGO!  They play regular bingo twice a week and card bingo once a week, so we will try it again at a later date.

Want to check out a tourist area, Gatorland, it is a rescue park, you drive through, check out the gators in "the wild", then have an opportunity to feed, hold and have pictures taken with some gators.  There is also a small petting zoo. Not sure when the best time to go but would think we would see more gators on a sunny day as they seems to like soaking up the rays.  Will let you know how that goes.

Did hit the local grocery store this morning, didn't need much for once.  At least not with all the meat we won at meat bingo in Orlando.

More later.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Winter Garden Pasco, Lutz, FL - 1/2018

First time visiting this park, here on our Trails Collection, pretty nice site backing up to a small pond.  Their activity calendar looks pretty busy but Len decided a week ago to catch the bug, and now has past it on to me so we are just taking cold medicine and sticking close to home so we won't share with others. 

When we arrived here last Wednesday we met up with friends Jill and her husband Bob, I haven't seen Bob since they were married 25 years ago. So good to catch up with them. We had a nice meal at Gator's Dockside. We even had Gator Bites and they were good. They were in town for the RV show in Tampa also.  Thursday we went to the RV show, on the way we got rear-ended by a kid trying to get behind us into the turn lane.  The front of his car took some damage as it hit our trailer hitch on the back of the truck.  No damage and we were both fine.  Met up with friends Phyllis and Brain at the RV show, so big and we walked a lot, by the time we were done, I was dragging.

Did hit the local Wal-Mart but that was for stocking up on cold/cough/flu meds.  It was the only aisle in the store that was packed, guess everyone is fighting this crud.

Hope we feel better soon so we can get out and check the area.

Updates to follow...

Friday, January 12, 2018

TT Orlando 1/2018

                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES WE TOOK HERE

Arrived here on the 3rd.  Met up with our friends Dale and Betty, so good to catch up with them.   Betty had us over for supper, with Cheryl and Lloyd.  Next night was supper at Cheryl and Lloyd's.  Seems we do a lot of eating when we are together.  Mac and Peggy are also here.

    Wednesday night is Bingo, so the last two Wednesdays we have been playing and I have won both nights. This last Wednesday the kitchen here at the park opened so we enjoyed a spaghetti dinner before bingo started.

     We did check out some other member parks in the area that we could stay at if we wanted and they had room.  Two of the three would be OK. One we felt was just too small and tight to get into.

     Decided to visit the Osceola County Historical Society.  They have a nice museum telling of local history.  Small, but worth the visit.  Then we visited the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek. The Pioneer Village is comprised of a permanent collection of authentic structures which once upon a time stood in different areas of Osceola County. They were carefully relocated to the present location and gently preserved to demonstrate how life was once lived before our modern times.

     Have had some rain during our stay and below normal temps.  But, there has also been some warm days to enjoy, at least for me.

     Plenty of turtles and sand cranes in the park, Bristol sees the turtles and wants to have a meet and greet, but they just run away.

    More friends have arrived in the park, so good to see Ed and Debi, Janice and Rick, meet them a couple of years ago in Ohio.  Meeting up with everyone Saturday afternoon so should be a good crowd and new people to meet.  Looking forward to it.  Then Tuesday everyone will get together for a potluck.

    Wednesday will be a moving day for us, so looking forward to exploring a new area.

    Keeping my Aunt Melba in my thoughts today as she has a medical procedure today.  This is the hardest part of being on the road.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Leaving Wauchula, FL Jan. 3, 2018

  We did manage to have breakfast at the Pioneer Restaurant, there was 10 of us (Brian & Phyllis, Mac & Peggy, Cheryl & Lloyd, Deb & Arb, Len and myself).  It was a fun morning and a great way to start the New Year.  Didn't make the New Year's Eve party that the park put on.  They had it outside and we are dealing with cooler temps so didn't sound like much fun.  I don't like the cold and Len likes his bed at 9 o'clock, so do I.

Cheryl and Lloyd had everyone over for dinner for the New Year, it was cold and windy so we ate inside.  Enjoyed the pork and sauerkraut along with the other things that people brought. Same crowd that shared breakfast at the Pioneer. We celebrated Lloyd's birthday too.

We rode to Arcadia with Brian and Phyllis to check out the meat and produce market that Mac had told us about.  Talk about some bargains.  The freezer is full and the steaks look delicious.  Rib eye and NY strip both, along with some pork chops, regular and smoked, plus hamburger.  With their prices it made you wish your freezer was bigger.

Our last night here we joined Brian and Phyllis for supper.  Brian had heard from some gals when he was at the Ford garage that the best place to eat in Wauchula was at the bowling alley.  Hey, we have gotten some good meals at bowling alleys so why not give it a try.  We went to Bowl-of-Fun here in Wauchula, glad we did.  Just wish we had found the place earlier.  The burgers were great along with the fries and onion rings.  Larry and his dad Larry own/run the place and we enjoyed  talking with them, small town friendly people.  Will look them up when in the area again.

We are headed for the Thousand Trails park near Orlando today, it's a big park, it's nice but not one of our favorites but sure we will enjoy our stay.  Betty and Dale are already there and Betty is planning our supper for tonight.  It's nice to have such great friends on the road.  Once again I see many happy hours  while we are there.