Saturday, December 2, 2017

Crystal Isles (Crystal River, FL (2017)

First time here at this park and really enjoying our stay.  We took a drive out to

Fort Island Gulf Beach

16000 W. Fort Island Trail
Crystal River FL 34429
At the very end of Fort Island Trail, you’ll find Fort Island Gulf Beach. This curved, 1,000-foot Crystal River beach is far enough off-the-beaten path that you’re unlikely to stumble on it. It boasts a roped-off swimming area, and its waters and are calm and shallow, so your whole gang will be comfortable.
It offers covered pavilions and picnic tables; bring a packed lunch, or during the summer months, grab a bite from a vendor.
The park also features a boat ramp and dock accessibility, as well as a pier, where you can try out your fishing skills or just enjoy the views. Hope to return with a picnic lunch and bask in the sun for awhile and dip my toes in the water.
This is a free facility with ample parking. Lifeguards are on duty from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Then Len also rode the bike out one day.

While the weather is nice, this area seems to attract pesky little no-see-ums.  I swear they are worse than getting bit my skeeters.  You don't see them but you feel them, and after they bite I itch and scratch like crazy, even in my sleep.  They are out during the day also.

Hit the local Big Lots yesterday for a little shopping.  Christmas decorations are out and while it does make me want to get ours out they will have to wait.

Taking the motorhome in for some service of the double pane window on the driver side next week so can't see putting Christmas up just to take it down.  Un-decorating and re-decorating is a little much.

While out shopping we stopped for lunch at the Breakfast Station.  Served a good lunch at a reasonable price.

Today we walked down to the little ice cream trailer here in the park, pretty much like going to the Dairy Queen, I enjoyed a small dish of ice cream while Len had his usual Hot Fudge Sundae.  We sat by the little pond while we ate our ice cream, so relaxing.

More to follow.......

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pine Lake, Founttain, FL (2017)

     Our week here has passed quickly. We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Potluck with the park furnishing turkey and ham.

      Since this is an area we have visited in the past there isn't a lot we cared to redo.  Len did take the bike one day and rode down to Panama City beach area.

     Did some grocery shopping at the nearby Piggy Wiggly, yes, there are still several of those stores in this area.  Prices were a bit higher but when you only need some basics it's not worth a long drive to shop.  I did find some good prices in the meat department.

     Enjoyed a community campfire while here, such a nice way to meet new folks.

     We enjoyed hamburgers at the local Amvets, last time we were here the place was crowded with people from the park, as it is within walking distance, this time we went and we were among just the locals.  Can't beat the $3.00 they charge for burgers and fries.

     Tomorrow we are moving and will be in Crystal River, Florida for 2 weeks.  Looks like warmer temps are waiting for us.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hohenwald, TN (2017)

                              CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES AROUND THE AREA

 Our stay here has been nice, the weather has been on the cool side for me and we have gotten some rain.  The last couple of days the wind has been bad also.

     The park did have their Thanksgiving potluck, and we really enjoyed that.  They deep fried the turkeys plus had ham, I thought the ham was the best.  Tables were loaded with side dishes and deserts.  We sat with a couple that are parked a couple of sites down from us and had a good visit with them.  Also met Tammie, that had responded to a comment Len had posted on Thousand Trails the good and bad, who has an annual site here in the park.

     On the suggestion of our friend Dale we drove to Lynchburg, TN, what a beautiful area.  Len enjoyed the tasting tour at the Jack Daniel Distillery. There is a lot of information and displays in the visitor center.  While it is a dry county the distillery has gotten the approval to sell their product.     We didn't find it any cheaper so didn't feel we needed to buy a bottle just to say we had bought it there.  They will etch bottles you purchase for an additional $10.00 charge, but when you live in a motorhome we watch what extras we purchase as space is limited.

      After the tour we went into the town center to visit the gift store.   With the ticket from the tour you could get a free Jack Daniels shot glass (with a $20 purchase). Spending $20 wasn't a problem, as a couple of souvenirs were needed.
After shopping we had a great lunch at the Barrel House BBQ.  Just a little hole in the wall place with some great food at a good price.  I had a pulled pork sandwich,  Len had grilled cheese on crack sandwich (pork and jack cheese on Texas toast).

     We did make it back to the driving the Natchez Trail Parkway.  So much history.  Some beautiful water falls and the "Trail of Tears" cross the area also.  Even was able to drive a couple of miles on the old parkway, glad we didn't have to do that in a covered wagon or on foot.

     Tuesday we hit the road so will have more adventures to write about later. I added a link at the top of the page so you can see all the pictures we took here.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Natchez Trace Rv Park - Hohenwald, TN (2017)

Here in Hohenwald, TN for the next couple of weeks.  It is cool, in the 60's but the sun has been shining for the last 2 days so felt a bit better.  Yesterday we took a drive to the town of Hohenwald, via Natchez Trace Parkway.  There are several place to stop and learn of the history in this area.  We will visit more of the parkway before we leave.

We stopped at the local county museum which had a lot about Lewis, of Lewis and Clark, Lewis died here.  The volunteer that was working was very knowledgeable about the area and loved to talk, a good person for the job. They even have one of the country's largest Animal Collections by Maddox. They even have REAL Ivory Tusks that you can touch.

Did our grocery shopping and stopped for lunch.

Tomorrow the park is sponsoring a potluck and it will be for their Thanksgiving dinner.  Park supplies the turkey and everyone else is to bring a dish to share.  I will be making deviled eggs in the morning and some cookies tonight.

Our connection for Wi-Fi is iffy at the motorhome so decided to check out the adult clubhouse and use thier free connection, seems to work well.

This is a big park with a nice lake, plenty of sites.

More updates to follow.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Made it to our next stop

We left Memphis yesterday and drove 180 miles to Hohenwald TN. We are staying at Natchez Trace TT RV Park. We will be here for two weeks. This is a real big park with over 400 sites. Not sure what all is in the area but will let you know what we find later. Internet is hard to get here so may be a while.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Memphis, TN (Graceland) Nov. 2017

                           CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF GRACELAND

What a wonderful stop along the way.  We are staying at Graceland RV Park and it is in walking distance to Graceland.

 Today we toured Graceland,  something I have always wanted to see and I, like my mom, have always been a fan of Elvis.  Our first stop was to the VIP desk to pick up our passes.  VIP is the only way to go, yes, it does cost more but you are not herded around and pretty much have top visiting privileges. You are able to stay as long as you want and visit the mansion as many times as you would like within the day. While we waited for the VIP shuttle to the mansion we were talking to an ambassador who it turns out was/is a close friend to Pricilla, in fact she rode/showed Pricilla's horse.  She was such a delight.  The old Heartbreak Hotel was closed down and the new hotel is across the street, the entire top floor is the suite of Pricilla's.  The shuttle dropped us off at a VIP entrance were we were shown inside and viewed a short movie on Elvis.  Once that was finished, we were taken to the front door of the mansion, no waiting in line, and started our audio tour.  So much to take in.  Once we finished our leisurely walk through the mansion we were able to visit other area including Vernon Presley's office (Elvis's dad), onto the trophy room filled with information on Elvis, then to the racquetball court.  Horses are kept on the acreage and always a Palomino as that was Elvis's favorite horse.  Then a stop at the Meditation Garden were family is buried along with Elvis and also a memorial  honoring his twin brother that died during childbirth.  Then it was back on the VIP bus to return to the complex and continue touring other museums.  Enjoyed Presley Motor Museum, the career museum, Presley Cycles, Archives Experience, Private Presley, his time in the Army, Icons, The influence of Elvis.  Then to the Fashions of Elvis which showed many fashion trends set by the King, and his custom-made clothing.  We also enjoyed The Sam Phillips  Story telling of his legendary record producing.  Viewed clothes and items from country stars as we explored the history of country music and its influence on rock'n'roll. Visited several gift shops as they seemed to have one in every area there was a "museum". 

We had lunch at Gladys' Diner (Elvis mom). It was a good escape from the little rain we experienced, that turned into a downpour.  While it poured outside we found ourselves enjoying the VIP Exhibit and Lounge.
Once the rain let up we were off to the area were Elvis's planes were parked.

Then a stop at Minnie Mae's sweets for some ice cream. Was also a much needed rest for me before we headed back to the RV Park.  It was a full day and one I will never forget.  While Len isn't/wasn't a big Elvis fan my love for Elvis makes up for both of us and he did seem to enjoy the day also.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Denver (2017) update

     As October comes to an end, we find ourselves once again preparing to hit the road.  Our time here in Denver seemed to go by quicker than usual, but I did have more doctor appointments this year.  Len suggested next year to get them out of the way early and book two a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Guess no news is good news like they say as I haven't heard back from my doctors on some of my test yet.

     While in town we had visits from my grandson and his wife, Jade and Aly.  Aly is stationed in San Diego (corpsman in the Navy), so nice to be in town at the same time.  Also a visit from Len's grandson, Christopher, great to see him and will catch up with him when we are back in the area again.

     We have had visits with family and friends, enjoyed favorite restaurants and found some new ones to enjoy on our next stop back here. Nice Len was able to catch up with some co-workers and I did the same.

     Weather has been decent while we have been here, but it has cooled off, so guess it is natures way of kicking us out of town.  Off to warmer temps, at least I hope.

     Looking forward to new adventures and seeing some different areas as we travel down to Florida.  Know several of our RV "family" will be Florida as well and we look forward to catching up with them, after all "It's 5 0'clock somewhere".

     Stay tuned for our next update.