Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Up Date

We made it to Medina Lake in Lake Hill TX last week. It was a longer drive that usual about 300 miles. It is a great park to spend the holiday and Christmas was real nice. They put on a great dinner and there was around 75 people there.

We haven't done much here as we have seen most things around here. At least this time the lake is full. We have never seen water in it in the past 5 years. They got lots of rain last year and it filled up.

And then there are the deer.... There are lots of deer in the park that people feed Deer Corn. They love it and come right to you to get some. We went to the store and got a 50lb. bag and Gloria feeds them every day.

Bristol even go into the Christmas Spirit.

We sure like this park and will always come back here. We will be here for another week so we may get out and do some touristing but then again we may just stay around here and relax.

Monday, December 19, 2016

All most that time again


Well it is almost that time again. We pack up tomorrow and leave on Wednesday. We have had a great time here meeting up with friend and doing activities at the club house. We also did some sight seeing. First we went to Huntsville TX. and seen the Sam Huston Visitors Center then to the Huntsville Prison Museum and the Veterans Museum. All were great and I have added a link at the top as always so you can see the pictures I too. The next trip was to Huston TX. to see the place Sam Huston beat Santa Ana at San Jacinto They also have a nice museum on it there. Also we went to see the Battle Ship Texas. It was built in 1914 and is the only surviving ship that served in both world wars.
We will leave here and head to Medina Lake north of San Antonio. We have been here several time and will be there for Christmas and New Years.   

Sunday, December 11, 2016

We moved again

Wednesday we left Whitney and headed south to Conroe TX. Just in time as it was going to be real cold that night. Got all set up at Lake Conroe RV Park and even got the Christmas stuff out and set up.

 It is a real nice park and they have done some real good work on the park since we were here 5 years ago. We will be here for two weeks and have already met up with friends we had met in other parks. Even got to play Bingo several time and we both did some winning. Have not done much but will be out and about soon. It has been a bit cool and wet the last few day.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Moved again

We moved on Wed. and headed south to a member park we have not been to in 5 years. It is Lake Whitney RV Park and is Whitney TX. We will be here for only one week so we wont be doing much. I am still fighting a cold but it is getting better. Today it is raining and cold but we got up to breakfast. Gloria did a craft sale and did real good. We will leave here and go farther south to Lake Conroe for two weeks on Wednesday.