Saturday, December 29, 2012

The last of our stay at Harlingen

We are doing well and having a good time. We had Christmas dinner here at the park. They served Ham and potatoes. Everyone brought a dish so we had tons of food to eat. It was a great time for over 250 people. The other day we went to Port Isabel on the way to South Padre Island. We stopped at the old Light House and I climbed the stairs to the top. Sure have a great view of the area. Gloria stayed at the bottom as the stairs are real steep. We also went to the Maritime Museum and looked at all the history of the area. Then we went out on South Padre Island and drove north along the island. Not much there to see and lots of hotels. Not sure why anyone would want to stay there as the wind sure gets with it there. We went out on the beach as we wanted to say we were there. Took some pictures and left. Then we headed back south to Breakaway Tours as we had tickets for there Dolphin Watch tour. Gloria had won a ticket at a give away drawing. The boat was a good size one so the choppy water was no big deal. We got to see some Dolphins and Pelicans in the bay and even got to go out into the Gulf and play in the high waves. They did not stay there long as the waves were very high. I even spotted a Sea Turtle swimming in the bay. We will be spending New Year day here and may do the celebration at the club house. Then we leave here on the 2nd head to Arizona and then on to Calif. Will post more as we go. I have posted more pictures so if you want to see them click the link.

                                                         CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME NEW PICTURES


Sunday, December 23, 2012

More from Harlingen TX

We have been enjoying our stay here in Harlingen so far except for the wind. It seems to blow every day and some days it really gets with it. We went to Brownsville TX the other day. First we went to the Palo Alto Battlefield. That was cool to learn some history that we missed in school. Then we went to the Zoo in Brownsville. At first sight we thought it was a small one but we were wrong. They have lots of things to see and some great animals. Took the bike out for a short ride today to go to the Iwo Jima Momunment. Will have to tell you more about it later as it was closed. Most of the time we just stay in the trailer out of the wind. But it is warm here most of the time. Posted some pictures we have taken so far so you can follow the link below to see them. We are ready for Christmas and hope all of you are too and have the best Christmas ever.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here in Harlingen TX

Well we have not done much here yet. It has been warm and even hot but the wind has been bad. Today it was real bad so we stayed in most all day. We did manage to get to the store for some things. One of our neighbors that we had met in Rock Port, Dick and Donna came over and asked if we would want to do dinner on the South Padre Island at Dirty Al's. We said yes and road with them. The food was great. I had Shrimp and Gloria had fish. Hope the wind lets up tomorrow as I want to go to Brownsville and see what all is there.

Monday, December 17, 2012

We moved again

Today we left Rock Port and headed to Tropic Winds RV Park in Harlingen TX. We have done some sight seeing the last few days. On Friday we took the truck (as the weather was not that good) and went to Snoopy's in Courpus Christi. It is a restaurant that Gloria had been to before and said it was good. She was right it was great. The Shrimp is real good as that is what I had. After our lunch we stopped at Scoopy's. It is an Ice Cream shop next to Snoopy's. I had a Hot Fudge Sunday and I would like to have another one. Gloria had a Cone what a wast. On the way (both ways) we went through Port Aransas and got to take the Ferry. It was fun to do that with the Truck. It was a great trip all in all with lots to see.
The nest day we went to the Port at Rock Port and did the tourist thing. We went to the Maritime Museum and got to look at the pictures and artifacts from the La Salle that wrecked in the harbor in the 1600's. Also checked out a Flea Market and the Rock Port Aquarium.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

In the Wind

Took the bike out for a ride today. We went to Corpus Christi to go to the Texas State Aquarium. It was a nice ride but it did not warm up as much as they said it would and it was windy. But the Aquarium was worth it. What a great place. We highly recommend it if you are ever in the area. The have all kinds of fish and lots of displays. Also have shows with the Dolphin, Stingrays,Diver in the water. You can even feed the Rays and pet them. The Dolphin show is real good. You will just have to look at the pictures.
                                        CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF THE AQURIUM

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More from Rock Port TX

We have just stayed around the park since the weather has been cold the last two days. Will do some traveling around tomorrow as the weather will be warming up. Today two of our traveling friends Greg and Karen got remarried. Wish them all the luck in the world and safe travels. Bristol is not too sure about this park but still loves to go out walking when it gets dark. Went to a dinner at the activity center tonight and it was good and met lots of friendly people there. Have spent time talking to neighbors behind us from Wisconsin. Mike and Joyce. It is always nice to meet new people.

Monday, December 10, 2012

On the move again

Sorry to do it but we left Medina Lake TX. today as our time was up. We headed to Rockport TX. to stay at  Bay View RV Park for the next week. We got here around 1PM. and got all set up with no trouble. As we were setting up we got a big surprise as Greg and Karen drove up. We have ran into them in several places on our travels. What a Small World..... The park seems nice with lots of activities and thing to do. Will post more about the park and the area soon. Gloria is not all the happy right now. The weather has turned a bit cool but will warm up soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

More News

I have added new pictures of our stay here at Medina Lake just click on the link delow.
                                         Pictures Medina Lake 2012

Update from Medina Lake. Sure is warming up. Yesterday it was in the 80's and should be for the next few days. On Friday we took the bike out for a long run around the area here. Went to Boerne TX. to see what was there and did not find much. Then to Kerrvile then to Bandero. We did some shopping, OK window shopping as did not buy any thing. Then we came back to camp. It was a nice ride of about 100 miles. Last night friends we met here, Andy and Chris took us to San Antino to do the River Walk at night to see the Christmas Lights. We first had Dinner at Casa Rio started in 1946, the oldest restaurant on the River Walk. The food was real good and the price was better than I thought.. Then we got on a river boat and took in the sights. We had done it last year during the day but it was nicer at night. The lights were great. They said there were 3 million all hanging from the trees.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Having a great time

Well we have been having lots of fun watching the deer that are all over the place here. You do have to watch where you walk for sure. We have met lots of new friends from all over the country. Andy & Chris from Ohio, Jim and Pat from all over, Ed and  Becky from San Antonio. We all went to The 11th. Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera TX. ( they claim that it is the cowboy capital of the world) last nigh for dinner and drinks. You take your own steak and cook it and buy the fixins there. You can even bring your own hard liquor as they only sell beer. It was lots of fun. Hope we all can meet up again on down the road.
We have been doing things around the park like walking and ridding the bikes. Even got  a game of Mini golf in. Gloria did a Craft sale last Saturday but did not sell much. Took a ride to the Dam to see the water level and Wow is it down. There are boats that are beached and no place near the water. It will be a long time till this lake fills up again. Weather here has been good, no rain and most times the sun is out. Been a bit cloudy the last few day so not as warm.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Made some changes on the web site. You should be able to make comments easier. Just set it up as Anonymous and wright your message. You could put your name in it so I know who you are but you dont have to. Hope this helps, let me know.

Madina Lake update

Weather here has been great in the 70's most all the time. Went to Thanksgiving Dinner at the Family Center Yesterday and the food was great. Lots of nice people to chat with. Been doing lots of walking and just animal watching. There is a Barn Qwl right next to our camp spot. On a walk yesterday we ran into friends we had met in Palm Springs last year. Greag and Karen (Hope I have that right as you know me and names) . We had a nice time chatting about others we know and where we all have been. Will spend some more time with them before they leave for there next stop. Have met several other members here and have had fun just chatting and learning of other places to stay.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Medina Lake TX

We made it to our first long stop. It is Medina Lake in Lakehills TX. We were here last winter and sure did like it. It is getting into the low 70's and no rain till the weekend. This is the place with all the deer and it has not changed. They are all over the place. Bristole sure likes it here, lots of trees for him to climb. Dose not seem to have as many people here this year but they should show up for Thanksgiving. We will be here to the next 3 weeks. The lake is real low now. Last year you could see the water from the camp ground but now there is none to be seen. Boy do they need rain and lots of it.
Will post more later.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carlsbad NM


We made it to Carlsbad yesterday and are staying at Carlsbad RV Park. Nice place with most everything you may need including an indoor pool. It is a bit pricey at $72.00 for two days but you get what you pay for. We went to the caverns today and that was great. No we did not see any bats as they have headed south for the winter. I did take two of the Guided tours and they were great. Gloria did not go with me as they are a bit hard for her. We did both take the self guided tour to the Big room and that was just as nice. I will post some pictures as soon as I can.
 I learned not to leave Gloria alone though. When I got back from my last tour I found that she had adopted a friend for Bristol. She named her Tequila and she weights less than 3 nickles. Ok we adopted a Mexican Bat and I dont think Bristol will ever meet her at least till she comes back in the summer.
We will leave here tomorrow morning and head to Medina Lake near Lakehill TX.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

WE are on the road again.

Well we left Denver today at 9:30 and headed south. We are spending the night in Raton NM. at the Kickback RV park. It is a small park just over the pass. It has full hookups and showers but that is about all. Nice place to spend the night. We will leave here early tomorrow morning and head for Carlsbad Caverns for two days so we can see the caves. More later and pictures to follow.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ok here is the big news. The house has sold again. We should close on the 13th of Nov. and hit the road the 14th. So we will now be official Snow Birds. Hope all keep an eye on the Blog to see what we are doing. We will head south to Texas first with a stop or two on the way. So here we go and please stay in touch.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ok here we go again. We are planing on heading out some time the end of Oct. We will pull the house off the market and head for Branson MO. first. Then south to the coast and then west for the winter. Hope all will enjoy there winter as much as we will.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Well we left Leavenworth WA. on the 19th. to start our trip home for the house sale. We spent the night in La Grand OR. At Eagle Hot Lake RV Park. Nice place but real humid. Left there the 20th. and stayed at Hayburn RV Park in Hayburn ID. Left there the 21 and went to RV World campground in Rawlins WY left there early and got home the 22nd. It was along trip and then on Monday we find out the buyer has backed out of the deal. Now talk about a bummer. Oh well guess that is the way it goes some times. Guess we will just stay here till our winter trip when if we dont sell the house we will pull it off the market for the winter. So this will be the last post for some time. Hope all of you are doing well and have a nice summer.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


New update. We went to Leavenworth WA. (the town) yesterday on the bike and had a nice time checking out the cool shops . The town in all done in a German theme. And really look nice. Didnt buy a thing but not because we didnt want to but was not sure where to put it all. I did have a beer in the beer garden and that sure hit the spot as it was getting a bit hot. Then we headed to the fish hatchery and got to see the Salmon that go there to spawn. They also had tons of little Salmon that they put back in the rivers. While we were there we walked to the river (Icile Creek off the Wenatchee river) and watched an Indian bring in a 36 in. Salmon. That was a big fish.
The other news is that we have and offer on the house and we are going through with it. So looks like we will be heading home soon to do all the things we have to. So we will be seeing you all soon for awhile then head out again for a real long trip.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Well we left Quincy WA. (Crescent Bar) and drove to Leavenworth WA. for the next week. Found a nice site with lots of trees. Bristol is in heaven. It was real hot the past few days and is still hot up here. The humidity is way up right now as it rained real hard last night all over the place. I sure do like this place as I can ride my bike and they have lots of trails to explore. Will post more as the days go on. Glad to hear it is raining out there in Denver. Should be cooler for you for awhile.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Havent said much lately So thought I would do an update. We mostly have been staying around the park doing nothing. Been nice and warm here and that makes Gloria happy. Me well that is another story. Have had the AC going so I can stay cool. They had a nice breakfast and Ice cream social on Saturday and we enjoyed it for sure. Water has gone down on the Columbia river by the camp. So now I can walk all the way to town and enjoy the river.  Yesterday we ran into some folks we had met last winter in So. Cal. Betty and Lon. Spent some time catching up. They live here in Washington by Tacoma . Nice to see them again and have time to chat. We will be here for another week then off to Leavenworth WA. for a week.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today was a real nice day. All sun and about 85 degrees. We took off early on the bike and rode to the Grand Coulee Dam. It was about 160 miles round trip but well worth it. We got some real nice pictures and learned allot about the Dam and it history. It is the largest dam in the US and puts out more electricity than any other. You should see the guards around this place. They are armed with M16 rifles and Pistols. They take there security real serious. We even had to go through Metal detectors to go on the tour. The tour takes you by bus to the power plant and then across the dam. Wow what a view and we even got to see the water being let out of the dam over the spill ways. This dose not happen very often. On the way bak  we stopped at a place called Dry Falls. This was suppose to be the worlds largest falls back in the Ice Age. Wow sure would have been nice to see that. But now it is a dry falls. The falls are 3.5 miles wide and drop more than 400 feet. For all you out there that like to fish you should be living out here.  There are more lakes than you can shake a stick at. The lake that Grand Coulee backs up is 152 miles long. Now that may take a day or so to get around. We also stopped so Gloria could get some fresh Cherries from a fruit stand. May not do any thing tomorrow but will at least try to post some pictures on Flicker.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We left Newport WA. on Monday and got to Quincy WA. and set up camp at Crescent Bar TT Park.
This is another one of our member parks. We have a nice view of the Columbia river from our camp site. It sure is a big river. Sun was out and it was in the upper 70's. Didn't do much just looked around and got a feel for the place.
Yesterday was not as nice. We had rain and drizzle all day so we went to the store (Fred Myers) and did some shopping. The store is 20 miles away so made a nice drive along the Columbia River.
Today is nice again. Should be up in the high 70's again and will be most of the week. Walked to the town of  Crescent Bar which tunes out to be an Island. Not much there but there is a Bar and small store and Condos  and a trailer park. Did not get to go to the bar as it was closed due to no water right now. Should be back up later today. We had 2 Jets from the Air Force fly by going up the river. Sure were nice to see and real loud as you could see the pilot as they were that low.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yesterday was great temp in the high 70's. Got some walking in, tried some fishing but no luck. We will be leaving here for Quincy WA. on Monday for 2 weeks at the next TT park. I got an email from my old friend wife after not hearing from her for a year. He Passed away last June in Las Vegas while I was there. Looks like he will be honored with them renaming the Public Safety Office Building, now named The Esteban Cardona Department of Public Safety at University Medical Center, Las Vegas.I am real proud of him. Any way I will be posting again when we get to our next stay. Have fun and stay cool!!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yesterday it warmed up real nice. We took the bike and did a small ride around the area and to Newport. Lots of nice trees and Meadows to see. We stopped at Newports Museum to take the tour. It is one of the best I nave seen for old local things. If you are ever in the area it is a must see for sure.  I did some walking on the trail around the lake and really enjoyed it. Even got to see a Bald Eagle but was unable to get a picture. Even went fishing and Caught 2 nice trout (as that is all you can keep). We cooked them up for dinner but they were not as good as the ones from Colo. No pink meat so not much for flavor. I sure like it here as there are lots of trails to walk back in the woods. Did another walk this morning but only saw trees and no Eagle did get a nice picture of a hawk though. But will try to get a picture of him before we leave. Sounds like we will be getting some more rain on Sat and Sun, but we can live with that.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We got to Newport Washington Sunday and set up camp at Little Diamond Rv Park. It is one of our member parks with Thousand Trails. We will be staying in there parks most of the summer. This is a nice park but it has no sewer. So guess we are kind of roughing it some. It was a real nice day when we got here but yesterday it rained most of the day and was a bit cool. Unlike back in Denver where it was over 100. We didnt do much but did go to town for some food. Fuel out here is real high but it is going down fast. Bristol is getting to be quite the hunter. Guess them Chipmunks are slow or just dumb as he has killed his second one. No I dont let him eat them I mostly can get them away and throw them in the bushes. Today it is still cool and cloudy but no rain. They say it will be nice and warm tomorrow. They have a lake here that I can fish for Trout and not have a license. So guess what I will be doing?

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today we went to Glacier National Park. We were going to take the bike but it was a bit cool so we took the truck. Sure is a beautiful place with lots of trees and water to see. As I said before we could not go over the Going to the Sun Road. So we spent some time at McDonald Lake. It is about ten miles long and about one mile wide. We took the tour boat and went around the lake. Nice views but not as good as we thought it would be. We also went to McDonald Lake Lodge it was first built before the place was a National Park. Nice to go looking around. As we left there we saw a Moose on the road but didnt get a good picture as he was heading the other way fast.  We also went as far as we could on the road and it stopped at Astoria Falls camp ground and we walked the trail to see the Falls and the big Cedar trees. Now that was cool. We will be leaving tomorrow and heading to Washington.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Left Yellowstone yesterday and headed for Glacier National Park. Stayed the night in Riverfront RV Park in
Garrison MT. We had stayed there last summer and liked it real well. Left there this morning and drove to Corman MT. and set up camp at the Sundance Rv Park. It is 6 mile from the West gate to Glacier. Didnt do much else but to go get some Diesel for the truck and stop at a Whiskey Distillery and have a sample. It was ok but not Jack Daniels. Tomorrow we will take the bike into glacier and see the sites. We heard today that the Going to the Sun road is not open yet to the top. So guess we will only get to see some of it. Bummer for sure.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday we went to Old Faithful (not so faithful any more. Only goes off about every 90 minutes) But was cool to see and all the other hot springs around it. Also seen the Mud Pots and that was cool as hell. On the way back to camp we ran into a heard of Buffalo walking down the road like they owned it. Guess they do as they had traffic backed up for over a mile but they were going the other direction so it didnt bother us. Weather has been good and not too cold. Well if you as me that is Gloria is another thing. We have some chipmunks living outside our trailer. There is a mom and 2 babies. Well I should say the is a mom and one baby. Bristol got ride of one of them. Today we took the bike to Tower Falls and it was a bit cool on the way up there. But the ride was good and got to see a heard of Buffalo and one of the biggest falls in the park. We are not back in camp getting ready to leave tomorrow. We will be heading for Glacier National Park. Should be there on the 15th. I have loaded some pictures but it isn't coming out like I would have liked them to. Guess you will just have to deal with it.



Monday, June 11, 2012

Well we are on the road again. Left Lakewood on June 9 and spent the night in Thermopolis WY.  at the Eagle Rv Park. Nice place with great owners.. Left there around 8:30 AM and got to Yellowstone around 1:00 PM.That was a long drive over some high grades and roads that said no vehicles over 40 feet advised. Not sure why they say that as I didn't have any trouble at all. It sure was windy and even got snowed on some and rained some what. Sure got my clean trailer and truck all dirty. Damn now I have to wash it again.
Got set up in Mammoth Camp Ground. They have some large sites that we could fit in just fine. There is no Hook ups so we are ruffing it some. We will be here for 4 days then head north. This morning we took the bike to Norris about 20 miles south of here and seen some nice hot springs and a big Buffalo. It was a bit cool but is warming up just fine. Got down to around 35 last night but should be in the high 60's today.  I will post pictures some day soon.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here we go again. We will be leaving Saturday the 9th and heading north for Yellowstone for several days. We will try to stay up on the north end as we will be heading for Glacier after that. Getting every thing ready and think we are doing good. But bet we forget something. Hope you all have a good summer and we will try and do the same.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Forgot to mention that Gloria became a GREAT Grandma on Feb 12. Her name is Hazelynn and lives in
Texas. Her dad and mom (Jade and Caitlynn) came up here last week and Gloria and I got to meet the
new addition. She is real cute and is a good baby. Gloria even got to baby sit for the day and really enjoyed

it. Me I went to the bar ( I prefer older girls hahaha) .

Monday, April 16, 2012

Just a quick update. We have been busy around herein Co. Put the house up for sale and have had a lot of lookers but no takers yet. Been visiting friends and doing some upgrades to the 5th wheel. Put a new flat screen TV in and it is real nice. Even got to see some snow here that we missed while we were on our last trip. Starting our planning on our next trip. Think we will do Yellow Stone first then up to Glacier National Park Then off to Washington state for the rest of the trip. Just an update for you. Hope to see some of our friends this summer.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well we are home again. We had a nice time at our friend Bill's place in Trinidad CO. It was a nice drive home and we spent most of the day getting things working here at the house. Looks like the house did just fine without us here. But there is lots of work to do so thing will be ready for our next trip some time in June. We will keep you all informed and will be in touch before we leave.  Thanks for following us on our trip.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trip Home from Cottonwood AZ

We left Red Rocks and headed to Santa Fa and met up with my brother Al for the night. Went to dinner and had several beers and just shot the shit. Left there this morning and drove to Trinidad Co. to stay and meet up with our friend Bill who has some property there. Helped him run some electric wiring for another friend from Denver that we know who is a neighbor of Bills down here. will leave here on Sunday and head for home, Bummer.


Mountains on way to Flagstaff 

Humphrey Peak N Flagstaff

Red Rocks Stat Park NM
Red Rocks Stat Park NM 
We left Verde Valley park in Cottonwood AZ. this morning and drove north on Hwy 17 to Flagstaff AZ and then headed East on Hwy 40 to Gallup NM. Where we are staying at Red Rock State Park for the night. It is a real nice park but lots of sand that has blown in during the winter. Hope they can clean all that sand up some time before more people come here to camp later this year. We will leave here tomorrow and head to Santa Fa NM. and meet up with my brother Al  for a day and then head up 25 to Trinidad CO. to spend 2 days at our friend Bill's place and then it is off to Lakewood and home. There we will be making plans for our Summer trip to the North West.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Verde Valley Park at Cottonwood AZ



Well now aint this something. It has been raining and snowing the last two days here in Arizona. The snow is not sticking to the ground but it is cold and windy. Should be out of here by the time we leave on Wed. to head home. Should be back at the old homestead around the 25 or 26. Will stop on the way to see my Bro Al in Santa Fa if he is still there. He is in the process of moving about 75 miles south of Albuquerque to set up a crusher for his company.  Looking forward to seeing all our friends again.


Not doing much lately as Gloria has been down with a bad cold. I have taken several walks around the park and trails for something to do. Also played some games at the Clubhouse. She was feeling better yesterday so we went to La Fonda for dinner and had Mexican food. It was good but not great but they do smother there food. The big difference is that the Red is Hot and the Green is mild. Hmm maybe they need to go to Denver and learn something. Today we took a ride to Jerome (an old copper mining town) and looked around some but Gloria started feeling bad again so we cut it short. Might be a nice place to visit again later. Weather has been OK but windy and guess it will turn bad this weekend just before we leave here. Hope it isn't too bad,


We have been having a great time here in Verde Valley. On Monday we took the bike and rode to Red Rock Canyon. Now that is a cool place. We took one of the trails and walked about a mile and a half. It was easy walking with mostly level ground. We got some good pix of the area and a place called Bell Mountain and Courthouse Mountain. Will post pix soon. Then on to Sedona and back to the trailer. Sure was a nice day with temps in the 70's.
We haven't done much the last two days as the weather has been real windy and cool. Just stayed around the trailer and vegged. Today we drove to Phoenix to get a new (used) Weather Guard tool box for the truck. They sell for around $986 and I got it for $80. Now I could not pass on that. Now I have a place for my tool when we go full time. Hope all is well back home and we will see you all soon.


We are liking Verde Valley just fine. We will be here till March 21  then start our trip home. It has been a bit cool here the last few days with high wind. It did warm up late yesterday and it is real nice today in the 70's.

Took a walk down to the Verde River and walked around some. Would be nice to fish it I think but water a bit cool at this time.  Yesterday we went to Fort Verde in Camp Verde AZ. It is only about 10 miles from the park and a nice place to sight see. Lots of history and information to get. Some nice stores to check out in the town. Will upload some Pix soon on the internet.