Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Time to move on

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Moving day tomorrow, 2 weeks went by quickly.  We will head to Blaine Washington and staying at Thousand Trails Birch Bay.  This is 5 miles from the Canadian border.

Len took the bike and rode through North Cascades National Park and a few days later we took a drive through it. Saw some nice waterfalls, and the park is full of walking/hiking trails.  Ross lake and Diablo lake gave us some great views from the road and the damn.

Weather was clear and warm so we stopped and enjoyed a picnic lunch which have a great overlook of Diablo Lake.

Did find time to visit a casino, boy was that a good day for me.  Actually it was good for both of us as we both came out ahead, that never happens.

Cement Washington had a fly-in and vintage car show that we took in on a Saturday.  Very interesting to see the old planes and check out the hangers at the airport of which some contained vintage items in their d├ęcor.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Grandy Creek, Concrete, WA

     Arrived Wednesday, July 13th.  Small park, but nice, didn't get full hook-ups or satellite so parked in a site to get by in till a full hook-up was available. Moved to a full hook-up Friday morning.  Portable dish had to go out to get the satellite, no roof top mount is working on this site.

     This morning, Saturday, we decided to try the buffet breakfast the park serves.  Went early as when we were here last time it was a mad house.  Only 2 people were there when we arrived.  Breakfast was good for the $6 charge, scrambled eggs, link sausage and pancakes, included a drink.  Before we left all the tables were full (seating for about 25 is all).

     Took a ride along the Skagit River, some beautiful tree canopies along the river. The total river is about 150 miles long, it is the largest and most biologically important river draining to  Puget Sound. Stopped to check out a local flea market in the town of Concrete.  Made a stop at the Visitor center on Baker River, where we gathered information on some of the sites to see in this area. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Moving again

     Only one week here in Chehalis, WA.  We will be back and spend 2 weeks in August so decided to save our tourist items for then.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Did get some shopping done, hate shopping.  Bad enough you have to spend the money at the grocery store, then you have to bring it home and put it away. YUK!

 We did a casino run and it was Len's turn to pocket a hundred of the casino's money, we can never win at the same time.

 Also went to breakfast Saturday here in the park.  It was pretty good, best thing was the bacon.  After breakfast all the kids were looking for the hidden piglets, well guess what, the biggest kid in the park (Len) went searching and found one.  Once you find and return the piggy to the store you get a coupon for a free ice cream sundae.  So it was back to the clubhouse in the afternoon for ice cream.  It was a hot day and the crowd was pretty big for this activity.

  Bristol has been on the hunt and is depopulating the area around the motorhome of the mice.  He starts early in the morning wanting to go outside and rushes Len to get dressed and take him out, you can tell who runs this house. Have a feeling there is going to be hell to pay when we leave here.

 We are headed to Concrete, WA to another Thousand Trails park (Grandy Creek).  We were not able to do a lot when we were in the area a few years back because of the fires, so looking forward to checking the area out during our 2 week stay.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Time to travel

    Our three weeks are up here at Pacific City, tomorrow we are headed North/East into Washington (Chehalis).
     We did manage to make it down to the Sportsman for another fish-n-chips, funny guess since summer is here it is time for the price to go up.  They increased the meal by $2.00.
     Never made it back up to Tillamook but found Tillamook cheese on sale at the local Thriftway here in town and it was cheaper than what we paid at Tillamook.
     Len has been to the beach several times, I only made it once and it was cool and misty so had to enjoy it from the truck, maybe next time.

     Weather has been good this week, some mist off the ocean in the mornings but nice enough to set outside and enjoy the weather.  Park was full for the holiday, not a lot of activities going on, the parks seem to do less every year.
      That's it for now.