Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Time to travel

    Our three weeks are up here at Pacific City, tomorrow we are headed North/East into Washington (Chehalis).
     We did manage to make it down to the Sportsman for another fish-n-chips, funny guess since summer is here it is time for the price to go up.  They increased the meal by $2.00.
     Never made it back up to Tillamook but found Tillamook cheese on sale at the local Thriftway here in town and it was cheaper than what we paid at Tillamook.
     Len has been to the beach several times, I only made it once and it was cool and misty so had to enjoy it from the truck, maybe next time.

     Weather has been good this week, some mist off the ocean in the mornings but nice enough to set outside and enjoy the weather.  Park was full for the holiday, not a lot of activities going on, the parks seem to do less every year.
      That's it for now.

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