Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rainy here

Not sure if this is a promotion or demotion, but guess it is time to get my feet wet with the blog.  Thank you Len.  We  have managed to find some new place to visit that we didn't enjoy on previous visits to Newport.  The other day we toured the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center.  333 SE Bay Blvd.  The building itself has a history for this area, but it now has exhibits dedicated to telling the stories of those who share a desire to live and work where sea meets land.  They continue to add displays so we will return when we visit the area next time.

  Visited the Devil's Punchbowl on the coast, wish we would of hit it at high tide but the tide was just coming in.  While there we had lunch at Mo's, disappointed in the clam chowder as it was mostly potatoes and very few clams.

  Another chowder tasting at the Newport Inn for lunch the other day, chowder was good and Len seemed to enjoy his hamburger.  Len does manage to get walks in along the beach and has found some great fossils in his journeys.

 Our time is almost up here at Whaler's Rest, have enjoyed our 3 weeks here.  Went to the clubhouse last night to watch the magic show, started off slow but got better.  Had breakfast this morning and have taken advantage of the bar-b-q lunches they have served on the weekends.  Nothing better than a bar-b-q burger. My cousin Sheri and her husband John are stopping by tomorrow, will be good to see them, it has been too many years. Leaving Wednesday and head to Pacific City for another 3 week stop, at least there I know where to get a great fish dinner. 

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