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Fiesta Grande, Casa Grande, AZ (Jan 2019)

Our two weeks here in Casa Grande flew by.  Friends Jim and Sharon, that we met in Texas, were here for the winter so it was nice to catch up with them again.  We enjoy sight seeing with them whenever we are together. We took a trip down to Old Tucson with them, what a place to visit.  As you walk the dirt streets of Old Tucson you realize you are walking the streets were your "heroes" have walked, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor and Steve Martin, just to name a few.  You look at the buildings and remember seeing them in the movies you watched.  We spent the entire day there and don't think he saw it all.  The reenactors did an amazing job,  gun battles, stunts and audience interactions made for an amusing day. Len and Jim also went out with the hiking club.  The hike was suppose to be a moderate 5 mile loop which turned out to be so much more.  While the guys were busy Sharon and I went out for lunch and made a stop at the craft store, I think us girls enjoyed our day more than the guys, and the next day we didn't have any sore/stiff muscles.

Played Bingo at the park a couple of times and Len won both nights.  We also had a membership appreciation one afternoon with a tropical flare.  If you want to stay busy a destination park like this is the place to go.

Visited the local museum in Casa Grande also,  have stopped on previous visits but wasn't open when we were there.  With all the museums we visit you would think we have seen it all, but yet we always find something new, that is old, that we find.  Like the breath analyzer from back in the 30's or the glass jars that coffee came in.

Bristol was feeling a little under the weather so took him into the vet.  After some antibiotics he seems to be to his old self once again.

Drove over to Coolidge to check on the house.  When in Coolidge a stop at the old Galloping Goose is always a must.  Good burgers and cold beer are always waiting, plus this is where Waylon Jennings got his start.  Hard to imagine a little town like this having someone famous.

While here there was a dove that liked the motorhome and built a nest on the ladder and laid an egg. Len moved the nest to a nearby tree the day before we left, don't think the dove came back though.

We enjoyed some of the local restaurants while here and both of us visited the chiropractor a couple of times, those back and neck adjustments always feel so good.

Onto Yuma and our next adventure.

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