Friday, December 28, 2018

Colorado River, Columbus, TX Dec. 2018

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It is amazing the wonderful friends a person can meet while RV'ing.

On the road into the park we made a new friend, a beautiful German Shepard that loved to race all the cars.  You gunned the car and the dog would race you down his fence line, doing 35mph, that dog could still out run us.  He loved to run.

Len had to replace the hot water tank in the motorhome, home repairs even when the wheels go round and round.

Saw Richard and Betty that we had met in Florida, they ended up parking across the street from us.

Had a great time staying here.  Len was able to go out kayaking with friends he met in Florida, Gary and Linda, they were also joined by Katie and Greg..  We took several adventures with Gary and Linda Williams checking out the tourist areas, and local restaurants.  We checked out Hruska's down the road from the park. Great kolaches, so many choices, but Len liked the lemon and Gary said the pumpkin was delicious.  Cream cheese was my choice and it was delicious. Took a trip to Brenham to visit the Blue Bell Creameries,  enjoyed ice cream while we were there.  A wonderful visit to the Painted Churches in Schulenburg, amazing beautiful churches, the stained glass was so beautiful. In Columbus we were able to visit the Stafford Opera House and the Confederate Museum.  Len picked up some pecans, the squirrels helped him eat them while he was sleeping

The park had an early Christmas potluck which we all enjoyed.  Learned a new dice game (LCR) which was fun and easy.  Fun ornament bingo game one night, even if I did loose the ornament I REALLY wanted, and also a white elephant bingo after the Christmas potluck.  I did win a portable ice maker, which I have absolutely no room for.  I passed the ice maker onto are friends Scott and Helen for their summer home, in exchanged she made a beautiful set of towels for me.

On the move again...….

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