Monday, April 9, 2018

Three Flags RD Park, Wildwood, FL. April 2018

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The last 2 weeks have flown by so fast.  We arrived on a Tuesday, got set up and have been going ever since. Our RV friends Brian and Phyllis were already here when we arrived so it was a great start.  Next day we all headed over to Crystal River to meet up with more RV friends, Dale and Betty and to also celebrate Phyllis and Betty's birthday a little early.  Angie and Dave also joined us. We ate at Crackers which is located along Kings Bay of Crystal River. Had a great meal, everyone ate Grouper of some sort, we ate out on the waterfront dock, such a nice view, all was great till the annoying No See Ums  decided to join us, can't think there is a more annoying insect anywhere. Those little boogers can bite multiple times and feed in large groups, so I end up with a group of welts, and they are so small you don't see them.
We did a local flea market one day and then one evening we went to The Villages to catch some local entertainment.

RV friends we met in Washington, through Lee and Elaine were also here so went out for supper one night.  They suggested Giovanni's, good  choice.

Easter we enjoyed the buffet at the Golden Corral with Brian and Phyllis and Rich and Betty, more RV'ers.

Had a meal at Brian and Phyllis place, a meal here and many happy hours.

Enjoyed ribs at Oakwook Express with Phyllis and Brian one night also.

 Rode over with Brian and Phyllis to Homosassas to meet up with their friends Karin and Jack. Checked out  Monkey Island, 5 spider monkeys currently occupy the island which is a tiny chunk of land setting in the Homosassas River. In the 60's  Monkey Island was a jumble of rocks in the river that submerged during high tide making a hazard to small boats. Dirt was dredged onto the rocks, and the resulting visible lump was made more picturesque with some plant life, trees and a lighthouse.  The monkeys were added later, moved from a nearby wildlife attraction. The monkeys are fed twice daily and have free run of the island. It was suggested to have lunch at The Freezer and Tiki Bar, shrimp is what they are known for so that is what we had, I also added some clam chowder, while it was good, I think West coast is better. The Freezer was actually a real bait freezer turned into a bar.  The Seminole Indians built a tiki but on the back which over looks Otter Creek. This is a working fish house to this day.  There is also a small fish market there, with some good pricesprices that we will remember for next time.

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