Friday, March 9, 2018

Peace River, Wauchula, FL March 2018


Checked back into Peace River on the 28th, met up with so many of our RV friends that are here and have met new friends through our old friends and so the circle grows and grows.  Have had many get togethers and it seems they all revolve around food. 

Andy and Chris Jones drove down to Florida, they have taken the year off from traveling but hope to get back on the road by the end of the year.  Had lunch at our place with other friends, Brian and Phyllis, Dale and Betty, Lloyd and Cheryl, then others joined us after lunch, so we now have more RV friends.  Enjoyed meeting Penny and Dave and Ken and his wife (sorry her named has slipped my mind).

One afternoon it was learning some new games at Dale and Betty's. We all have such a good time together.

Pioneer Park which is right down the road from the campground held their annual fair.  Many old tractors on display plus we got to see a demonstration on how to cook skunk cabbage and to taste it.  It is actually a small palm (saw palmetto), we  tasted it both raw and then after it was cooked.  Tasted good both ways.    They had entertainment and we got Elvis the day we were there.  Also met Dale and Betty's niece, Robyn and her husband Bob

Also enjoyed a parade in town one afternoon, got there early to get good seats, but being a small town we didn't need to be there that early.  The parade lasted 30 minutes, like I said a small town but it was also during the week. We had a fun time and Len came home with a pocket full of candy.  The grand marshal was 105 years old, looked to me like he still had some years left in him.

We have enjoyed the entertainment here at the clubhouse also.

Something new that we tried was a brunch at the suggestion of Phyllis, that really turned out great.  We had biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, French toast, sausage patties, ham.  We were all stuffed but at 2 it was an ice cream social at the clubhouse so where did we go?  Your right, up to eat ice cream.  Friends Ruth Ann and John joined us for that, so good to see they have come into the RV park.

Rodeo was being held in Arcadia so 6 of us headed that way, Brian and Phyllis, Dale and Betty and met up with Bob and Robyn also.  They just built the new arena and this was the grand opening.  Had a great time.  Very small group of vendors, which was disappointing, guess I was thinking it would be more like the stock show in Denver.

Phyllis and I went out strawberry pickin and the guys went over to the gun range to do some target practicing, we sure seem to stay busy.  Now to get the berries cleaned and in the freezer.

The next couple of day friends will be leaving and most are going up to the Orlando area, we are headed back over toward Tampa, hoping to meet up with some old friends of Len's.  But it does look like in a couple of weeks most of us with be meeting up again, looking forward to it.

All for now...more to follow.
You can see more pictures of our stay by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

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