Friday, January 12, 2018

TT Orlando 1/2018

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Arrived here on the 3rd.  Met up with our friends Dale and Betty, so good to catch up with them.   Betty had us over for supper, with Cheryl and Lloyd.  Next night was supper at Cheryl and Lloyd's.  Seems we do a lot of eating when we are together.  Mac and Peggy are also here.

    Wednesday night is Bingo, so the last two Wednesdays we have been playing and I have won both nights. This last Wednesday the kitchen here at the park opened so we enjoyed a spaghetti dinner before bingo started.

     We did check out some other member parks in the area that we could stay at if we wanted and they had room.  Two of the three would be OK. One we felt was just too small and tight to get into.

     Decided to visit the Osceola County Historical Society.  They have a nice museum telling of local history.  Small, but worth the visit.  Then we visited the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek. The Pioneer Village is comprised of a permanent collection of authentic structures which once upon a time stood in different areas of Osceola County. They were carefully relocated to the present location and gently preserved to demonstrate how life was once lived before our modern times.

     Have had some rain during our stay and below normal temps.  But, there has also been some warm days to enjoy, at least for me.

     Plenty of turtles and sand cranes in the park, Bristol sees the turtles and wants to have a meet and greet, but they just run away.

    More friends have arrived in the park, so good to see Ed and Debi, Janice and Rick, meet them a couple of years ago in Ohio.  Meeting up with everyone Saturday afternoon so should be a good crowd and new people to meet.  Looking forward to it.  Then Tuesday everyone will get together for a potluck.

    Wednesday will be a moving day for us, so looking forward to exploring a new area.

    Keeping my Aunt Melba in my thoughts today as she has a medical procedure today.  This is the hardest part of being on the road.


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