Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mt. Vernon, TT, Bow, WA

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Short drive yesterday from Birch Bay (40 miles) to our stop here for the next two weeks.  We didn't hook up since the distance was so short so I drove the truck while Len wrangled the motorhome down the highway.  We took a temporary site for the night and went looking for one with full hook-ups.  Lucky us we found one so we moved this morning when it became available.  Nice site C14, and we much prefer full hook-ups so we can use our own shower and run the washing machine.  After we got set up this morning it was time to hit Camping World, needed to replace the propane detector, plus I can always find something I can't live without.  Then it was time to restock the fridge but we grabbed a burger first, they say not to go to the store hungry.

 Lots of blackberries growing wild and I have told myself that NO, you are not going to make jelly this year. 
But guess what, blackberries are taking up space in the freezer now.  Maybe when we get back to Colorado I will make some, I give most of it away anyway.

A little history on Bow. It was originally known as Brownsville, after William J. Brown, who homesteaded the town site in 1869. The advent of the railroad resulted in a population boom and the need for a post office. Apparently inspired by the growth brought by the railroad, Brown suggested the new name of Bow, after the large railway station in London, England, which in turn was named for the bow or poplar tree. Although this is the most common belief, there are some who believe it was named after homesteader James T. Bow.

Will be doing some research to see what we should be checking out in the area.  One thing will be the Skagit casino, which you pretty much drive around their parking lot to get to the RV park.  Since it is Len's birthday month he gets an extra $5 play every week in August, it is also the casino where I won over $500 a short time back, that machine is calling my name once again.

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